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E-Bikeshop Owners Club Ride: QE Park November 2015

By Martin Brown |

A autumn day in November saw another one of our E-Bikeshop Owners Club rides. We were really surprised to see such a turnout at QE Park for mid November but 20 riders appeared! Our November ride was planned for Queen Elizabeth Country Park, between Petersfield and Portsmouth. This trail center had some new trails built a year or so ago, so it was time for the Owners Club to check it out. As usual we booked the weather for this one. It was raining the day before & the day after but for Sunday we were blessed with warm, dry weather, even the sun made a brief appearance!

Morning Brief

We all met in the main car park and began a ride brief first thing in the morning, everyone was eager to set off. One fellow member (Jez) had already done a 60 mile 2.5 hour road bike warm up around the Petersfield area on his (analogue) road bike.

Electric Bike Owners Club

Now to the riding

From there it was straight out onto the blue trail. From the off it was clear that it was going to be very wet and muddy from the previous weeks rainfall! Our newest member David staying upright below, it was his first ride out with us.

Red Trail QE Park Riding A few miles in a quick pitstop was in order to regroup and take a quick break. We can all say that there is plenty of climbing at QE Park. But fortunately we are on eBikes! Electric Bike Group Rides The Blue trail led onto the slightly more tricky Red trail. Lot's of off camber twists turns and climbing. The trails have been greatly improved thanks to the QECP Collective who have been working hard to improve the trails. Top work guys!

Electric Mountain Bike Riding Fellow member Ken above showing us how it's done. Plenty of smiles all round. The middle part of the Red trail was pretty hard work in the wet, with minimal traction and lots of grunt required to stay upright. Electric Bikes can be tyring Jason above showing that although we are on electric bikes, it can still be exhausting in places! A well deserved break was due half way round to catch our breath and have a quick natter. Electric Bike Club Rides The next part of the Red route featured a really nice bit of singletrack that made use of the steep descent, a section full of switchbacks swept down the side of the hill, made for some faster pace riding. One big train of riders emerged from the shadows!

Switch Back Riding QE Park Petersfield A few more climbs back to the top and we made it back onto another great section full of fast sweeping berms, and tabletop jumps. Of course could be rolled over if you didn't feel like catching some air.

eMTBs at Queen Elizabeth Country Park Something fellow member Chris decided he would drop his eMTB mid trail (due to a blockage ahead) and summersault himself off the edge of the berm, landing upright on his feet. Some say he was action man in a previous life, unfortunately didn't manage to picture the stunt, only this one of him making his way back up the trail on foot! A sight I will never forget.

Falling off eMTB


As usual & after all the hard work riding we had a much deserved rest in the mani cafe, lot's of coffees and teas all round and a eBike conversations before we all headed off home for the day.

Mud and Water on electric Mountain Bike One thing that was apparent was how much of a battering the eBikes took throughout the day. The conditions were wet and muddy to say the least. I am sure everyone had fun cleaning their electric mountain bikes the next day. We are busy planning for the next ride in December. Many of us are off to Bike Park Wales this weekend. Should be fun. Until next time, ride safe and stay upright! The E-Bikeshop Owners Club is a closed group of riders, if you have purchased a eBike from us and want to get involved, please get in touch.

Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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