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Electric Bike Speed Tuning Kits

Electric Bike Speed Kits at E-Bikeshop

Tuning kits for Bosch, Yamaha, and Shimano electric bikes offer customisation beyond factory settings, enhancing ride dynamics and power delivery.

These kits adjust speed limiters or assistance levels, catering to individual preferences for more spirited rides. They empower riders to fine-tune their e-bike's performance, unlocking higher speeds or tailored assistance modes, providing a personalised riding experience.

However, while enhancing torque or speed capabilities, riders should consider potential impacts on lawful use, warranty and reduced range. Understanding their e-bike's capabilities and the adjustments made through tuning kits ensures riders enjoy tailored and optimised rides. We offer a range of tuning kits to suit various eBike systems featured on bikes that we sell.

These ultimately remove the speed cut out limits that features on all eBikes. Because this product is specifically designed to derestrict the motor and so increase the maximum assisted speed to more than the 15.5mph UK limit, they are strictly FOR OFF ROAD (PRIVATE LAND) USE ONLY! They may not be used on the road, cycle paths, bridleways or anywhere else where the public have access.

There are two parts to answer the question of whether or not tuning kits are legal in the UK. Its not illegal to own or have fitted, a tuning kit to remove the speed limiter of your bike. They are however, strictly for private land use only.

No. Its a common misconception that bikes with software or hardware which removes the 15.5mph speed limit are OK to use so long as they're not used on the "road". This is not true. The only place it is legal to use a bike with its legal limiter removed is on private land. This can be your garden or any land you own, or anywhere you have the express permission of the land owner. This does not include trail centres, local tracks and trails, byways, cycle tracks/lanes or anywhere else the general public can ordinarily access without needing permission.

Yes, fitting anything not sanctioned by the drive unit manufacturer (especially if to remove a legally required limiting function like speed) will invalidate your warranty, however to date, we have never had an issue with a drive system which has been directly attributable to a tuning kit. Please contact us for more information on how we overcome this.

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