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LiteLok® Core Bicycle Security Lock (Diamond Approved)


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LiteLok® Core Bicycle Security Lock (Diamond Approved)
LiteLok® Core Bicycle Security Lock (Diamond Approved)
LiteLok® Core Bicycle Security Lock (Diamond Approved)
LiteLok® Core Bicycle Security Lock (Diamond Approved)
LiteLok® Core Bicycle Security Lock (Diamond Approved)
LiteLok Core Bicycle Security Lock (Diamond Approved)
This Item is now sold out & unavailable to order. We will leave this page here as a reference to the specification for this model.

Litelok is the world’s lightest, flexible 'Sold Secure Diamond' bike lock.

The "go-to" solution for the highest level of security available for bicycles. Using materials carefully selected for their unique properties, it can withstand sustained attacks from common theft tools to the highest level, including attacks using bolt cutters, crowbars, cable cutters and hacksaws.

LiteLok Core Diamond rated Bicycle Lock

One of the very first locks to obtain the new Diamond rating from Sold Secure, the Litelok Core gets its strength from a multi-layer combination of materials selected specifically for their unique properties.

Sold Secure set the benchmarks for the rating of bicycle and motorcycle locks and their information is relied upon heavily by Insurance companies to calculate their "risk" when deciding on premiums. The quality of your lock can have an effect on the premium you pay.

Four separate layers make up the band of the lock, each one building on and protecting the layer beneath from sustained attacks from a variety of commonly used tools in bicycle theft.

The revised locking assembly uses stainless steel components and high strength, hardened steel casing.

Litelock Core construction

Litelok does more, with less.

Before Litelok launched their "Original" and "Wearable" range, the previous top level "Gold" locks were bulky D-Locks, shackles and large chains. These were all considerably heavier, and not as easily stowed on the bike.


Litelock Core competitors


With the new Litelok Core, not only does it carry the coveted Diamond rating, but its closest competitor is over twice the weight!


As well as class leading security as super light weight, the Litelok Core comes has a multitude of stowage options. It can be packed in pannier bag or rucksack but if you ride without either of these, the built in wearable strap and included mounting straps mean you'll never need to leave home without it!

Litelock Core Sold Secure Diamond

Included in Purchase:

1x Litelok Core Sold Secure Diamond rated lock

3x Keys on a stainless steel cable key ring

2x Hook and loop WrapStraps for fixing to the frame

1x Wearable adjustment strap.





Light - Each Litelok Core weighs just 1.9kg (2.4 lbs) for the 75cm and 2.25kg (4.9lb) for the 100cm.

Flexible - Secure your bike easily to a wide range of fixed objects.

Strong - Made with complementing and carefully chosen materials.

Click to lock - Click closed without the key. Keys only needed to open.

Easy to carry - Attach your Litelok Core to your bike with WrapStraps, wear around your waist or carry in a bag.




Length - 75cm

Width - (lock, the widest part): 65mm

Width (strap): 37mm

Diameter (locked state, widest point): 270mm

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