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Orbea are one of the oldest eBike manufacturers with its roots in the mid 1800’s.

Still painting and assembling by hand in the same factory they purchased in 1969, Orbea continue to innovate and increase their end user experience with the latest technology and components. We're proud to offer the official Orbea electric bike range.

Orbea E-Bikes have rapidly moved to become one of the fastest developing brands in the electric bike market ‚Äď a testament to their unwavering commitment to functional design, product evolution and outstanding value from their products. Orbea eBikes are backed by a lifetime frame warranty and outstanding dealer support package.

Orbea Gain Electric Bikes

The Orbea Gain electric road bikes are suitable for road riders looking for that extra 'Gain' from a bike you'd find hard to notice is even a eBike.

Designed to amplify your ride & expand on what you already do. A lightweight and agile bike that can be ridden both on power & fully disengaged off power.

Road CC Magazine said: "The Orbea Gain resembles a regular road bike and by god have they achieved that I had to do a double take when I first saw it!"

Orbea Rise Electric Bikes

The Orbea Rise range of e-MTB for are designed from the ground up to be effortlessly minimalist. Using no bulky or unnecessary components.

Built on a "rider first" super-light, all trail frame, that delivers less "E" and more "Bike". The Orbea Rise eBike is the best light-weight all-rounder!

E-MTB magazine said:
"The Orbea Rise bridges the gap between Light-eMTBs and powerful eMTB all-rounders."

Orbea Wild Electric Bikes

The Wild Orbea electric bikes are built for all mountain, single track and trail riding. The Wild is tough enough for even the most technical of trails.

It offers comfort & stability to new riders, whilst for more experienced riders, remains a Orbea eBike that doesn't hold them back regardless of terrain.

MBUK magazine said: "The Wild is one of the most balanced, easy-to-ride-fast bikes on the market, with performance that makes it at home on the roughest descents and longest days in the saddle!"

Orbea Vibe Electric Bikes

The Orbea Vibe eBike is a super light-weight bike for the commuter, city and weekend rider. Designed to be simple to operate and pleasing on the eye.

Effortlessly blending style with safety & minimalism with performance, the Orbea Vibe has been one of our most anticipated Orbea electric bikes.

BikeRadar magazine said:
"A bike that’s designed to be lighter in weight and assistance than your average flat-bar e-commuter. At as little as 15kg the Vibe is one of the lightest urban ebikes around!"

Why Choose Orbea eBikes?

Orbea Electric Bikes Lifetime Frame Warranty on Orbea eBikes


Orbea eBikes Hand Built in Spain Orbea Electric Bikes


Orbea eBikes Have Years of Electric Bike Experience


In all we have a great offering of Orbea eBikes for every type of rider including commuting, road riding and mountain biking. No matter what your riding style is, Orbea have you covered with top quality electric bikes.

We've been searching for the ultimate Electric Road Bike for some time now. Everything we have found has always been a comprise. That is of course until we found the Orbea 'Gain' electric bikes featuring the famous Mahle eBike system. In addition, we have the Orbea electric mountain bike line-up all powered by the mighty Bosch and Shimano eBike systems! There's no hill these Orbea eBikes cannot navigate!

Types of Orbea Electric Bikes include: Orbea Gain | Orbea Rise | Orbea Wild | Orbea Vibe | Orbea Diem | Orbea Urrun

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