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Bosch SmartphoneGrip (BSP3200)

Bosch E-Bike Parts

Bosch SmartphoneGrip (BSP3200) (Smart System)


Sold Out
This item is now sold out & unavailable to order. We will leave this page here as a reference to the specification for this model.

Attach the SmartphoneGrip to the handlebar, insert your smartphone and open the eBike Flow app. The Ride Screen displays your current speed, ride time and distance, as well as the battery charge level. While riding, you can use the Bosch LED Remote to switch between the Ride Screen and Navigation without taking your hands off the handlebars – safely and conveniently.


The SmartphoneGrip holds the smartphone to enable users to properly use the Bosch eBike Flow app provides all the most important information to riders: 

  • Navigation data
  • Speed
  • Battery charge level
  • Remaining range


Please Note: The SmartphoneGrip is not suitable for use on severely adverse terrain or for bikes ridden over jumps. 

Folding cases and case covers are not supported.

The SmartphoneGrip attaches to the bike using the Bosch Display Interface shared by the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 displays, which is in turn attached to the bars using Bosch 1-arm socket in 31.8mm or Bosch 1-arm Socket in 35.mm, depending on bar width. Mounting components for this display are available separately. 



  • Suitable for smartphones with the following dimensions (incl. camera bump and cover): H: 6.8–13 mm, W: 67–88 mm, L: 123–175 mm
  • Suitable for smartphones up to a total weight of 276 g incl. cover
  • Compatible with 1-arm socket
  • Retrofit product for the end customer



  • 1x SmartphoneGrip
  • 1x Screw for key lock EB1320004N
  • Operating instructions

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