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Who We Are

We are at heart, experienced cycle enthusiasts.
Our roots are based in traditional cycles, Martin Brown (owner) has been in the cycling world all his life. Starting out, and still running, traditional cycle shops in the South of England, we are now the largest supplier of crank drive electric bikes in Europe.

We are specialists in both Yamaha and Bosch powered eBikes from Lapierre, Scott, Haibike, Gocycle, Cube, Tern, Moustache & Raleigh eBikes. We support what we know - good quality, reliable and stylish European electric bikes.  

Why Would You Want An eBike?

Electric bikes are many things to many people. Some want to extend a commute or arrive less hot and bothered, and others are after a helping hand on the hills, when transporting children, or to keep up with fitter riding companions. Whilst some just like the fun factor.

Eco Friendly

Healthy Lifestyle

Faster Commuting

Save Costs

Electric bikes really do have a lot to offer for many different people. Learn more about the benefits of eBikes »

Where It Started

Martin says - It all started just over 10 years ago when I saw the first revolution of eBikes start to appear in the UK. I began working with and riding eBikes from an early age.

But traditionally the bikes were very heavy when compared to our regular bikes. Some proved to be unreliable and early battery technologies added extreme weight to the bikes, without a huge range output.

Martin Brown Director E-Bikeshop

We searched around for a while to find something reliable and lightweight that could be compared more evenly to a regular cycle. Then along came the European manufacturers with new technologies and revised eBike designs.

These early eBikes were adopted mainly by the older generation or those less able to ride a regular cycle. We served this market for a fair few years, which began to grow as we saw more and more take to electric bikes. 

E-Bikeshop UK Electric Bike Centre Showroom

The age range began to evolve too, where we saw younger and younger riders taking to the sport.

One of the biggest points we noticed was customers starting to visit from further afield. Not something we were used to from our regular cycle shop, that was mainly just serving the local cyclists.

We found that offering our local, personal approach to cycle pre sales and after sales support worked wonders & gradually by word of mouth our small client base was naturally growing at a rate we couldn't have anticipated.

Comments like this keep us motivated:

" This bike has given me the enjoyment I always craved. I no longer think oh no not that climb again! Now I can go anywhere and stay with anyone. So thanks Martin and if you read this just go & buy one - you won't be disappointed! Cheers " - Paul

Where Are We Now

We quickly expanded, at which time we split off the eBikes from our regular cycle shops and moved into our new sales & distribution centre in Farnham on the Surrey / Hampshire border.

This centre is designed to cater not just on a national scale but now all over the world, where we serve customers from even the remotest of countries. 

We formulated our specialist ways to serve and support not just local customers but also customers further afield. Sean said:

The bike arrived here today and all I can say is absolutely amazing. Your help and service is just brilliant, second to none. From my initial contact through to ordering and ultimately delivery has been flawless. Being on the direct opposite side of the world and having service like this is just unbelievable. Will definitely recommend your company to anyone here wishing to buy an e bike. I am still in amazement to how you managed to achieve all of this in the time frame. Well done - Sean ( Melbourne Australia )

Our furthest customer is in New Zealand who continues to enjoy his electric bicycle half way across the world! We can give peace of mind to those customers not-so-local with our specialist remote service. Our specialist team has built up a vast amount of eBike knowledge that we use daily to provide an exceptional experience for our customers.

Largest Raleigh eBike dealer

What We Do

We aim to give you a personal service and differ from others in that we are happy to spend the time with you to make sure you get the right bike that is practical & suitable for you.

We are also here to offer you any after sales support that may be needed, from servicing to repairs, we are on hand to make sure your eBike experience is the best experience! 

From start to finish we are the one stop eBike shop.

We promote the use of eBikes globally via various channels. 

The BBC invited MD, Martin Brown to BBC Broadcasting House for a live interview on BBC World News.

BBC World News is the BBC’s international 24-hour news & information channel. Broadcast in English to over 400 million, in more than 200 countries & territories across the globe.

It’s estimated weekly audience of 84 million makes it the BBC’s biggest television service.

You can read more about this in the full article here »

The live interview with MD and founder of, Martin Brown, was to discuss the global growth of the electric bike market and why it’s become so popular. The major markets for electric bikes and why the big players like Uber are getting involved.

" Just paid a visit to e-bikeshop where I can say the Team were fantastic. Martin was extremely helpful, he explained everything with patience, style and I can certainly say he knew everything you would ever need to know about the bikes. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone. Got home, done a test ride and all I can say is WOW, it's an awesome bike! Thank you Martin, definitely the right choice! Thanks again " - Lisa & Reggie

Dedicated Workshops

All bikes are properly built in our workshops to the highest standards by our professional technicians. We undertake the latest training from all of the systems we deal with. Our workshops have built in diagnostic equipment, so, if an issue is ever to arise, we have the answer straight away.

Our aim is to have you riding your electric bike as much as possible. That's why we offer a booking system to our customers so that we can turn their bikes around often within a couple of hours, without needing to make multiple trips and being without their bike.

Bosch & Yamaha eBike Service Center

We also offer remote diagnostics for those customers further afield. We can often remotely diagnose your eBike from your living room, all that is required is a telephone and PC or Laptop connected to the internet. You can read more on our F.A.Q page. Here's what Reg had to say when we sorted out a minor niggle without him even leaving home:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience & to say your service was above & beyond the call of duty. We would never have been able to do that, modern technology is beyond me as you probably realise!! Really impressed - Reg

Bosch eBike Service Centre

Yamaha eBike Service Centre

Gocycle eBike Service Centre

Cytech Certified Bike Mechanics

Fully qualified staff & workshop technicians. Trained & accredited by the brands in every field to fully support the products that we offer.

Custom build electric bikes

Custom Builds

Whilst we offer a fantastic range of electric mountain bikes. It's always possible that a bike does not match up perfectly to the specification you are used to / would like. 

It's in our roots to be able to offer that little bit extra when it comes to complete builds and fine tuning. 

As we see more and more mountain bikers moving over to the eMTB's, we have also seen a rise of custom specifying certain bikes to particular riders needs in our workshops. 

Although our website lists certain rider essentials, it doesn't offer every single component possible. We work with the majority of top UK suppliers to bring a massive product base under our wings. Whatever you require, the chances are we have done it, or we can certainly do it! Popular for eMTB enthusiasts to create a truly unique eBike. Each build is based on individual requirements, please just get in touch.

" Martin took me through the bike from top to bottom and I am pleased to say he really does know his stuff. I left e-bikeshop feeling very pleased with the way I had been looked after and I was given all the relevant information, I had all my questions answered, Thanks "Peter

E-Bikeshop Owners Club Electric Bike Rides

Organised eBike Rides

We don't just sell eBikes! We live, ride and breathe them too! We organise rides throughout the South of England where new and existing eBikeshop riders can unite for the day at our Owners Club. 

It's all about getting out there & enjoying the sport. We can recommend local cycling routes based on your experience and style of eBike. With the use of an eMTB it means you can travel a lot further in one day, making the most of the Great British outdoors. 

We organise regular rides across the south of England for our owners. It's all about having fun and networking with fellow eBike owners alike. 

The E-Bikeshop Owners Club is a closed group of riders, if you have purchased a eBike from us and want to get involved, please get in touch.

You can see more details on the E-Bikeshop Owners Club on the dedicated page here »

Demo Days & Events

We attend and host lots of events each year. Find us at national county shows, showing off the latest and greatest of what eBiking has to offer with product demo's & advice. 

To the cycle shows in the UK, we will normally be there, so please get in touch if you want to meet and discuss eBikes.

We also host an annual demo day, a fantastic opportunity for potential 'newbies' to get involved and really see what the bikes can do, first hand across the local terrain. 

Electric Bike Demo Days

Electric Bike Riding in the South of England

It's not to be missed! Be warned our demo days get booked up pretty fast. The last day was fully booked within 48 hours of it going live! To stay up to date with our upcoming events & demo days, visit & follow our Facebook page and blog pages.

" Absolutely amazing bike! This was the excuse I've been looking for to get back into biking. I can now have all the fun with half the pain! I'm going places I've never been before. If you like the fitness turn off the assist, if you like the biking part turn it on turbo! These bikes are truly for everyone. Get on and ride one! "James

Fastest Electric Bike in the World

Electric Bike Records

Fastest eBike Guinness Record

Yes you heard it right! We are very involved with eBiking as a sport. We like to set new challenges and promote the use of eBikes at the same time. We are now recognised for progressing the eBike market in the UK.

In 2014 we supported eBikeshop Owners Club member Mat (Pictured), on a mission to set a new world record: The fastest eBike round the Isle of Man TT mountain course.

Electric Bike World RecordNot only was a whole hour knocked off the previous eBike time, but also over £2000 was raised for Mat's charity at the same time. The route was tracked on Strava, this showed just how tough the course was. He travelled a distance of 38.2 miles in total covering over 2800 ft of elevation throughout. 

The toughest part was the last climb at over 1300 ft of climbing. Of which he got to race back down the other side on this fast electric road bike! Lets hope the locals don't come chasing as Mat sets 32 new unbeatable king of the mountains during the event! Oops!

You can read the full world record event story on our blog pages here.

New Electric Bike Guiness World Record

Euro Velo World Record on eBike

Long Distance eBike World Record

During 2015 / 2016 we undertook a slightly longer world record. We travelled over 20,000 km across Europe on 2 of our Haibike Trekking RX electric bikes. 

This beat the previous unofficial record of 16,047 km. The ride started at the eBikeshop HQ in Farnham, Surrey.

Over the course of over 12 months of cycling around the UK, Europe and Scandinavia it proved to be an amazing journey! 

Read all about it and follow the journey on our blog here.

" After a lot of research and visiting a number of dealers, my wife and I were impressed with the knowledge and advice given at e-bikeshop. With our new electric bikes we are both loving the experience, out and about at every opportunity. We haven't yet found a hill that cannot be easily conquered. We did experience a technical problem with one of the bikes, as you might with any new item, but with e-bikeshop's service, they went the extra mile to ensure that the problem was resolved quickly leaving us as very happy customers " - Neil

What Our Customers Say

We didn't want to clutter up this page too much with our reviews. There are lots more reviews listed about us and each specific electric bike model. To find these click here, then click on any model and scroll down the page until you find reviews.

E-Bikeshop Review eBike

" If you’re buy-curious like me, then you'd do well to leave your wallet behind when you visit Martin – one quick demo ride and you may be punching your pin into the little machine he keeps right beside him on his desk. Just like I did! " - David

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Haibike All Mountain eBike Review

" Whilst Martin is a good salesman, knowledgeable and personable, he doesn't really need to sell the bikes, they do that by themselves. If you want to know what it’s like, book an appointment with him & try one – you won't be disappointed " - Ian

Read the Full Review Here »

Electric Mountain Bike Review

" eBikeshop held a demo day, of which I attended, Great day!!! Which was really the day I made my mind up, this is for me, never before have I had such good service from a bicycle shop, matched only when I purchased a BMW motorbike. " - Danny

Read the Full Review Here »

Haibike Carbon Ultimate Review

" Wow what a bike! Special thanks to Martin for his help and support. It is great to be able to make an appointment and have 60 minutes of one to one time with someone that is passionate about what he sells. " - Peter

Read the Full Review Here »

Gocycle Electric Bike Review

" I spoke to a very helpful chap named Martin and he simply said I should try it out. I would say that the e-bike really has changed my life, it's a really efficient means of transport. I look forward to the daily commute to work! " - David

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Haibike NDURO RX Review

" I’ve been so impressed with this xDuro electric bike, and truly believe that this is the start of an e-bike revolution. The service I have received from the guys at the E-bike shop has always been fantastic. Thank you guys!! " - Ken

Read the Full Review Here »

" Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase. I had my reservations on spending so much money on a bike but having owned the xDuro for over 2 months I'm loving it and I use it often and it keeps me fitter. Thanks for all the support " - Peter

Scoot Headline Awards Silver Winner 2015
Awards & Accreditation's

Scoot Headline Awards

The UK Electric Bike Company based in Farnham (Surrey), won a Scoot Headline Award in a campaign to find Britain’s top, most successful companies. 

Scoot is the UK’s leading online business hub, hosting millions of businesses across the country and is the network that powers the business directory’s for The Sun, Mirror, The Independent & Touchlocal. 

Over 6 million UK companies were invited to enter in the awards. With the judges looking for one main thing – a success story. E-Bikeshop bagged the Silver Headline Award in Retail Nationally.

Read the full article here »

SBS Theo Paphitis Entrepreneur Business Award

Entrepreneur Business Award

E-Bikeshop won the SBS national business awards. Out of 329,000 business’ nominated, just over 2,000 were selected by Theo Paphitis himself as successors to the SBS club.

That’s a ratio of not even one percent, in fact, 0.68% to be precise! Surrey-based E-Bikeshop was awarded ex BBC Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis’ prestigious business award. Setup to reward & promote business entrepreneurs.

The #SBS awards were created by Theo Paphitis to reward and promote small business with entrepreneurship. Theo promotes business winners with dedicated business profiles on his website and retweets the business to his >500,000 followers. Also, access is granted to an exclusive #SBS club where like-minded business individuals can network and share ideas.

Read the full article here »

National Business Leaders Award Winner

National Business Leaders Award

The UK Electric Bike Company was awarded National Business Leaders of the year at the Houses of Parliament. Over 600 people attended on the day of which 13 companies were awarded National Business Leaders status.

The UK Electric Bike Company will feature in next year’s National Business Leaders handbook. This will be distributed free of charge to thousands of businesses, organisations, trade associations, national / local government, banks, consultants and the media to benefit from following the experience and expertise of the National Business Leaders. 

Read the full article here »