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Orbea Electric Bikes

Orbea have come a long way in a comparatively very short space of time – a testament to their unwavering commitment to evolution, design and value from their products backed by a Lifetime frame warranty & outstanding dealer support package.

Year on year, Orbea continue to innovate and increase the end user experience with the latest technology and components.

Orbea Gain eBikes

The new Orbea Gain road electric bikes are suitable for all riders looking for that extra 'Gain'.

Designed to amplify your ride & expand on what you already do. A lightweight and agile bike that can be ridden both on power & fully disengaged off power.

The visuals are so subtle that you'd find it hard to notice it's even a power assisted bike.

"The Orbea Gain resembles a regular road bike and by god have they achieved that I had to do a double take when I first saw it!"


Orbea Rise

The Orbea Rise range of e-MTB for are designed to be effortlessly minimalist.

Using no bulky or unnecessary components while bringing you closer to the trail and ride.

A completely integrated system built on their 4 key elements of: Power, Range, Interface & Weight.

Orbea Wild

The Wild offers comfort & stability to new riders, whilst for more experienced riders, remains a bike that doesn't hold them back regardless of terrain.

Built on 160mm of trail ready suspension travel and also featuring the unique dual battery option (up to 1125Wh) for even the most EPIC tour!

Orbea Vibe

The Orbea Vibe is the latest offering for the commuter, city and weekend rider from one of our most stylish and forward thinking manufacturers.

Effortlessly blending style with safety, minimalism with performance, the Orbea Vibe has been one of our most exciting and eagerly anticipated e-bikes.

"Orbea has expanded its urban ebike offering with a bike that’s designed to be lighter in weight and lighter in assistance than your average flat-bar e-commuter. At as little as 15kg the Vibe is one of the lightest urban ebikes around!"


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