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Bosch Classic+ / Yamaha Motor Chain Ring

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Available in many sizes, please select from above. These chain rings are made by Blackspire in Canada and are an exact fit for 2011, 2012 & 2013 Bosch eBike motors.

Also fits the new Haibike sDuro line up with Yamaha motor. Please note with the Yamaha, don't order too big as the front mech may not be able to handle it. You may have to remove / modify the plastic chain guide if you choose to go bigger than standard. Also please note that these are for use for single sprockets at the front. Do not order if you have 2 x rings at the front, featured on some Yamaha eBikes. These sprockets do not have pick up teeth to allow for gear changes at the front.

Please Note: If going for a bigger sprocket on the front you may have to extend your chain.

It's always advisable to use new sprockets with a new chain when replacing. The old chain could slip over the new sprocket.

This is for the Classic+ Bosch motor not the active / Performance (find that here). Your motor should look like this:

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Many thanks for the quick delivery of my order. Also many thanks for taking the time to verify and then correct my original order to ensure I received what I actually needed.

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