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Electric Bike Luggage & Racks

Electric Bike Luggage & Racks at E-Bikeshop

We offer a wide range of luggage racks and pannier bags. These are great to carry all important things like shopping, lunch or bits for work on your commute.

Many trekking bikes have a built-in rack as standard, but you'll need to order the appropriate bag according to your needs. For bikes that don't have a rack, we can offer support in which rack will fit your bike best. Bicycle pannier and luggage racks are indispensable for transporting gear, revolutionising cycling adventures.

These sturdy frameworks mount on the bike, providing secure attachment points for pannier bags, backpacks, or cargo. With varying designs, including rear or front-mounted racks, they accommodate diverse load capacities, enhancing bike balance and stability. Made from robust materials like aluminium or steel, they endure rugged terrain while supporting weighty items.

Their versatility caters to commuting, touring, or errands, enabling cyclists to carry essentials effortlessly. Pannier and luggage racks epitomise convenience, transforming bikes into versatile carriers, empowering riders to explore without limitations, amplifying both practicality and freedom on two wheels.

Some pannier racks (like our Thule Pack n Pedal) are universal, but some are bike specific. They are also made depending on the type of brakes fitted on the bike because this limits where the rack can be mounted. The racks on our website, unless branded with a manufacturer name, are universal for bikes with disc and caliper type brakes.

The weight limit of a pannier rack is specific to the rack however they normally hold between 15 and 25kg. The amount of weight each rack can hold is given on the product page.

There are two methods you can use to check if your bike is able to accept the fitting of a pannier rack. The easiest is to look for the presence of mounting points. These will be small threaded holes on the seat stays and near where the rear wheel attaches to the bike. They might have small rubber/plastic covers pushed into them to keep them clean and clear of debris. The second is to consult the manufacturers user manual, which is located under "Downloads" on each product page. You can also contact us directly to check.

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