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Lapierre eZesty AM 9.0 Ultimate

Lapierre Electric Bikes

Lapierre eZesty AM 9.0 Ultimate 2021


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This item is now sold out & unavailable to order. We will leave this page here as a reference to the specification for this model.
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E-Bike Key Specs


Fazua 250Wh


Fazua Remote X


Fazua Evation 1.0


Up to 50 miles


General Bike Specifications

Frame Lapierre eZesty AM Full Carbon 150mm

Forks Fox 36 Float Performance 150mm Boost

Rear Shock Fox Float DPS 150mm

Brakes Sram Guide 203mm

Shifters Sram NX Eagle 12 Speed Trigger

Rear Mech Sram NX Eagle 12 Speed

Cassette Sram NX Eagle 12 Speed 10 - 50t

Chain Sram NX 12 Speed

Wheelset Lapierre AM Alloy Boost+ Wheelset Tubeless Ready

Tyres Maxxis High Roller II 27.5+ x2.80

Handlebars Lapierre Alloy Bar 780mm

Stem Lapierre Alloy CNC

Headset FSA Orbit 1.5ZS NO.57SC

Seatpost Lapierre Stealth, Remote, 31.6mm

Saddle Velo MTB CRMO

Weight 19 kg

Electric Bike Specifications

Battery Fazua 36 Volt, 250 Wh, Integrated/Removable

Display Fazua Handlebar Remote LED + Bluetooth App.

Motor Fazua Evation 36 Volt, 250 Watt 60Nm

Range Up to 50 miles of power assisted range, depending on terrain




I have 2 bikes with the Fazua, a road and the ezesty . The e zesty is a fantastic bike, I love it, have tried a few ebikes the ezesty makes makes you work harder but brings out more fun, I would recommend the ezesty over pretty much all the other mountain bikes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bryn Williams
have tried a few ebikes the ezesty makes

I have 2 bikes with the Fazua, a road and the ezesty . The e zesty is a fantastic bike, I love it, have tried a few ebikes the ezesty makes makes you work harder but brings out more fun,
I would recommend the ezesty over pretty much all the other mountain bikes

Stephen Dickins
having had an eventful few months bike ownership

This is a follow-up to my previous review, having had an eventful few months bike ownership.
Due to the lower power of this e-bike, compared to full-power models, I had been running it mostly in River (mid power) mode. This worked well for most routes and trails. The only downside was increased battery use, and the occasional running out of power. So I bought a spare battery to carry on longer rides. Excellent idea, as it is not to large or heavy to fit in a back pack, and considerably increases the range.
Another positive development is that those clever people at Fazua have designed a simpler and more robust locking mechanism for the power pack, the Locker pX. They even sent me a replacement under warranty, which was easy to fit. It is to be expected that new models will have this fitted.
I also managed, after many uncomfortable rides, to get the saddle position sorted. As far forward as possible, and with the nose tilted slightly down.
However, the most significant development, and this is a real game-changer, is the new software for the motor control and accompanying toolbox. With the Black Pepper 2.0 software Fazua have boosted the motor power, increased the cadence range for power delivery, and boosted the power uptake from a standing start. I can only say that the increase in power was dramatic, and that was with the default mid-power setting. By using the accompanying toolbox software, you can boost the power to a max of 300w, and create an infinitely variable range of power curves. The bike now feels like a full-power model, with the ability to really power up steep inclines. Presumably all new models will have the updated software.
I now have a lightweight, full suspension, drop dead gorgeous powerful e-mtb, with absolutely no negative features. And with the spare battery, I can do the most challenging trails, with no fear of running out of power.
And on a final note - if you already own one of these great machines and you have not yet downloaded and installed the new software, do it...Now!

Stephen Dickins
so I am now able to give an

I have had my Lapierre eZesty AM 9.0 Ultimate 2020 Fazua for a few weeks, so I am now able to give an early assessment of the bike.

The first thing to note is that this is a high spec, full suspension MTB, that also happens to be an e-bike. It is also very good looking, without the usual lumps and bumps that signify an e-bike. It is also relatively light in weight, due to the neat battery and motor unit, and carbon frame. My 34cm framed bike weighs 18kg with the battery and motor fitted, and 15kg without. This was a very important selling point for me, as I have to carry the bike up 3 flights of external stairs to get to my flat. I have also purchased the optional frame cover for riding the bike without the battery and motor, which is also a very good selling point as it rides like a normal MTB without the power pack.

The light weight of the battery and motor obviously has an impact on the power assist performance. The first impression when using the power assist is that you do not get the boost that you get from a Shimano or Bosch unit, and you won't be pulling wheelies uphill, which you can almost do in turbo mode on other models. However, the power delivery of the Fasua unit is perfectly suited to this light weight bike, and although subtle, is more than adequate for the most challenging of climbs. The important factor is being in the correct gear to get the cadence right for the conditions. This will give the perfect amount of assist for any condition. For example, I managed to climb one of the steepest off-road hills on the Isle of Wight in the lowest power assistance mode, by dropping down a couple of gears. I have used the medium assist on a steep climb into a strong headwind, which again produced the perfect amount of assistance. On this ride, in total I covered approximately 40 miles of mixed road and off-road with one charge of the battery, with at least one/two bars of charge remaining. It is also worth noting that if I had done this ride on my old Whyte hardtail, I would have been very tired at the end, but with the subtle assist, I felt fine.

There are a couple of slight negatives to note. The remote control for the Fazua unit is very basic. The only display is for the number of bars of battery charge remaining. So no MPH, distance covered, distance left in battery etc. If you need this level of information, or additional ride stats, you need to use a smart phone with the Bluetooth connected Fazua app. Also, the catch mechanism that secures the battery and motor to the frame can be a bit temperamental, and can take a few goes to fully engage. It remains to be seen how robust this proves to be in the long run.

My overall rating for the Lapierre eZesty AM 9.0 Ultimate 2020 Fazua is that it is an excellent, high spec MTB, that also happens to have a very well integrated battery and motor. It handles well, with and without the battery and motor, and looks great. It's early days, but I am delighted with the performance so far, and I'm looking forward to many more off-road rides.