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What's the difference between the Gocycle GX and Gocycle GXi?

What's the difference between the Gocycle GX & GXi electric bikes?

By Martin Brown |

Apart from the Gocycle names being one letter apart, do you want to learn what the differences are between the Gocycle GX and the Gocycle GXi electric bikes? Keep reading to learn more...

Both the Gocycle GX and the Gocycle GXi appear similar in their looks. We'll break down some of the defining factors between the two. But first, let's start with what is the same on both.

What's the same?

The Gocycle GX and the GXi feature the same frame and folding ability, this differs from the Gocycle GS and G3C which both break down and pack away. Whereas the Gocycle GX and GXi are full folding bikes which fold away in seconds.

Gocycle GXi and GX Folding Electric Bikes

Both the GX & GXi feature the same magnesium wheels, front fork, rear suspension and 'All-Weather' tyres too. Lastly, both models feature the same Gocycle proprietary front motor too. So what actually is the difference between these Gocycle eBikes?

What's the difference?

There are many differences between the Gocycle GX and the Gocycle GXi. We'll break them down and sum them up in the following chapters:-

Gocycle Gear Shifting

The gear shifting on the GX is mechanical (user-operated by a manual shifter and gear cable). Where-as on the GXi it's completely electronically controlled. This means no gear cable runs from the handlebars to the shifting on the rear wheel. It's fly-by-wire and built into the frame.

Electronic Gear Shifting on The Gocycle GXii

The Gocycle GXi predicts when to shift gear and does it automagically.

Think of it as an automatic gearbox on a car. The rider can still manually change gear if required using the electronic rotary shifter on the handlebars.

The neat built-in display will tell you what gear you are in. It will automatically shift up and down as the riders pedal cadence increases and the terrain changes.

It will even sense when you have come to a stop and instantly down change down to a low gear, so you can be sure as soon as the lights go green you set off in a flash. Both the Gocycle GX and the GXi utilise a completely built-in, bulletproof, Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub gear on the rear.

Gocycle Daytime Running Light

The Gocycle GXi features a built-in Daytime Running Light (DRL for short). The DRL offers superior amounts of safety in terms of visibility to other road users. It's LED tube construction is fully integrated within the handlebars themselves.

Gocycle GXi and GX Daytime Running Light

New European law states that all automobiles are required to have DRL's which offer improved safety to road users to increase the visibility for all transport.

Although not essential, we have to remember that the Gocycle is developed by an ex formula 1 engineer with insights into the future of automobiles and safety.

Therefore the Gocycle GXi comes with a fully integrated DRL built into the GXi dash, of course, Gocycle takes it to a whole new level using patented light pipe technology offering a huge increase in Gocycle riders being seen. The standard Gocycle GX does not feature a DRL.

Gocycle Handlebar Display

Whilst both Gocycle models feature a built-in display - The Gocycle GXi takes it to another level. It offers a completely edge-to-edge display that shows essential credentials to the rider.

Gocycle GXi and GX LED Handlebar Dash Display

The LED's across the top represent both speed & battery capacity. Whilst the centre lights show the rider what gear they are in & the brightness setting on the Daytime Running Light too.

The Gocycle GX has 4 LED's in the centre of the handlebars which display the battery capacity in 25% increments. It's important to remember on both Gocycle GX and the GXi you can also mount your smartphone on the handlebars too.

This will give you access to certain cycle parameters like distance/time travelled, calorie burn, mpg, litres saved, battery capacity, adjust the top assisted speed & even check the weather!

Gocycle Colours

Not notable from a hardware point of view, but the traditional Gocycle colours remain on both the Gocycle GX and the GXi. Although slightly different on each model.

Gocycle GX Colour Options

The Gocycle GX is available in either Electric Blue, Matt Black or the White / Black gloss combo.

Gocycle GXi Colour Options

Where-as the Gocycle GXi comes in both Gloss White or Grey. Or you can opt for Matt Black. The Gocycle GXi is uniform colours throughout.

Gocycle Charger

The Gocycle GX comes as standard with the standard 2Amp charger. This recharges the battery (from flat) in approx 7hours. It has a built-in LED to show when the charge is complete.

Gocycle GX and GXi Battery Chargers

The Gocycle GXi, however, comes as standard with the upgraded 4Amp Fast Charger. Even with the bigger battery on the GXi, it brings the charge time down to approx just 4 hours.

Both chargers work on an input voltage of 100 - 240v, so it can be conveniently used across continents with a different plug adaptor. It's worth noting that we do stock the Gocycle Fast Charger as an optional accessory, which you could purchase with the Gocycle GX if required.

Gocycle Handlebar Adjustment

The Gocycle GXi features a different handlebar to the GX. The cables are internally routed on the GXi, giving a cleaner overall look. But did you know they are height adjustable too?

Gocycle GXi and GX Handlebars Adjustable

This is possible because the gear change is electronic on the GXi, so it allows for the rider to loosen the handlebars and fix them to the appropriate height. It's not possible on the Gocycle GX due to the cabling and design.

Whilst we're talking about handlebars, both the Gocycle GX and the GXi have comfort grips in common. These offer superior support and comfort to the rider due to their ergonomic design.

Gocycle Battery Capacity

The Gocycle battery is built-in on both the GX and the GXi, the rider can either charge in situ or completely remove from the frame (something not possible on their predecessors).

Gocycle GXi and GX Battery Capacity

Both models have 22v lithium-ion battery cells, but the batteries do differ in capacity between the two models. The Gocycle GX has a 13.7Ah (300Wh) battery which offers up to around 40 miles (65km) depending on the rider input.

The Gocycle GXi features a bigger battery, around 25% more range is achieved with the 17Ah (375Wh) battery. Which delivers up to 50 miles (80km) depending on the rider and terrain.

Important to note, the 300Wh battery on the GX can be upgraded further down the line if required to the 375Wh battery that comes as standard on the GXi.

Gocycle Saddle Style

Although very similar, the saddles on each Gocycle do differ slightly. The Gocycle GX comes setup with the Velo Sport saddle. Whereas the GXi comes with the Velo D2 Comfort saddle.

Gocycle GXi and GX Comfort Saddle Styles

Already have your favourite saddle? No need to worry; the Gocycle features the same saddle mounting as every other bike. This means you can change the saddle (not seat post) to any saddle of your choosing. Although super comfy, Gocycle understands everyone is different, therefore the saddle will not suit all.

Gocycle Pedals

The Gocycle GX uses folding pedals. These are convenient to use and fold down to reduce the overall width when transporting the bike.

Gocycle GXi and GX Folding / Detachable Pedals

Where-as the Gocycle GXi uses a new style of detachable pedals. This means the rider can simply pop the pedals off as required. It brings the overall width of the bike (folded) down by a further 20mm when removed. Don't worry, there's a convenient storage point for them too!

Gocycle GXi and GX Folded Down Size

The overall dimensions of the Gocycle GXi and GX are 88cm long by 61.5cm high. With the folding pedals, the GX is 39cm wide and with the detachable pedals (GXi) 37cm wide.

To sum up the differences

By now you should have learnt exactly what the differences are. But in general, both Gocycle models will make you smile and of course get you up the hill.

Gocycle GXi and GX Folding Electric Bikes

Aside from some comfort and visual differences, the main hardware points being the Gocycle GX has an uprated battery, built-in Daytime Running Light, handlebar display and also complete electronic shifting over the Gocycle GX. Not forgetting the fast charger too.

The battery & fast charger are upgradeable on the standard Gocycle GX, but with these items costing in excess of £800 to upgrade it's worth considering the Gocycle GXi price difference of £800 when buying either model, not forgetting all the other extra features you get on the GXi too.

You can learn more and read all the features/spec on both models: Gocycle GX Bike & Gocycle GXi Bike.

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