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Lights for Electric Bikes

Electric Bike Lights at E-Bikeshop

Lights on bicycles maximise safety for riders. They ensure better visibility in low-light conditions, significantly reducing accidents.

Illuminating the rider’s path, they enhance awareness and prevent collisions, crucial on roads shared with vehicles, pedestrians and eBikes.

Bike lights also make cyclists more noticeable, aiding in signalling intentions to other road users, fostering a safer environment for all. Furthermore, they're legally required in many places, reinforcing the importance of lighting.

With advancements in technology, modern lights are lightweight, durable, and rechargeable, offering convenience. Investing in quality bike lights isn’t just a choice—it's a vital commitment to personal safety and responsible riding.

Candlepower, lumens, and lux measure light output. Candlepower gauges intensity, lumens measure total light output, and lux indicates light intensity over a specific area. For bike lights, lumens are most relevant, reflecting brightness, while lux measures how far and wide the light spreads, crucial for visibility on rides.

Using bike lights in flashing mode enhances visibility but may affect depth perception. It grabs attention but can be distracting for some. Consider traffic conditions and opt for steady mode when riding in well-lit areas or in groups, reserving flashing mode for low-light or high-traffic situations.

Mount front lights centrally on the handlebars, tilted slightly down to avoid blinding others. Rear lights should be positioned on the seat post or rear rack, at the bike's highest point, offering optimal visibility from various angles. Ensure they're unobstructed for maximum impact.

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