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Gocycle GXi Folding Electric Bike

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Who is this bike suitable for?

With some all new features, the latest generation is here - The Gocycle GXi is perfect for getting from A to B. Be it through the city, down to the local town or even across the harbour to pick up those essentials. It pretty much ticks all the boxes in all those cases! This lightweight, agile and easy to handle electric bike is quick and easy to jump on, but also can be folded away neatly in your office, car or boat for example to offer a neat, practical storage solution.

FORGET the Brompton – there’s a new fast-folding bicycle in town, and it’s completely electric. Commuters will soon be able to whizz up hills with no effort at all, and then flip their battery-powered bike down to a travel-sized package thanks to the Gocycle GX. - The Sun

Simple, clever, fun

Just 3 words that sum up the Gocycle GXi eBike. This clever electric bike is designed by ex Formula One, McLaren Car designer Richard Thorpe in London, UK. Now we see the revised GXi version with some all new features!

What sets the GXi apart over the younger brother GX, is the fact that the GXi features a built in dash, longer range battery, electronic predictive gearing and daytime running light.

We'll delve further into some of the new features below but to sum it up, the new Gocycle GXi is now more comfortable, user friendly, safer & will travel even further than ever before!

The Gocycle GXi dashboard gives a full display of the rider essentials.

Gocycle GXi Handlebar LED Display

These include: gear selection, speed, light controls & battery charge state, built into a clean, easy to use cockpit. New for the GXi it also offers an extended dash for a seamless look. This clutter free approach consists of just brake levers and a button each side to operate the levels.

Daytime Running Light

The Gocycle GXi now features a daytime running light (DRL). 

New European law states that all automobiles are required to have DRL's which offer improved safety to road users to increase the visibility for all transport. 

The Gocycle GXi comes with a fully integrated DRL built into the dash, of course Gocycle take it to a whole new level using patented light pipe technology offering a huge increase in Gocycle riders being seen out and about.

Gocycle GXi Daylight Running Lights

Gocycle GXi Folding

The new Gocycle GXi is based on the standard Gocycle GX folding bike, but with a whole host of extra features and tech. It folds in under 10 seconds! With the bike folded, the wheels remain in place so the rider can push the bike along with ease.

No items on the Gocycle GXi electric bike need to be removed to fold. Now also for the first time ever the battery can be quickly and easily removed for charging both on or off the bike.

When folded down the Gocycle GXi takes up little space at all. You can safely store two to three in the back of a car boot or under the desk at work. 

The GXi also fits through the engine bay hatch in many boats.

The folded dimensions are approx:- L880mm x W370mm x H615mm (L34.6in x W14.6in x H24.2in) with pedals folded.

Say hello to the fold!

Gocycle GXi Electric Bike Folded Down

This simple solution to a super easy eBike design means there's no chain to get dirty or oil, no cables to stretch / adjust on the Gocycle electric bike. Just get on and enjoy the ride! This not only minimises hassle but means it's a complete wipe clean product. To keep the Gocycle GXi clean, simply wipe over your eBike, there are no nooks or crannies to get involved with. 

The new GXi offers a anti chain slap piece within the CleanDrive, the chain is silent when the Gocycle is transported on it's side.

Practical & Stylish

You can see that every aspect of the Gocycle GXi has been developed to the highest standards, with the main focus on usability & ride-ability. The fact that it is so easy to use means it opens up a whole new era of cycling. 

Just pull the bike out, hop on and start pedalling. It really is as simple as that. This clever machine measures exactly what the rider is doing and applies power and gear changes accordingly. All you have to do is point it in the right direction.. Simple!

Two Wheel Drive on the Gocycle GXi Electric Bike

Two Wheel Drive

You power the rear wheel using the pedals, whilst the Gocycle GXi works out exactly what effort you are putting into the bike via a torque sensor in the crank. 

It then simultaneously powers the front wheel via a powerful micro motor hidden away offering a fast, no-effort, no-emission journey.

This Gocycle approach also gives the perfect power-to-weight ratio ensuring a smooth ride.

It not only gives better weight distribution, but it means the power is always there instantly when you need it most.

You can either ride the Gocycle GXi as normal, where the motor will add input as required, or you can have on-demand power at the touch of a button on the left. (Activate on App).

Electronic Shifting

As mentioned, the cockpit is completely clutter free. The neat built in display will tell you what gear you are in. It will automatically shift up and down as the riders pedal cadence increase and the terrain changes.

It will even sense when you have come to a stop and instantly down change down to a low gear, so you can be sure as soon as the lights go green you set off in a flash.

The Gocycle GXi utilises a completely built in, bulletproof, Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub gear on the rear. The rider can also choose their own gear changes using the electronic button built into the handlebar grip.

Gocycle GXi featuring Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Electronic Gearing

Whilst we are talking about the cockpit the new Gocycle GXi comes with ergonomically designed grips with neat built in two way rotary shifters. One side allows the user to quickly change up and down gear at the flick of the grip whilst the other side offer power on demand and doubles up as the DRL (Daytime Running Lights) adjustment from low - high beam and flashing modes.

Gocycle Electric Bike Vgonomic design.

Designed To Fit You

The Gocycle design is unique in the fact that it fits any height rider, be it 5ft2 of 6ft2. The Vgonomic™ frame design and geometry provides adaptable fitting with superior comfort levels for a wide range of body types.

Gocycle has an automotive inspired adjustable driving position. Cars come in one size with an adjustable position; so does Gocycle. As you increase the saddle height the bike gets longer and as you reduce it it gets shorter accordingly.

Did you know the wheel-base, centre-to-centre, actually has the same length as a regular bicycle. This means it's more natural to ride & doesn't feel like a smaller more compact electric bike. Whilst still being nimble in and out of town.

Agile & User Friendly

The Gocycle GXi is the only eBike built so compact but with true rider's agility and handling yet it's light enough to throw over your shoulder, the weight is so balanced that if you pick it up in the middle it will not tilt at all. 

Built with simplicity and usability in mind. It's a joy to own and ride yet clean and easy to live with. It's versatile, light & compact enough to fold away when not in use.

GocycleConnect SmartPhone GX App

GocycleConnect = Ultimate Control

You can take the Gocycle GXi to a whole new level of user control with the new GocycleConnect App. Although not required to ride the bike, it's nice to have full flexibility over what your GXi can do. 

Pair your Gocycle GXi via Bluetooth through the smartphone app, you can tailor the eBike to your specific needs. Quickly change assistance modes from City, Eco and full On Demand modes.

Want more flexibility? No problem, you can even preset custom modes! Simply use the slider graphs to control when you would like motor assistance vs pedal effort.  Click upload and the new custom mode is instantly flashed over onto your Gocycle ready to ride!

The Gocycle Connect GXi smartphone app opens up a whole new level of features. You can log certain cycle parameters like distance / time travelled, calorie burn, mpg, litres saved, battery capacity, adjust the top assisted speed & even check the weather!

This new application for the GXi models also doubles up as a easy troubleshooting tool & security device. If your bike is stolen and someone tries to pair with it, we can remotely lock the bike down, Genius!.. Also if any future updates come out, you can easily update your Gocycle when connected to your smartphone. It's future proof.

Gocycle GXi Battery Range

More Range Than Ever

The new Gocycle GXi has the battery built within the frame, but can be removed out the side for charging.

The Gocycle GXi features a bigger battery to the standard GX. Now offering 17Ah (375Wh) battery featuring the latest state of the art battery management system, meaning it is more clever, allows easier charging & maintains capacity or longer.

The Gocycle GXi can be fully recharged in around 7 hours. Or just 4 hours with the optional fast charger. 

Tailored For Any Occasion

Just think how Gocycle could benefit you, be it darting across the city to leisurely rides at the weekend, the Gocycle GXi is designed to work with you. Simply choose your colour from the lovely colour palette on offer. 

What's included?

The Gocycle GXi electric bike comes fully set-up by our workshop technicians. You can be sure that every aspect of the eBike has been dialled in for optimum performance. Your Gocycle GXi will arrive with a user manual, charger & free follow up service. The Gocycle GXi comes with a complete 2 year warranty on the whole product.

Free Electric Bike Insurance Cover

FREE 14 Days Electric Bike Cover

We've exclusively teamed up with Bikmo to offer 14 days free electric bike insurance when you purchase your new electric bike with

You'll be covered for eBike theft, accessories, crash damage, clothing/headgear, accidental damage, public liability and Bikmo will even cover the cost of getting you home as a result of damage or theft.

The perfect package to get you started with your new eBike without the need for any worry or hassle. Of course, you'll have the no obligation option to continue your insurance over after the initial period.

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General Bike Specifications


Gocycle GXi Electronic 3 Speed Nexus Hub


Gocycle GXi Folding design, wipe clean frame


Gocycle GXi proprietary, single-sided, 6061 T6, fixed

Rear Shock

Gocycle GXi Lockshock™ 25mm (1 in) travel


Gocycle GXi Hydraulic disk brakes


Electrical Predictive 3 Speed Rotary Shifting


Gocycle GXi PitstopWheel®


Gocycle All Weather 20 x 2.25"


Gocycle GXi Quick Folding Mechanism


Gocycle GXi Velo D2 Comfort


Gocycle GXi Detachable Pedals


17.8 kg

Electric Bike Specifications


Gocycle GXi In Frame (Removable) Lithium, 17Ah, Approx 375Wh 22V


Integrated Dashboard Display / Use GocycleConnect® App


Gocycle GXi proprietary motor gear drive 250 watt continuous


Up to 80km (50 miles), depending on pedal input

Further Information


The most frequently asked questions on this eBike -

These questions relate to this bike. You can find a full F.A.Q on general eBike & website questions by clicking here.

What sizes is this bike available in?
The GoCycle GXi is one size as shown, interestingly it can be adjusted for all manner of sizes. Plus as the seat is set higher, the design of the frame means that the length gets longer at the same time. As well as the seat height adjustment, the handlebar angle can also be adjusted too.

Is this bike in stock now?
The stock status is shown at the top of this page next to the price. If the stock level is shown as 'Pre-Order' this means it is a new model arriving soon, you can see a better date at the top of each bike description. If not in stock you can order a bike for pre-order. Once the checkout has been completed we will take a small deposit, then settle the balance when the bike becomes available. 

Are there any colour options?
Yes the Gocycle GXi is available in 3 frame colours: Grey, Black or White. You can view the colours above using the selector above. Please note: We intend to hold the most popular colours.

How fast will this bike go?
This bike will assist you to 15mph. From there you can pedal faster, but with no assistance. The speed limiter on this bike can be adjusted within the Gocycle smartphone app - For off road (private land) use only.

Where is this bike made?

Can I try the bike before I buy?
Yes of course, you can visit, we can talk you through your riding style and requirements and offer expert advice as to which model to select. We will be able to advise on particular eBikes and talk them through in more detail. We can also give you the opportunity to ride an eBike so you can get a feel for them prior to purchase. 

At e-bikeshop we work by appointment only, so we can talk to each customer on an individual basis to give the best advice possible. If you like the bike, you have the option to take it away there and then with any accessories selected fitted and a full fitting session on the bike itself. We ask you to go for a short ride on the bike to make sure you are happy with the setup and also able to answer any operational questions you may have. 

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Remember you can find a full F.A.Q on general electric bike & website questions by clicking here.

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