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Gocycle G2 vs G3 Differences Article

Gocycle G2 vs G3: What's the difference explained?

By Martin Brown |

With the launch of the new Gocycle G3 a big question on the horizon will be, what's the difference between the Gocycle G2 & G3? You should find this article helpful where the difference will be explained. Gocycle have not changed the format of the bike completely - Why? Because if something works, why change it? Therefore the same design characteristics of the frame geometry, angles, wheelbase, wheel size, posture & overall size remain the same, great news! What has changed are some of the vital components and the technology used within, this article outlines some of the main differences between the G2 and the G3.


The first step will be how the Gocycle G3 looks vs the G2. They look very similar, however you'll notice their is a fancy new colour scheme available - Electric Blue. This colour looks amazing in the flesh and is a great addition to the current palette of Black, White or Grey.

Gocycle G2 vs G3 Design Looks


The new G3 has completely integrated lighting cables, whereas the G2 has internal cables that extrude the frame on each end. This gives a cleaner look and neater installation. It's worth noting here that although the lights are available as an optional extra on both Gocycle G2 & G3. They look similar but there are not backwards compatible between models. The new G3 lighting system has different bolts and mounts.

Gocycle G2 vs G3 Lighting

Daytime Running Light

The new Gocycle G3 has an integrated daytime running light for extra visibility over the G2. The standard dash on the G2 does not have this feature, nor can it be retrofitted. On the G3 it's completely integrated within the dash module.

Gocycle G3 Daytime Running Light


The dashboard see's some revisions for the 3rd generation over the Gocycle G2. Firstly we see an edge-to-edge display for a sleeker look. We also see some addition to the dash LED's too. The addition of the 4 blue LED's represent the front daytime running light settings. Along with integrated rotary shifters, re-designed brake levers and comfort grips.

Gocycle G2 vs G3 Handlebar Dash & Grips

Battery Range

The Gocycle G2 has a 10.75Ah battery whereas Gocycle have managed to fit a larger 13.5Ah battery into the same space on the G3. This leads to up to 25% more range whilst keeping the weight to a tee. The range figures calculated (depending on rider input) on the Gocycle G2 offer up to 64km (40 miles) whereas the G3 now hosts up to 80km (50 miles). Whilst we are on the battery we also see a new BMS for faster charging over the G2 and also a moulded in charger connector, so the charger connection will feel more positive and should prevent the rubber seal on the G2 ejecting the charger plug.

Battery Capacity on Gocycle G2 vs G3 eBike


The grips on the G2 are standard round grips, whereas the G3 offers oval ergonomic grips for greater comfort. The saddle on both G2 & G3 has some small revisions but remains the same comfort. The pedals on the Gocycle G2 were rubber moulded whereas the G3 pedals have been widened & added some extra grip on top, they also benefit from new quality sealed bearings.

Gocycle G2 vs G3 Dashboard Display

PitStop Wheels

The wheels on the Gocycle G2 and G3 remain a similar shape, the lightweight wheels actually feature a different locking mechanism on the G3, as like the G2 the cam levers remain, but the user has a secondary Hex Lock system to show that the wheels are positively engaged.



Weight is always important on any portable / folding bike, but even more so on a electric bike version. The fact that the Gocycle is portable is key to it's design, it's actually one of the lightest / smallest compacted electric bikes on the market at 16kg. Therefore it's important that the G3 doesn't way lots more than the G2 even with all the new features and bigger battery. We are surprised that Gocycle have managed to keep the weight the same across both generations, the G3 only adds 300 grams to the overall weight!

Gocycle Weight Compared G2 vs G3


As you can see there have been many changes between the Gocycle generations. Of course there are many other changes from the G3 over the G2, certainly too many to delve into detail. But to name a few: New high quality bearings, improved fitting hub cap, concealed lighting cables, integrated seat tube collar, kickstand tab for easier deployment, new and larger heatsink cap, motor vibration mounts, the crank wave washers have been reduced to one apart, new integrated steerer and stem adjuster, a pivot back plate, pedal rpm magnet is now removed, a new anti chain-slap module & even the gearbox bearing arrangement had been modified.

New Gocycle G3 Features

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