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Haibike HardTail 29 Electric Bikes

Haibike Hard Tail 29 Electric Bikes

Haibike's 29" wheel electric hardtail mountain bikes redefine trail conquests with electrifying prowess.

Combining the advantages of larger wheels for momentum and electric-assist capabilities, these bikes elevate off-road adventures. Fusing powerful motors seamlessly into robust frames, they conquer steep inclines effortlessly, enhancing uphill climbs without compromising agility.

Featuring responsive handling and durable components, these e-bikes offer precise control while navigating diverse terrain. With extended battery life and customizable settings, riders experience prolonged excursions and tailored performance.

Haibike's 29" electric hardtails epitomize the marriage of technological innovation and trail prowess, empowering riders to explore uncharted paths while embracing the exhilaration of electric-assist mountain biking.

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The Haibike AllTrack range comes in different specification levels. The higher the number, the higher the specification. A Haibike AllTrack 7 for example, will have better brakes, gears and suspension than a AllTrack 4. It can also denote changes in drive system between Yamaha and Bosch, as well as larger batteries being offered on the more expensive models.

The Haibike AllTrack name covers their complete electric hard tail mountain bike range. Each bike is made in two variants. One will have the number 27, and the other 29. This number relates to the wheel size. The 29 has a 29" wheel set an the 27 has a 27.5" wheel set. A AllTrack 5 27 and a AllTrack 5 29 are actually identical, except the wheel sizes.

Initially the range can look quite overwhelming, but theres a simple way to get the best bike for you. Firstly, pick a wheel size. The 29" bikes roll faster and will bounce over obstacles more easily and are best suited to fast, flowing trails and a taller rider. The 27.5" version will be slightly more maneuverable and so is better suited to more tight, technical sections. They also offer lower stand over height for shorter riders. Once you know which wheel you need, take a look at the specifications for each. Find the bike which offers specification which matches your skill as a rider, then consider the next one up, building in a little headroom for skills increases which wont see you out-performing the bike before you've had the best value out of it, or needing immediate upgrades.

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