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Bosch eBIke Complete System 2013 for Electric Crank Drive Bikes

Why choose a Bosch eBike system?.

By Martin Brown |

Well its the latest contender in the crank drive market. Although new; it has already proved itself as a ‘Bullet Proof’ reliable system.

About Bosch

Bosch electric bike drive system came up to the market unexpectedly. It has been launched at the Euro Bike show in September 2010 where not only Bosch launched their product but already couple of major bike manufacturers introduced their first ebikes being powered by Bosch E-bike drive. In the first row the cult bicycle brands such as Cannondale and Scott showed their first ebikes. What’s more important both powered by the Bosch electric drive system.Bosch e-bike drive offers a complete solution for bicycles. It provides the motor, battery, control unit which is built in the motor and the sophisticated control panel on the handlebar.

Bosch Intuvia Control Unit (HMI)

Bosch Intuvia Controller DisplayThis on-board computer is a real eye-catcher. Together with its separate control unit on the handle, Intuvia is a smart, multifunctional control system that is safe and easy to use because you do not have to take your hand off the handlebar. Its superbly easy-to-read display also serves as a removable data storage device.Eco: At 100 % personal pedal power, the motor contributes an additional 30 %Tour: At 100 % personal pedal power, the motor contributes an additional 100 %Sport: At 100 % personal pedal power, the motor contributes an additional 180 %Turbo: At 100 % personal pedal power, the motor contributes an additional 250 %

Bosch PowerPack 300 & 400

Bosch Power Pack 400Bosch pioneered the use of lithium-ion technology in power tools, and has successfully marketed tools featuring this technology for many years now. The same tried and tested technology is now available in our PowerPack, which features high energy density and

Bosch Crank Drive Unit

Extends an e-bike’s range. For the rest, the PowerPack is undemanding – not just in terms of the space it needs, but also in terms of weight and charging time: the power charger can charge the battery completely in just two-and-a-half hours.

Bosch eBIke Motor Drive UnitThe Bosch eBike System’s powerful Drive Unit signals the arrival of technological expertise in the two-wheel world. The high- performance drive not only adapts to the rider’s needs quietly – it also does so extremely quickly. After accelerating to 25 kph in just a few seconds, the motor automatically shuts off. This means that an e-bike equipped with this system still qualifies as a bicycle under German law. In Germany, therefore, it can be ridden on bike paths, and there is no legal requirement for license plates or insurance.

Bosch Drive System eBike 2013 2014To adapt perfectly..to the strain on the cyclist, it has to determine how much auxiliary power is needed. For this purpose, three sensors measure speed, pedaling frequency, and torque. These allow the optimum amount of mechanical support to be computed. For example, if a head wind comes up, the e-biker must pedal harder to maintain the same speed. The pedal-force sensor reacts to this, and extra power from the motor makes up for the additional strain. This technology wastes no power, making the Bosch Drive Unit extremely efficient. Elegantly designed, the drive can be integrated without any need to modify the wheelbase extensively. Since the Bosch design positions the Drive Unit in the middle of the frame, the bike has a low center of gravity, and thus more stability. View our Bosch powered eBike range here to choose your next ride. 

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