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LiteLokĀ® Wearable Security Lock (Gold Approved)


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LiteLokĀ® Wearable Security Lock (Gold Approved)

Colour: Black

Lock Size: Small

Litelok is the worldā€™s lightest, flexible Sold Secure Gold bike lock. Litelok Gold Wearable is our new, longer range of unisex bicycle locks that can be safely worn around your hips while you cycle. They sit comfortably around your body and donā€™t get in the way of your cycling. It can withstand sustained attack from common theft tools to the highest level, including attacks using bolt cutters, crowbars, cable cutters and hacksaws.

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer have stock of the size Large. The supplier has suffered shortages.

Lock Stopper

Wearing it is incredibly simple. Wrap your Litelok around your hips and close it using the integrated Lock Stopper. The Lock Stopper keeps the Litelok securely fastened around your body without locking so you donā€™t need a key. It acts as a quick release mechanism to open and close the Litelok, letting you easily put it on and off.

When itā€™s time to secure your bike, simply take the Litelok off your hips, remove the Lock Stopper and then click together to lock your bike as normal.


Litelok Gold Wearable comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. You will need to know your trouser size and then check our size chart to determine which Litelok Gold Wearable is right for you.

Litelok Size
Men's Trouser Size (UK)
Men's Trouser Size (EU)
Women's Trouser Size (UK)
Women's Trouser Size (EU)
30 - 32
46 - 48
8 - 12
36 - 40
32 - 34
48 - 50
12 - 14
40 - 42
34 - 38
50 - 54
14 - 16
42 - 44


Our new Litelok Gold Wearables are longer, still lightweight, still flexible and importantly still strong - rated Sold Secure Gold by independent testers Sold Secure. The strap of the Litelok Gold Wearable is made from our patented material called Boaflexicore, which is a high-tensile metal & polymer composite.

Liteloks have been thoroughly tested by us, and independently tested by Sold Secure, the world-class certification house, achieving their highest security rating: Sold Secure Bicycle Gold.

Included in Purchase:


  • 1 x Litelok Gold Wearable bike lock
  • 1x Lock Stopper
  • 3x keys on a stainless steel cable key ring
  • 2x hook & loop WrapStraps




  • Light - Each Litelok weighs just 1.1 Kg (2.4 lbs).
  • Flexible - Secure your bike easily to a wide range of fixed objects.
  • Strong - Made from Boaflexicore: a super tough & hard to cut material.
  • Click to lock - Click closed without the key. Keys only needed to open.
  • Easy to carry - Attach Litelok to your bike with WrapStraps or carry in a bag.



  • Small - Weight: 1.31 Kg, Length: 925mm
  • Medium - Weight: 1.40 Kg, Length 1000mm
  • Large - Weight: 1.46 Kg, Length 1075mm


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