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eBike To Work Scheme

eBike To Work Scheme

Follow the 4 steps below:

We make it quick and simple to process our eBike To Work Scheme.

Reserving An Order

During peak times; availability on bikes can change quickly. We advise between steps 1 & 2 that you contact us to confirm your order.

We give you the option to reserve your order (& the bike/accessory stock) by way of a small £199 holding deposit. This is then refunded back when the voucher has been redeemed (or go towards any outstanding order value).

Employee Benefits

+ Save up to 48.25% on the total cost of a new electric bike and accessories

+ Reduce your travel costs including fuel and parking etc

+ Ride anytime, not just to work but for leisure too

+ Get engaged with a new bike, a fresh start at a fraction of the cost

+ Feel great and get fit - It's a double win

Employer Benefits

+ Increase engagement and activity whilst maintaining a happy workforce

+ Huge benefit to staff with no limit on total order cost

+ Savings to the employer too with National Insurance contributions

+ Free up valuable parking at the workplace and minimises travel delays

+ Fully compliant scheme

Cycle To Work Schemes Important Information


Unlike some other stores we do NOT charge any administration fees for processing schemes.

The use of a scheme must be notified at the point order with us, or prior to full payment where a deposit has been made to secure a bike.


We cannot retrospectively apply a voucher or process a scheme once full payment has been made.

We are unable to accept cycle to work scheme vouchers alongside our finance partner(s). Still stuck?
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E-Bikeshop: eBike Customer Service

easy to do

We make it easy for you to process orders via the eBike To Work platform.

Our team will point you in the right direction, process your voucher, build, prepare and deliver your new electric bike. This can normally be done within a few days (depending on your employer).

Then what?

Our qualified eBike technicians will fully build and setup your new electric bike ahead of carefully boxing it with any accessories you may have added.

You will receive tracking direct from our couriers on dispatch so you can see when to expect your delivery.

E-Bike To Work FAQs

Anyone 18 or over who is in UK PAYE employment as long as their employer agrees to participate in the scheme.

Your employer buys a voucher which entitles you to the hire of a bike of your choice directly from the scheme. Our scheme is administered by the Green Commute Initiative. Because they’re authorised by the FCA there is no £1,000 limit. The cost of the voucher is the same as the bike so for a £1,500 bike the voucher is £1,500.

You repay the cost of the voucher by sacrificing a part of your gross (before tax & NI) salary. This means you save the tax and NI that you would pay if you bought the bike from your net (after tax) pay. Your employer also saves 15.05% employer’s NI. So it’s worth them doing it.

Standard rate taxpayers will normally save 33.25% on the cost of the bike & higher rate taxpayers 43.25. Savings can be up to 48.25% (for additional rate tax payer). In addition employers will generally save 15.05% employer's National Insurance Contributions.

As an example, on a £3,000 bike the employee's gross salary is reduced by £250 per month. As this is a reduction in the gross salary the net amount equates to just £167 per month for a basic rate taxpayer or £142 for a higher rate taxpayer. The net cost over a twelve month period is therefore £2,004 (standard rate) or £1,704 (higher rate). This means a saving of £996 (standard rate) or £1,296 (higher rate). In addition the employer saves £451 in employer's National Insurance Contributions.

This does not charge a ‘sting-in-the-tail’ exit fee, unlike other schemes which charge up to 7% of the full value of the bike. This scheme ensures you get the full benefit of the tax-break from HMRC. After the free of charge five-year loan period, there is a nominal £1 fee to transfer title ownership over to you. 

GCI only charges the £1 so that it can demonstrate to HMRC when the transaction took place to protect you from any claim from them.

No! You are free to use the bike to cycle to work on any given day. All HMRC rules stipulate is that the majority of journeys using the bike are for cycling to and from work. Neither employers nor employees are expected to keep detailed records of the use of the bike.

The employee is responsible for the maintenance and safekeeping of the bike and under the agreement the employee must continue to make the hire payments for the hire period. It is therefore recommended that the employee takes out their own insurance.

The agreement stipulates that you have to make the remaining payments outstanding under the agreement at the time the employment ends. These payments will be for the full amount of the outstanding rentals & won't enjoy the tax benefits.

There are no limits to the cost of the electric bike together with related safety equipment and accessories that can be purchased under the scheme. Under HMRC rules some accessories (GPS, Cycle Computers and Car Racks) can't be purchased under the scheme however they can be purchased separately by the employee and used the electric bike.