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Picture of Orbea Rise M-Team 2021

2021 Orbea Rise - RISE BEYOND

By Ben Mowbray |

Brand new for the 2021 model year, Orbea have revealed the Rise in four model variants and 3 colour options - The M20 base model, M10, M-Team and the top of the range M-Ltd model. Each is available in Coal Blue/Red-Gold, Ice Green/Ocean and Sap White/Green Fog. Here's how and why the new 2021 Orbea Rise is setting new standards in eMTB trail riding...

RS Concept - A new ride philosophy.

RS or "Rider Synergy" is a newly developed riding experience concept aimed squarely at enhancing the joy of traditional trail riding, but with a level of assistance designed to feel, in Orbea's own words "as alive as your own body".

The brand new Orbea Rise range of eBikes for 2021 are designed to be effortlessly minimalistic. With no bulky or unnecessary components used in the build process, the Rise models retain the feel of a traditional trail bike -bringing you closer to the trail and ride. The new Rise offers a completely integrated system built on their 4 key elements of Power, Range, Interface and Weight.

RS Power

A brand new concept with Shimano.

Armed with the well thought out concept and a dream of a "rider first" super-light all trail frame to deliver less "e" and more "Bike" to dramatically change the eMTB landscape, Orbea were granted early access to the Shimano EP8 drive system and immediately realised it was the solution they had been searching for to fit with their newly formed "RS" riding philosophy.

Working directly alongside Shimano, Orbea developed their own highly responsive and super-efficient RS firmware for the EP8 to make the best use of their newly designed electronics and battery system.

2021 Orbea Rise RS Power Concept

Weighing in at just 2.6KG and utilising Orbea's own software and electronics, the drive system delivers its peak output of 60Nm at cadences of 75-95rpm - exactly where experienced riders are at their own peak of power and efficiency.

RS Range

Interestingly, Orbea, along with a few other manufacturers for 2021 have done away with a range figure in miles/kilometres for the Rise but promise it's designed for long days in the saddle, stating that this is a bike intended for "8 hours and over 4,000m of climbs in Eco mode". Along with the rest of the Orbea range of eBikes, not only does the bike come with a custom designed internal battery with a 360Wh rating, they also offer an optional 252Wh bolt on range extender, taking the total capacity to over 600Wh.

2021 Orbea Rise RS Range Concept

In keeping with the RS concept, this dramatically lighter than average bike with super-economical power consumption extends battery life by over 1.5x - In real terms, this means that on its integral 360Wh battery alone, its range is comparable with a 540Wh battery capacity on a typical crank driven eBike.

Housed in a brand new all-alloy construction case and using the latest in lithium-ion cell technology, its internal 21700 form factor lithium ion cells offer much higher energy density, with much less space and weight. Citing "over 4 hours of ride time", the battery weighs just 2.2kg with the optional range extender offering an additional 70% capacity - comparable to a huge 900Wh on a conventional eBike.

RS Interface

Riders spend hours and often thousands of pounds removing weight from their bikes. Carbon this, hydroformed alloy that. The electrical system on eBikes makes up the bulk of the weight over a non-eBike and having already saved considerable weight from the motor and battery system, Orbea have elected to do away with the extra wiring, switches and screens of a traditional eBike but this isn't a compromise, this is all a critical part of the RS philosophy the Rise is built on. The power button is hidden neatly next to the bottom bracket and all wiring is internally routed.

2021 Orbea Rise RS Interface Concept

The RS interface is sleek, but doesn't lack the option for expandability. The configuration offers a discrete rocker style switch to control assistance modes along with a small inline junction box with two LED lights to provide the readout of current mode while also transmitting wireless data.

Built with direct and unique compatibility with the Garmin IQ smart watch, you can see on the fly your support mode, assistance level, cadence, range and speed. There is also an accompanying app where data recording and readout is able to be played back, giving a much greater in depth look at your riding style and performance.

RS Weight

Weighing in at as little as 16.5kg, the 2021 Orbea Rise was designed to provide assistance and peak torque inside the range of normal, high-quality trail riding componentry. Lightning fast direction changes and playful handling aren't something normally associated with eBikes but with the sporty nature of the Rise model range, it'll feel just like riding your conventional trail rig!

2021 Orbea Rise RS Weight Concept

Absolutely everything was considered when shaving weight from the new Rise range. The bare frame weighs just 2.3kg but it doesn't stop there. Orbea, in the same way they did with Shimano for their custom EP8 tune, have worked directly with E*Thirteen to develop an exclusive alloy forged 32T chainring for the EP8, saving weight while keeping the perfect gearing. You'll also find fitted to the 2021 Orbea Rise range, their own custom tyre.

Working in partnership with Maxxis, they've created an "EXO+" version of the Rekon trail tyre and this will remain an Orbea Exclusive.

2021 Orbea Rise Models

The model range is broken down into 4 individual models, each available in 3 colourways completely unique to the Rise range;

2021 Orbea Rise M20

The entry level contender at only £5,399 and featuring 140mm travel Fox 34 Float Performance forks, a Fox Float DPS rear shock and a complete Shimano SLX group set, its an aggressively priced bike with fantastic value when lined up against its competitors.


Orbea Rise M-20 2021
Orbea 2021 Rise M-20 E-Bike

2021 Orbea Rise M10

The M10 is the mid-spec variant of the Rise line-up. Much like the Orbea Wild FS M10, it offers the highest level of value in components versus cost when compared to its competitors and is generally the most popular model at just £6,799. Featuring Fox 36 Float Factory 150 GRIP2 forks, DPX2 Factory rear shock and Shimano XT gearing, we expect this bike to be the fastest selling option of the range.


Orbea Rise M-10 2021
Orbea 2021 Rise M-10 E-Bike

2021 Orbea Rise M-Team

Closing in on the top end of the 2021 Rise model line-up, the Orbea Rise M-Team features Fox 36 Float Factory 150 Grip2 forks, a DPX2 Factory rear shock but a step up to a full Shimano XTR group set, along with a Fox Transfer Factory Kashima coated dropper post and extra carbon componentry. At £7,999, the M-Team is priced towards the top end of the scale but its spec is still considerably higher than its competition.


Orbea Rise M-Team 2021
Orbea 2021 Rise M-Team E-Bike

2021 Orbea Rise M-Ltd

The flagship model and very pinnacle of the "RS Concept" and philosophy, the M-Ltd tips the scales at just 16.5kg! This ultra-lightweight trail bike features Fox 34 Factory 140mm FIT4 Kashima coated forks, a custom tuned and Kashima coated Float DPS Factory rear shock, full Shimano XTR group set along with carbon handlebars and super light RaceFace NEXT SL XC wheels. Priced at £8,899 the M-Ltd offers competition level performance that rewards novice riders without holding back the pro's.


Orbea Rise M-LTD 2021
Orbea 2021 Rise M-Ltd E-Bike

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Here's everything else you need to know, straight from the Manufacturer!

Discovering a new standard in eMTB - This is for the mountain biker looking for the most natural, pure mountain biking experience...

Stay tuned for an extended first ride write-up!

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