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Workshop & Warranty

We're here to help if you need it

European built electric bikes are renowned for their high build quality & reliability. But we do understand bicycles are mechanical objects that need to be maintained & from time to time can encounter technical issues. Fortunately our team is here to help.

Our electric bikes include a manufacturer's 5yr warranty on the frame, 2yr warranty on the motor, controller & battery (1yr on Gocycle battery). Finally a 1yr warranty on components. In the event of a problem, we try to handle all issues in-house.

E-bikeshop is a UK Bosch, Yamaha & Shimano Electric Bike Service Centre and our in house workshop is now exclusively reserved for our own eBike customers. We also have many parts and spares to hand should they be required.

The warranty will apply provided the bike has been cared for, maintained and used in accordance with the instructions as set out in your bicycle owner's manual. You can find further information regarding caring for your eBike in your owner's manual and also online in our dedicated 'Electric Bike Tips' page which is a 4 step process for setting up and maintaining your electric bike correctly.

Please remember in your first few months of ownership any new bike will take time to settle in. Things are tightened at the factory but will bed in, the time it takes to settle depends on many factors including the model, conditions, rider weight & maintenance.

Fortunately we offer a first free service within 3 months of purchase for all our new electric bikes. This is important as it makes sure the bikes are re-adjusted after settling in. You can book this online - It's a 'While You Wait' service by a tech here at our HQ. 

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, alteration, accident, misuse, improper maintenance or neglect such as corrosion due to storage outdoors or damp conditions or commercial use (e.g. hiring). Stripped pedal threads (where the user fits pedals) are not considered warranty cases, they should be carefully fitted and fully tightened as per our setup procedure. Consumable items such as brake pads, discs, spokes, chains, cassettes, sprockets, bearings, inner tubes, wheels truing and tyres are not considered warranty items and should be maintained or replaced in accordance with wear rates and maintenance schedules.

Bikes are warrantied for normal riding within the activities for which they were designed. However failures or damage occurring during crashing or activities such as stunt riding, jumping or over loading are not covered by warranties.

As per the instructions set out by the manufacturer and included in your owners manual, warranty / support cannot be transferred. It only applies to the first buyer and on presentation of the customers purchase receipt. This is set by the manufacturer, not us.

Any work carried out does not mean that the warranty has been lengthened or that the warranty period has started again from the beginning. The warranty period starts from the date stated on the bicycle order confirmation. 

What to do with any issues?

The first thing to do in any scenario is to make contact with our support team via email you may find that a simple adjustment is required to remedy. Please send us an email including your order ID and any issues you have.

The first thing to do in any scenario is to make contact with our support team via email you may find that a simple adjustment is required to remedy. Please send us an email here including your order ID and a description:- support@e-bikeshop.co.uk

Our workshop is reserved for our bike customers only. This means we can offer you a fast turnaround on any work required. All issues are diagnosed / remedied in our on-site workshop.

You can book a workshop slot online via our service & support page here +

Whilst all work is carried out on site we do understand some customers find it more viable to resolve locally than travel. Before choosing this option please bear in mind our workshop offers a same day turnaround and labour time on items found under warranty is covered in house. We offer this same day service for your convenience and to save multiple trips.

The above applies to standard components with the exception of motor and batteries which in most circumstances are coded to each bike, we handle these on a case-by-case basis and will advise as necessary.

Ordering parts remotely

If you'd prefer to diagnose locally we are here to help with parts on demand, but please bear in mind we cannot cover other shop's labour charges and/or transport costs on items to/from the workshop.

Remote part ordering is a simple 3 step process as follows:-

1. Email Support

First email the workshop to ascertain what any issue may be and how to resolve in the most efficient way.

2. Order Parts

Most parts are listed on our website & reserved for you to order. You'll need to login to gain access to these parts.

3. Return Original Part

Upon receipt we will inspect the item and if found faulty, refund the part from the replacement order.

"We did experience a technical problem with one of the bikes, as you might with any new item, but with e-bikeshop's service, they went the extra mile to ensure that the problem was resolved quickly leaving us as very happy customers"

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