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E-Bikeshop Owners Club Ride Leith Hill July 2015

E-Bikeshop Owners Club Ride: Leith Hill July 2015

By Martin Brown |

On Sunday 12th July 2015 our E-bike Shop Owners Club hit the hills again for another great day riding electric bikes at Leith Hill! While our chief man was doing his E-Bike thing is Germany checking out the new range, that meant that the other E-Bike Shop Members took lead in making sure our team were geared up and ready for a super fun ride. While we have the same great faces that come to our action packed meet's that we now class as friends, it was great to see the new faces of the two Mark’s and Neil that joined us on the day and are now very much sucked into the E-bike vibe.

Riding eBikes in Surrey UK We soon set off where Chris and Ken lead the way to show us all kinds of different terrains, some of which we had not yet come across such as sand. It’s great that we can get different rides with each meet we have, no ride is ever the same, which always makes it that more exciting.

Ride ELectric Mountain Bikes in UK After much climbing and a lot of pedal work we were rewarded with these breath taking views (quite literally after getting up there), a full 360 degree view of nothing but fields. We all thanked ourselves for getting up early to appreciate such views. Which is the lovely thing about this club is that it’s not just about the fitness, yes it gets you out the house, it gets you meeting new people with the same interest, but we get to see views that not everyone is able to see, which always gives you the real feeling of achievement together as a team.

View on eBikes at Leith Hill UK On our journeys, of course we are always going to come up against people and have not seen these bikes before and always have a few questions, of course naturally we always just hand them the bike and say try it for yourself, as there sometimes is just no other way to explain or describe such a fantastic invention. Ken being the talkative one, he tends to stop and chat to everyone interested, but like Ken we are all equally passionate about these great bikes.

Pit Stop on eBike MTB's Surrey There is always time for a quick selfie just to show how happy we are, even with a few minor stumbles along the way. The team are always supportive, so motivational to keep you going when at times, even when you feel you may be struggling. But we always do it as a team, and we never split off and always wait for one another. But we always make it flexible so we can go at our own pace.

e-Bikeshop Owners Club There were some easy parts of our ride but also some extra tricky parts which involved pushing yourself that little bit further. We love a good challenge to keep it interesting and to test ourselves but to get that feeling of accomplishment.

Riding eBikes Off Road UK To finish off what was another great ride, at this point we started getting quite heavy rain, while before it was a nice light misty rain which kept us feeling fresh and cool with the British muggy weather, we began to get quite soaked through. To which we thought a great opportunity to have a hot beverage before heading back.

Finishing Riding Electric Bikes in Surrey Hills The E-Bikeshop Owners Club is a closed group of riders, if you have purchased a eBike from us and want to get involved, please get in touch.

Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
About Martin Brown

Martin has been in the electric bike industry for over 15 years & has helped it grow from the start. Promoting eBikes across the UK at events & offering the very best advice, tech articles, blogs & videos. In particular Martin is a major player for progressing the use of eMTB's, today owner of e-bikeshop.co.uk - The UK's largest eBike supplier specialising in Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano, good quality European eBikes.