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Cube Stereo 140 Electric Bikes

Cube Stereo 140

The Cube Stereo 140 electric mountain bike range encapsulates trail dominance with German engineering, electrifying performance and great value.

These bikes harmonise electric assistance seamlessly with sturdy frames, delivering power and agility on challenging terrains. With adaptable suspension and responsive handling, they conquer diverse trails, excelling in climbs and descents.

Tailored settings cater to varying riding styles, offering an exhilarating experience for trail enthusiasts. Engineered with premium components and enduring batteries, they ensure reliability and endurance on rough tracks.

The Stereo 140 series embodies Cube's pursuit of innovation, providing an electrifying blend of power, control, and durability, redefining trail adventures with precision and excitement.

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Cube make a wide range full suspension electric mountain bikes and they all bear the same "Stereo Hybrid" name, however its what comes after these two words which denote the difference between each. 120, 140 and 160 is the length of suspension travel its equipped with. The Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 models all have 140mm rear suspension and either 140 or 150mm at the front. This is defined as an "all trail" bike, able to cover almost all types of riding. It offers a bit more bike/travel than needed for simple cross country riding, but not quite enough for jumps and well below the level of travel needed for downhill/enduro. The 140 models best suit riders who's riding covers everything but larger jumps.

Although they all share the same battery, motor and frame, each of the Cube Stereo Hybrid models all have different specification levels. As a general rule, the model lines each start with the entry level Pro model, then move through Race, SL or SLX (depending on model year), TM, Action Team and finally at the very top end, the SLT. The difference between them is in the level of suspension, brakes and gear, with the components starting with mid range equipment on the Pro, rising to competition grade on the Action Team and above.

Its next to impossible to beat Cube when it comes to value, so much so that it can be really difficult to justify buying any other brand unless a rider has a specific brand or specification loyalty which isn't offered by Cube. Owing to their outstanding German engineering, superb reliability and exceptional specification for their price points, each year riders new and old find that its next to impossible to get more bike for their money on anything other than a Cube.

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