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Yamaha Powered Electric Bikes

Yamaha Powered Electric Bikes
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We stock a range of Yamaha powered electric bikes - a great system for riders wanting ultimate control and usability.

All Yamaha E-Bikes come with a 2 year guarantee which includes the motor, battery and display. We also have dedicated Yamaha trained technicians in-house to ensure we can always fully support the Yamaha E-Bikes we sell.

Yamaha have been powering eBikes since the 80's. In this time they've built up their experience and motor range to match. Now, there's different motor styles depending on each riders needs. Learn more about the different Yamaha motors.

Yamaha PW-TE

280% Assist + 60Nm Torque The Yamaha PW-TE series motor is quiet and subtle. It's perfectly matched to town and commuter style E-Bikes.

Yamaha PW-ST

280% Assist + 70Nm Torque The Yamaha PW-ST motor offers a little more torque and has a sportier power curve. It's great for hybrid E-Bikes.

Yamaha PW-S2

280% Assist + 75Nm Torque The Yamaha PW-S2 is a later version of the PW-ST motor. It's neater, more compact & offers 5Nm more torque too.

Yamaha PW-X2

360% Assist + 80Nm Torque The Yamaha PW-X2 is punchy, offering huge torque and assistance. It's great for off-road mountain bike riders.

Yamaha PW-X3

360% Assist + 85Nm Torque The top spec Yamaha PW-X3 series motor is the king of eMTB's. It's compact, quick to respond & super light-weight.

Depending on the bike, manufacturers can opt for one of a few different styles of display available from Yamaha. Some offer more basic rider controls where-as some feature colour screens and navigation via 3rd party apps.

Display A

The Yamaha Display A allows the rider to see important info like speed, battery capacity and change the assist mode.

Display B

The Yamaha Display B features a 3" LCD screen, it's quick and easy to read on-the-fly & is removable from it's cradle.

Display C

The Yamaha Display C has a full colour screen and can be connected to your phone to use 3rd party navigation apps.

Interface X

The Yamaha Interface-X is mounted out of the way in the center of the stem and features ANT+ connectivity for apps.

Yamaha offer bicycle manufacturers a range of different battery shapes and sizes to suit different riders and these range in their mounting position and battery capacity. Every Yamaha E-Bike battery is removable for charging both on or off the bike.

Down Tube

The Yamaha down tube battery is located on the outside of the E-Bike frame. It has a button for quick battery level checks.

Rear Carrier

The Yamaha rear carrier battery is more commonly found of step-through frame style bikes. It's mounted on the pannier rack.

Integrated 1

The first integrated battery style from Yamaha is completely concealed in the frame, it's easy on the eye and protected too!

Integrated 2

The later Yamaha integrated batteries are hidden & protected in the frame. These come in higher Wh battery capacities.

Yamaha offers a host of different electric bike battery capacities, these start at around 400Wh and continue up to a whopping 720Wh, with the latest integrated batteries. More Wh = more range, lets break them down:

Battery Capacity Battery Est Range
Yamaha 400Wh 30-80 Power Assisted Miles
Yamaha 500Wh 30-120 Power Assisted Miles
Yamaha 630Wh 30-140 Power Assisted Miles
Yamaha 720Wh 30-160 Power Assisted Miles

The above ranges are estimates only. Range is dependent on lots of external factors like wind, hills, rider weight & assist mode to name a few. If you want a more accurate range estimate, why not try our handy range calculator +

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Eco Friendly E-Bike Benefits

Yamaha E-Bikes help you reduce your carbon footprint whilst improving your fitness & health.


Improved Torque E-Bike Benefit

With Yamaha assisted power, you can tackle the toughest hills. It's climbing, but fun!


Great Workout E-Bike Benefit

Explore outdoors on your Yamaha E-Bike. It’s a workout and you are not stuck inside.


Low Refilling Cost E-Bike Benefits

An average car costs 14.0p per mile on petrol alone. A Yamaha E-Bike is 200% less at 0.13p.


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