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Rider Type: Commuter & Town eBikes
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We offer a bunch of Commuter & Town electric bikes which are suitable for a mixture of uses. Be it commuting, riding on the roads or leisure riding.

They come in many frame styles and sizes, depending on the type of riding position you prefer. Seen as a good, practical option for many riders for exploring the great outdoors, popping into town or commuting to work.

At e-bikeshop we specialise in European built crank drive electric bikes, built for range, reliability and an overall natural, enjoyable ride. We have dealt with many different electric bike manufacturers over the years and from experience; the Raleigh, Haibike, Cube, Scott, Gocycle, Lapierre, Tern & Moustache eBike range are the best of the bunch. We are the largest supplier in the UK for both Bosch and Yamaha eBikes.

We offer a host of different models within this category, depending on the use. The easiest way to refine the range is to break them down into styles:


Town bikes do what they say on the tin! They are relaxed style bikes great for nipping in and out of town. All equipped with comfort and practicality in mind, with mudguards, racks and lights etc.


The most common style of bike focussed on commuting, trekking, touring and town use. All equipped with those important commute extras like mudguards, side-stand, lights and plenty of space for lugagge etc.


Cross bikes sit exactly in between a hard tail mountain bike and a trekking bike. Commonly referred to as Hybrids they feature the larger wheel on rugged tyres and are clutter free.

We offer the Road, Town & Trekking eBikes in a range of different frame styles. By working out which will suit you best you'll be able to refine the range further:

Cross Bar

Cross bar bikes have a completely straight bar across the top. Sold as a unisex bike they are more traditional 'diamond frame style' looking electric bike.

Mid Frame

Mid frames sit in between cross bars and step through's. The bar across the top has a drop on it so it looks like a cross bar but is easier to get on & off.

Step Through

Step through frames swing completely down to the motor, they offer the lowest stand over and you can easily step through the frame to mount the bike.

Trekking eBikes come with all the necessities that you may require. We're talking practical things like full length mudguards, lights built in, pannier racks to carry luggage and side stands. They are also built around comfort for long durations in the saddle.

Commonly you'll not have to add much to a trekking / touring bike as it'll come complete with most of the parts you want. It may also be worth considering a decent set of luggage bags and also a good lock for securing the bike and peace of mind when not in use.

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