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Moustache Electric Bikes

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The French manufacturer Moustache only makes Bosch powered eBikes. This is an important point because this means that they can focus all their time and energy on this one concept, compared to other manufacturers that make normal pedal cycles and a couple of electric bike models as additions to their range.

Moustache shows its true passion and focus within the overall design and finish of their eBikes. They appear to operate a ‘only perfect’ policy. If something is not quite right it won't be released until it has been worked on until they have it just perfect. You can sense the passion within these electric bikes the second you see them. Every single component on the Moustache eBikes has been well thought out with a long design and testing process to keep to their ‘only perfect’ policy.

For Moustache, riders are their priority. The end user is at the centre of their thought and development process.

Moustache have a desire to offer eBikes that are both unique and rewarding by combining ease of use, design and comfort. Moustache are convinced that a quality eBike can be a source of pleasure, whether it be for urban use, for recreational rides or for more athletic purposes.

Not only are Moustache based in France but they also build their eBikes, test and design them there too. They implement the Bosch eBike system onto all of their electric bikes so it’s the very latest motor technology from Germany.

The Moustache electric bike range is developed for all sorts of different markets, this ensures every rider has a Moustache that meets their requirements! They have created a collection of city, road, urban and mountain electric bikes.