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Haibike 2018 Electric Bikes

First Look: Haibike 2018 Range of Bosch & Yamaha Electric Bikes

By Martin Brown |

We are live at the 2018 Haibike electric bike range launch here in Schweinfurt, Germany. We give you a first glance over the coming 2018 range of Bosch & Yamaha powered eBikes. Haibike have been redefining ePerformance since electric bikes began. Pioneering the first ever electric mountain bike when the other bike brands didn't know what was coming. Handbuilt in Schweinfurt, Germany - The Haibike electric bikes continue to be market leaders. The launch set off at a secret location close to Haibike’s production facility in Germany. The presentation was attended by top dealers from around the world in an exclusive first look at the 2018 model ranges, that will officially be announced later this year.

What's new in the Haibike 2018 range?

Previously, the Haibike electric bike range was split by sDuro (Yamaha) and xDuro (Bosch) defining which models were offered with which system. For 2018, these names have a whole new meaning. Now the 2018 Haibike electric bikes are clearly defined by two categories:

XDURO = Extreme | SDURO = Sporty

XDURO: Suitable for more extreme riders. Looking for that big hitting, thrilling, all terrain eBike. SDURO: More suited to sporty riders. Practical and stable without being over the top. The new model ranges will make navigating the Haibike eBike range easier and clearer. This follows with easy model specification numbers and colour families to match. This change comes with a refreshing approach from the HDC-M (Haibike Design Center) based in Munich: dedicated to the styling, design & range formats across all the Haibike bikes.


*** Please note this is an early season preview. Images are artists impressions. Specification and prices can be subject to change ***

Haibike SDURO 2018 Electric Bikes

As above, the 2018 range of Haibike SDURO bikes will now consist of sporty models including Trekking, Cross/Hybrid, Hardtail MTB's and some short travel 120mm full suspension eBikes. This is will be a split of Yamaha PW SE, Yamaha PW-X & Bosch CX powered bikes. Also, some of the higher spec models will have the Bosch 'InTube' battery integration.

View the full range of Haibike 2018 sDuro electric bikes here → Haibike 2018 eBikes. Expect pricing to be between £1999 - £3399 on the SDURO hardtails, with the Trekking/Cross bikes ranging from £2149 through to £3949. Finally, the Full Suspension models will sit around £2949 with spec ranges up to £4249.

Haibike XDURO 2018 Electric Bikes

The 2018 Haibike XDURO will now consist of both Bosch Performance CX and Yamaha PW-X systems. The bikes are aimed at more extreme riders and offer full suspension bikes up to 200mm travel. The All Mountain, NDURO, DownHill, Fat Bikes and some higher spec trail bikes will now all sit under the new XDURO range format.  The All Mountain, Enduro, DownHill, Fat Bikes and some higher spec trail bikes will now all sit under the new XDURO range format. There will be 3 Carbon FullSeven bikes ranging from £4899 up to £11,799. In addition, 5 new All Mountain bikes ranging from £3899 up to £6199. The NDURO bikes will consist of 4 models these range from £4199 up to a higher spec 10 model at £6299. We then see 2 downhill bikes, one with Yamaha PW-X and one with Bosch 'InTube' battery. In addition, a signature Guido Tschugg signature model. These range from £5199 through to £7799.

View the full range of Haibike 2018 xDuro electric bikes here → Haibike 2018 eBikes. Also, 3 Fat Bikes, one PW hardtail Yamaha equipped bike alongside a higher spec Bosch model. Lastly, a Yamaha PW SE powered full suss fat bike! Ranging from £3299 to £4499.

Haibike eSystem highlights for 2018

Haibike was the first manufacturer to make a Bosch powered eMTB. Likewise, they exclusively offer Yamaha PW-X powered eBikes. Let's take a look at the new 2018 system highlights:

2018 Yamaha Electric Bikes

Haibike 2018 Yamaha highlights

Last year Haibike exclusively introduced the Yamaha PW-X system to some of the higher spec models in the eBike range. Now in 2018, this is extended to many more.

Haibike 2018 Yamaha eBike SystemOffering higher performance at more affordable levels. Some of the entry spec bikes will continue to be based on the standard Yamaha PW series motors to keep pricing sensible. Now a new series launched in the Yamaha ranges, which we blogged about recently - Yamaha PW Series SE. Which will be offered on 4 of the mid range electric bikes. Haibike launched eConnect onto the first 5,000 Yamaha 8.0 spec electric bikes last year to let the system settle into the market. For 2018 Haibike eConnect will come later on as a retro fit.

Haibike xDuro AllMtn 10.0 2018 Yamaha View the full range of Haibike 2018 Yamaha electric bikes here ‚Üí Haibike 2018 eBikes. This retro fit kit should be available later in the year for existing Yamaha PW-X & Bosch eBike users. It has some cool new features, which you can access via your smart phone via Bluetooth. Offering functions including GPS theft control, crash detection, bike locator & route recording.

2018 Bosch Electric Bikes

Haibike 2018 Bosch highlights

For 2018 certain Haibike Bosch powered eBikes get a complete revision when it comes to frame-battery-integration. Haibike have developed a complete integrated frameset utilising the new 2018 Bosch 500W PowerTube electric bike battery technology.

Haibike 2018 Bosch eBike SystemUsing the famous Bosch Performance CX system offering up to 300% assist and 80Nm of torque. The 2018 Haibike electric mountain bikes benefit also from 'eMTB Mode' where the rider can set one mode and the system alternates accordingly, depending on the terrain. The Bosch equipped Haibike models benefit from a geometry change for more playful ride time. Whilst integrating the Bosch eBike battery, keeping weight central and lower down.


Haibike xDuro DwnHll 10 2018

Alongside the eMTB's the 2018 Bosch Haibike Trekking/Cross bikes also get a huge revision when it comes to integration. Meaning two of the high spec models are also offered with integrated down tube Bosch eBike batteries, in both crossbar and unisex frame formats. View the full range of Haibike 2018 Bosch electric bikes here ‚Üí Haibike 2018 eBikes. New: Bosch 'InTube' bikes get a new 'Modular Rail System' allowing the fitment of accessories designed by Haibike. These include a spare battery, kit bag & custom water bottle.

Please note: The extra battery 'Range extender' is only available for Bosch 'InTube' models and not compatible with full suspension models due to the space required.

When are they available?

We are taking pre orders now. With some already in stock for those lucky enough to be on the list, with Bosch integrated models set to arrive from December / January onwards.

Haibike AllMtn 9 2018 eBikePre order your Haibike 2018 electric bike here ‚Üí Haibike 2018 Bikes.

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