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Fazua Powered Electric Bikes

Fazua Powered Electric Bikes
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We stock a range of Fazua powered electric bikes, a German system, built for reliability, low weight and ride-ability.

All of our Fazua E-Bikes come with 2yrs manufacturers guarantee, this includes the display, battery and motor. We have dedicated Fazua trained support technicians in-house for the Fazua eBikes we sell.

Fazua came to the E-Bike market with the Evation Ride 50 motor system, they have now evolved into a later Ride 60 system. Fazua are based in Germany, now owned by Porsche they are making waves in the electric bike market.

Ride 50

250w + 50Nm Torque The original Fazua Ride 50 motor offers customizable rider modes using smart phone connectivity.

Ride 60

250w + 60Nm Torque The later Fazua Ride 60 motor is quieter, ligher overall & offers more torque than ever before.

Fazua offer different rider controls depending on what Fazua eSystem the E-Bike is powered by. In addition to the bike controls, the rider has full control over the bike by using the connected smart-phone app.

Remote BX

The Fazua Remote BX is fitted on the handlebars, it shows the ride mode and can be navigated using the buttons.

Ring Control

The Fazua Ring Control is situated on the handlebars and the LED Hub is built into the top tube of the Fazua bike.

Similar to the displays, the Fazua batteries depend on which system is being used. The unique thing about the Fazua battery is that it can be removed from the bike and ridden as a regular bike - it's two bikes in one!

Energy 250

The first evolution of the Fazua battery is the Energy 250, as it says on the tin, it offers up to 250Wh.

Energy 430

The later Fazua Energy 430 battery offers nearly double the range as it boasts a 430Wh capacity.

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"The power delivery of the Fazua unit is perfectly suited to this light weight bike, and although subtle, is more than adequate for the most challenging of climbs. The important factor is being in the correct gear to get the cadence right for the conditions. This will give the perfect amount of assist for any condition."

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Improved Torque E-Bike Benefit

With assisted Fazua power, you can tackle the toughest of hills. It's climbing, but fun!


Great Workout E-Bike Benefit

Explore outdoors on your Fazua E-Bike. It’s a workout and you are not stuck inside.


Eco Friendly E-Bike Benefits

E-Bikes help you reduce your carbon footprint whilst improving your overall fitness & health.


Low Refilling Cost E-Bike Benefits

An average car costs 14.0p per mile on petrol alone. A Fazua E-Bike is 200% less at 0.13p.


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