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Here you can find lots of useful guides, manuals and brochures. All readily available to download or read on-line. 

Please note: Our downloads page no longer features individual bike specifics like geometry charts etc. These can easily be found by scrolling towards the bottom of any bike page and clicking on the 'Downloads' tab (Next to F.A.Q). 

Bosch Product Brochures

Bosch Active Line Brochure

Bosch Active Line Brochure
PDF Download (7.97 Mb)

Bosch Performance Line Brochure

Bosch Performance Line Brochure
PDF Download (7.65 Mb)

Bosch Nyon System Brochure

Bosch Nyon System Brochure
PDF Download (1.76 Mb)

Bosch Magazine / Guides

Bosch eBike Magazine 2015

Bosch eBike Magazine 2015
PDF Download (13.6 Mb)

Bosch eBike Magazine 2016

Bosch eBike Magazine 2016
PDF Download (6.45 Mb)

Bosch eBike Magazine 2017

Bosch eBike Magazine 2017
PDF Download (5.65 Mb)

Bosch eBike Product Brochure 2017

Bosch Product Brochure 2017
PDF Download (5.24 Mb)

Bosch eBike Battery Guide 2016

Bosch eBike Battery Guide 2016
PDF Download (1.43 Mb)

Bosch eBike Battery Guide 2017

Bosch eBike Battery Guide 2017
PDF Download (1.36 Mb)

Bosch System User Manuals

Bosch eBike Active with Intuvia User Manual

Active with Intuvia
PDF Download (29.7 Mb)

Bosch eBike Active with Nyon User Manual

Active with Nyon
PDF Download (24.5 Mb)

Bosch eBike Performance with Intuvia User Manual

Performance with Intuvia
PDF Download (29.9 Mb)

Bosch eBike Performance with Nyon User Manual

Performance with Nyon
PDF Download (24.7 Mb)

Bosch eBike Purion User Manual

Bosch Purion User Manual
PDF Download (21.7 Mb)

Bosch eBike Intuvia User Manual

Bosch Intuvia User Manual
PDF Download (14.1 Mb)

Bosch eBike Nyon User Manual

Bosch Nyon User Manual
PDF Download (9.47 Mb)

Bosch eBike Charger User Manual

Bosch Charger User Manual
PDF Download (9.58 Mb)

Electric Bike Catalogues

Haibike 2018 Electric Bike Catalogue

Haibike 2018 eBike Catalogue
PDF Download (32.0 Mb)

Lapierre 2018 Electric Bike Catalogue

Lapierre 2018 eBike Catalogue
PDF Download (135 Mb)

Scott 2018 Electric Bike Catalogue

Scott 2018 eBike Catalogue

PDF Download (39.1 Mb)

Raleigh 2018 Electric Bike Catalogue

Raleigh 2018 eBike Catalogue
PDF Download (3.39 Mb)

Gocycle G3 Electric Bike Catalogue

Gocycle G3 eBike Catalogue
PDF Download (20.3 Mb)

Moustache 2018 Electric Bike Catalogue

Moustache 2018 eBike Catalogue

PDF Download (31.3 Mb)

Electric Bike User Manuals

Haibike eBike Manual

Haibike eBike Manual
PDF Download (4.79 Mb)

Lapierre Bike Manual

Lapierre Bike Manual
PDF Download (10.2 Mb)

Raleigh Bike Manual

Raleigh Bike Manual
PDF Download (6.48 Mb)

Scott eBike Manual

Scott eBike Manual
PDF Download (10.7 Mb)

Gocycle G2 eBike Manual

Gocycle G2 eBike Manual
PDF Download (6.61 Mb)

NiVinci N360 CVP Manual

NuVinci N360 CVP Manual
PDF Download (6.79 Mb) 

Shimano Steps E8000 eBike User Manual

Shimano Steps E8000 Manual
PDF Download (12.5 Mb)

Gocycle G3 eBike Manual

Gocycle G3 eBike Manual
PDF Download (2.53 Mb)

Easier to navigate on smart devices

Sometimes it's more pleasant to sit back and use a tablet or smartphone to read through manuals and guides rather than having to dig out the (often lost) paper formats. 

Better still, save .PDF's to iBooks on Apple devices or download them on Android, this means you don't have to download them multiple times and can refer back to them when offline. 

Remember some of the manuals above are listed for multiple countries, so when you open these files, you may have to scroll down until you find the appropriate language. 

Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it.