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Electric Bike Safety Mirrors

Electric Bike Mirrors at E-Bikeshop

Bicycle mirrors allow you to see other road users around you without looking behind. Some riders prefer a mirror fitted to their electric bike for safety.

These generally mount to the end of the handlebars and are adjustable by way of angle to achieve the optimum position. Bicycle safety mirrors serve as vigilant allies, expanding a rider's field of view for enhanced awareness on the road.

Easily mounted on handlebars or helmets, these mirrors offer real-time visibility of approaching vehicles or fellow cyclists. With adjustable angles and sizes, they cater to individual preferences, mitigating blind spots and reducing the need for frequent head turns.

These compact yet invaluable accessories promote safer manoeuvres, empowering riders with crucial rearward vision, fostering confidence in navigating diverse terrains and traffic scenarios. A simple addition with profound impact, bicycle safety mirrors champion proactive safety measures, underscoring the importance of awareness while cycling.

Fitting mirrors on bicycles is a personal preference and there is no law which says you must. The vast majority of rider will simply turn their head or shoulders to see around their sides/behind however for some people, this is uncomfortable, not possible, or makes them become unbalanced. In these instances, a mirror is a great idea, allowing you to keep your focus ahead.

There are two main methods of attaching a mirror to the bike and both are at the handlebars. Some "plug in" to the end of the handlebar using an expanding bolt which grips itself inside the end of the bar, and others "clamp on" and attach directly onto the bar itself. Both offer a great view of the blind spot and behind the rider.

Adjusting your bicycle rear view mirrors is easy. On flat, level ground, first adjust the mirrors so that the horizon sits about half way up the mirror face. Then move the mirror so that around a quarter of the total mirror face is taken up by your arm/body. From this position, not only will you have the best possible view of your sides and blind spot but by tucking your elbow, you'll also be able to see directly behind you.

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