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We stock a range of Bosch powered E-Bikes. The most recognised German system for reliability, range & ease of use. 

All Bosch eBikes come with a 2 year guarantee which includes the motor, battery and display. We also have dedicated Bosch trained technicians in-house to ensure we can always fully support the Bosch E-Bikes we sell.

Bosch offer a wide range of electric bike motors, designed for different purposes. Each motor is designed and uniquely tuned to suit the performance requirements of the electric bike tyre, riding style and rider needs.

Active Line

250% Assist + 40Nm Torque The Bosch Active Line motor is perfectly suited to town bikes with it's lightweight design and gentle power delivery.

Active Line Plus

270% Assist + 50Nm Torque The Bosch Active Line Plus motor offers slightly more torque and assistance; perfectly tailored to commuter bikes.

Performance Line

300% Assist + 65Nm Torque The Bosch Performance Line motor is more agile and offers a wider mix of assistance, more suited to sportier riders.

Performance CX

340% Assist + 85Nm Torque The Bosch Performance Line CX is the powerhouse for E-MTB. Taking mountain bikers to new record heights.

Bosch offer a range of displays suited to different styles of bikes and rider needs. Some are more simplified, whilst others offer more advanced features. On most bikes these displays are interchangeable, and can be fitted as an upgrade when new, or later down the line.

Bosch Purion

The Bosch Purion display is small and compact and gives all important ride data and on-the-fly assistance mode changes.

Bosch Purion 200

The Bosch Purion 200 is an updated version of the standard Purion. Features a colour screen and connectivity to the app.

Bosch Intuvia

The Bosch Intuvia display goes one step further and features a larger display. Its also removeable to prevent theft.

Bosch Intuvia 100

The Bosch Intuvia 100 display is a later version, it's more neat and compact than ever before. Matched with LED Remote.

Bosch LED Remote

The Bosch LED Remote is mounted on the left of the handlebars. The rider has full control within easy reach.

Bosch System Controller

The Bosch System Controller is a new display that can be integrated into the top tube of a bike. Stealth in design.

Bosch Mini Remote

The Bosch Mini Remote buttons tends to be paired with the System Controller to give ease of access to the rider functions.

Bosch Kiox 300

The Bosch Kiox 300 features a colour display & sits in the center of the bars. It offers advanced connectivity features like nav.

Bosch Kiox 500

The Bosch Kiox 500 is a larger version of the Kiox 300 display, you can connect via the app to access full rider features.

Bosch Nyon

The Bosch Nyon display is top of the range and offers everything the others do, plus more. It's touch screen too!

Bosch have expanded their range of E-Bike batteries to suit every type of rider. They originally started out at 300Wh but heir largest is now 750Wh, and 1250Wh is possible on some models with the option for range extenders. Learn more about the different battery styles.

Frame Battery

The first evolution of the Bosch E-Bike battery, the frame mounted battery sits on the outside of the bike frame.

Rack Battery

The Bosch rack battery is built into bikes equipped with luggage racks, more commonly found on low step bikes.

Integrated Battery

The latest Bosch PowerTube batteries are designed to be built into the electric bike frame, hidden away from sight.

Dual Battery

Some models allow a dual battery configuration. Whilst some feature it as standard like our Cargo & Tandem E-Bikes.

Bosch offer many different chargers for different charge times and battery sizes. Some are lighter and smaller, whilst others charge in almost half the time. Most of our new Bosch powered E-Bikes come supplied with the Standard or Compact charger as standard.

Compact Charger

The Bosch Compact charger is the smallest of them all. It can charge a 500Wh battery from flat in approx 8hrs.

Standard Charger

The Bosch Standard charger is the medium sized power-house. It can charge a 500Wh battery in approx 5hrs.

Fast Charger

The Bosch Fast charger is a little larger but the fastest of it's kind. It can charge a 500Wh battery in approx 3hrs.

New 4A Charger

The new Bosch 4A charger has a different battery plug style & is designed for later bikes using the 750Wh battery.

Bosch have expanded their range of E-Bike batteries to suit every type of rider. They originally started out at 300Wh, now we see anything up to 1250Wh using dual-battery technology. More Wh = more range, lets break them down:

Battery Capacity Battery Est Range
Bosch 300Wh 30-80 Power Assisted Miles
Bosch 400Wh 30-100 Power Assisted Miles
Bosch 500Wh 30-120 Power Assisted Miles
Bosch 625Wh 30-140 Power Assisted Miles
Bosch 750Wh 30-160 Power Assisted Miles
Bosch 1250Wh 30-240 Power Assisted Miles

The above ranges are estimates only. Range is dependent on lots of external factors like wind, hills, rider weight, assistance mode and efficient use of gears. If you want a more accurate range estimate, why not try our handy range calculator +

Bosch electric bikes are built for power, range and an overall natural and enjoyable ride with a strong focus on reliability. We have carefully curated the best Bosch powered E-Bikes from Orbea, Haibike, Cube, Scott, Tern, Raleigh & Moustache.

Orbea Bosch E-Bikes

The best Bosch powered E-Bikes from Orbea come in the form of the Wild & the Keram. Both true off-road electric bikes.

Haibike Bosch E-Bikes

Haibike feature over a dozen, Bosch powered E-Bikes from trekking bikes and hardtails, right through to full enduro options.

Cube Bosch E-Bikes

Cube solely use Bosch to power their entire electric bike range whether its a hybrid, commuter, hardtail or full suspension.

Scott Bosch E-Bikes

From gravity and all mountain right through to hybrids and hardtails. Scott has a Bosch powered E-Bike for all riders.

Tern Bosch E-Bikes

We offer some fantastic cargo, utility and folding electric bikes from Tern. All fully powered by Bosch of course!

Raleigh Bosch E-Bikes

The Raleigh Motus range of electric bikes has always been powered by Bosch. Two great and very famous brands collaborate.

Moustache Bosch E-Bikes

Moustache have been powered by Bosch from the start, building truly beautiful Trekking & Tandem E-Bikes.

Off Road Bosch E-Bikes

Hybrid Bosch E-Bikes

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"Getting back into cycling after many years away this is ideal for me. The Bosch motor with its 4 modes gives me just the right boost on a long ride and an extra kick when I’m getting tired. The build quality is excellent and it came perfectly set up. I was up and running within a few mins of opening the box. Great bike all round that is putting a smile on my face every time I use it.."

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Improved Torque E-Bike Benefit

With assisted Bosch power, you can tackle the toughest of hills. It's climbing, but fun!


Great Workout E-Bike Benefit

Explore outdoors on your Bosch E-Bike. It’s a workout and you are not stuck inside.


Eco Friendly E-Bike Benefits

E-Bikes help you reduce your carbon footprint whilst improving your overall fitness & health.


Low Refilling Cost E-Bike Benefits

An average car costs 14.0p per mile on petrol alone. A Bosch E-Bike is 200% less at 0.13p.


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