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Inverted 280 degrees Bosch Motor 2013 / 2014 Haibike Electric Bikes

A little bit about Haibike and why they are different..

By Martin Brown |

The XDURO line combines for the first time the physical athleticism of a mountain bike with the dynamics of an off-road vehicle. The result: a completely different and new bike-riding experience with unprecedented fun.


Haibike XDUROs were designed for a bike-rider who wants no limits: no overheating motors during long uphill sections, experience no drive failures, have no over-strained running gear or contain any weak components. Haibike XDUROs spells pure bike-riding pleasure!

You are the rider

Haibike XDUROs are designed with your own physical strength in mind. It is an essential part of the riding experience. Whether pushing your limits a little bit, or being in a relaxed cruising mode - the choice is yours. Our Pedelec concept (250W group) gives you electrical support only while you are actively pedaling. All Haibike XDUROs are therefore considered regular bicycles and may be driven on dirt roads as well as through forests.

You get what you see

The design of the XDURO is a promise that its technical data lives up. Neither a big MTB nor a smaller-sized motocross, it is, in fact, a thought-out and well-proportioned performance eBike. The design in the way it integrates the components is unparalleled and is likely to set new standards for bike design as well as for the whole new category.

Made in Germany

We are also in the production of our XDURO bikes as straightforward as in the development. All bikes are assembled at our headquarters in the Bavarian town Schweinfurt, using the extremely durable Bosch motor bike components, also a German make. We create eBikes of the highest quality!


Only two years after its initial unveiling, the XDUROS are in a class of their own when it comes to performance eBikes. The demand far exceeds our production capacities. But we pledge to retain our position as pioneers without skimping on standards.

The core piece

The Hydroformed Aluminium Frame -

Haibike Frame Alloy FrameAs with any bicycle or motorcycle, the frame is at the core of the entire vehicle. Maximum stability combined with minimum weight, high torsional strength at the highest possible flexibility for vibration absorption ‚Äď these are the keywords.But our frames do more: they enable the dynamically - and also technically - useful integration of motor components as well as the absorption of the additional weight of about 7 kilograms (15.4 lb.). When we developed the design, we therefore made sure that the drive components are not just visually pleasingly arranged but also mechanically. The framework was built around the design system.

The Haibike Reverse Angle Motor Concept (RAM)

Haibike Inverted Middle Motor FrameAs for motor integration, we literally turned the world upside down: as the world's first manufacturer, we rotated the Bosch motor which is normally "hanging"underneath the bottom bracket, by 150 degrees towards the inside of the frame. This created maximum protection for the motor and full ground clearance and also rang in a new era from a visual design standpoint: never before was a drive in a large series eMTB so seamlessly integrated as with our XDURO line. This is a big selling point when comparing to other eBike manufacturers, many people have suggested the underslung motor to be very vulnerable on a mountain bike. Haibike have solved this!Haibike RAM Interface

Haibike RAM InterfaceWe made the Habike RAM interface, the interface between the motor and frame, our centerpiece.It is just too good to be hidden away. This component unites several functions. It contains the Bosch motor and protects it as integral part of the frame, whose technical gravity force center it is. It also provides protection for the internal cables and hoses. And it integrates the pivot for the rear triangle.

Pure Dynamics, The Suspension Concept

Haibike Full Suspension Concept

Haibike XDUROS are driving machines in the best possible sense of the word. The center of mass, as with good sports cars, is as central and integrated as possible.Even more important: It is decoupled from the suspension. For truly agile, driving dynamics, we only use bracket motors.

Pure Performance, the Bosch System

Haibike and Bosch colaborate with the motor

While developing the XDURO line we realized that the uncompromising quality we had in mind could only be carried out by including a powerful bracket motor. We define performance not just by high wattage, but by powerful torque agility, with enough power reserves for long uphill sections, high reliability, and energy efficiency. All this is provided by the Bosch drive system that we want to present you somehow more accurate.

The Energy Supplier, The Battery Pack

Haibike battery Pack 400wh

Due to its high energy efficiency of the Bosch system, the comparatively compact 288Wh battery capacity is sufficient to support ranges of up to 145 km or 90 miles (specifications by Bosch)! The advantage is the battery’s light weight of only 2.5 kg (5.5 lb.) which reduces the overall weight and makes handling so much easier. The battery pack is mounted shockproof on the down tube. It can be locked and, once removed, recharges in just 2.5 hours, due to the quick charger which it comes with.

The Core, The Drive Unit

Haibike Electric bike motor

The compact bracket motor provides 250W continuous rated power for short periods even up to 500W peak power. For a performance-oriented use, this, in addition to its high reliability, is particularly interesting because of its high torque (50 Nm) and its energy efficiency. We developed a twisted mounting position for it which also protects the drive against damage from below.

The Control Unit, The HMI-Display

haibike electric bike bosch display

The detachable display is both bicycle computer and control centre of the Bosch system. You can choose from the following functions:- 4 support levels (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo & OFF)- current, average and maximum speed- day trip & total distance- clock & timer- remaining kilometresParticularly interesting is the new shift recommendation which automatically indicates when shifting would be useful for a efficient driving. On the new remote control you can easily switch all display functions and driving modes without taking your hand off the handlebar.

The Ultimate Ski Jump Test

Talk is cheap. Therefore, we developed a special test to show the extreme uphill performance of the Haibike XDURO by driving a ski jump hill uphill! The driver and his XDURO had to overcome a massive 38 degrees gradient angle (which translates into an ascent of about 80 percent), without any external support and secured with a safety rope only. But see for yourself!

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