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Mahle E-Bike Parts & Spares

Mahle Electric Bike Spares at E-Bikeshop

Mahle electric bike parts and spares reflect precision engineering and reliability, offering seamless replacements and enhancements for your e-bike.

From motors and batteries to displays and sensors, these original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components maintain Mahle's high standards for performance and durability.

Crafted to integrate seamlessly with Mahle's innovative designs, these parts uphold the bike's integrity and exceptional functionality. Whether upgrading or extending your ride with a new battery, or enhancing control with advanced displays and sensors, Mahle's OEM parts assure the same exceptional quality as the original equipment.

Easily accessible through authorized dealers, they ensure your Mahle e-bike maintains top-notch performance and reliability.

All dealers which stock bikes with Mahle drive systems will have access to spares directly from the manufacturer of the bike you need them for. Some dealers also have access to deal with Mahle directly. This means that almost all parts and spares are readily available.

The best place to buy parts and spares for Mahle powered electric bikes is its supplying dealer. At E-Bikeshop, we hold a good level of the most commonly required parts for the X35 and X20 drive system, including Range Extenders, in stock in our own warehouse for next day UK delivery.

Mahle electric bike are exceptionally reliable. Being largely a fully integrated system, the majority of its components are hidden inside the frame and protected from the elements, making it one of the most reliable systems available.

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