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2023 Orbea Wild and 2023 Orbea Rise MyO Available to Order

2023 Orbea Wild and 2023 Rise MyO

By Ben Mowbray |

There's something quite special about being able to design your own bike - especially when it costs absolutely nothing. 

You read that right. You can custom paint your brand new 2023 Orbea Wild and 2023 Orbea Rise in millions of combinations and it wont cost you a penny above the normal RRP!

Lets take a look at the options for 2023 Orbea Wild and 2023 Orbea Rise MyO bikes and how E-Bikeshop offers the easiest, best and fastest way to get your MyO bike. 

TLDR; We have good levels of remaining allocations for MyO bikes with short lead times and the full list is near the bottom of this article...


What is Orbea MyO?

The Orbea MyO is Orbea's own customisation tool which allows riders to not only custom paint their new bike, but also adjust some of the specification to their preferred component or to better suit their riding needs. This can either be done via Orbea directly (with the bike shipped to their chosen dealer), or directly through your Orbea dealer. We'll cover how to do this a little later on. 

Not only are many of the component swaps free, those which are upgrades above the normal specification are only charged at the price difference. 

At the end of the process, you can export your new bike as a PDF to keep or take to your dealer to order. 



What can you change in Orbea MyO? 

Every Orbea MyO Wild and Rise bike is hand painted with incredible care and precision.

2023 Orbea Wild M-Team MyO Paint

Each of these models is actually made of at least half a dozen different painted "sections" and the colour of these can all be chosen from their customisation charts, allowing potentially millions of combinations and riders to choose something understated, lairy, bright, bold but always unique. This part is completely free. 

We "painted" this demo version in E-Bikeshop colours for this article.


As well as being able to paint the bike how you like, you can also change the specification.

2023 Orbea Wild M-Team MyO Component Selector

Wheels and tyres, bars and brakes, seat posts, batteries, displays and suspension can all be swapped out from the bikes standard specification and replaced with Orbea's own suggested replacements. Not only does this allow much greater flexibility for riders, but they also only charge the difference in price between the standard and the upgraded component. Some are even free!

On the 2023 Carbon (M) Rise variants, you can also elect to switch the battery from 360Wh to the new, larger 540Wh version.  



Why should you choose MyO over a stock bike?

With some manufacturers having a market share so big that you can easily find half a dozen people at your local bike park all riding the same bike in the same colour, Orbea MyO offers their riders something truly special and unique. 

As well as being able to express yourself through your custom designed bike, it offers a great value tool for specification changes. 

Orbea Rise M-Ltd MyO 2023

Lots of riders have their own preference of components and no manufacturer can account for all rider preferences. With the Orbea MyO tool, components like suspension often have three or more choices, allowing riders to find something better suited to their own riding style or component preference. 

No more having to buy the shock you want in advance of receiving your bike in the hope you can flog the stock one on eBay for at least half it's RRP! 

With some manufacturers having such a huge market share that its not uncommon to rock up to your local trail centre and find handfuls of people riding the same bike in the same colour you can be quietly confident that your bike, is yours. 



How do you get your Orbea MyO bike? 

There are two ways to get your hands on a brand new 2023 Orbea Wild or 2023 Orbea Rise through the MyO platform. 

The hardest/longest way.. 
Anyone can order a MyO bike at any time via the Orbea website. You simply select the model you want to start with as the "base", select a size, and then complete your specification of paint and parts.

The downside is that all Orbea bikes must be shipped via a dealer. They don't deal "direct to consumer" because they want to make sure all of their bikes are handed over or delivered to the customer in nothing but absolutely perfect, ready to ride condition with a full handover and set up where possible.

The reason this is the most difficult and will come with the longest lead times is that you will always be joining the back of the queue. If (and its a big "if", because MyO bikes sell out quickly at the start of the model year) you can get one, you can often expect lead times of between 6 and 12 months to get your bike. It's still worth it, but there's a better way... 

Orbea Rise M-Ltd 2023 MyO

The easiest/fastest way.
At E-Bikeshop, we pre-order "MyO frame blanks" at the start of the year - something which very few dealers bother with. This means that we always have bare MyO frames waiting/pre-programmed into production. As well as speeding up the order/arrival process, we can also ship them anywhere in the world, so its not even necessary to have a dealer close by to get yours. 

In short, if you didn't already order one at the start of the year, E-Bikeshop is likely to be the fastest way to get your new 2023 Orbea Wild or 2023 Orbea Rise via the MyO platform. 



What MyO options do E-Bikeshop have left for 2023? 

Despite already being half way into model year 2023, we still have a small portion of our pre-ordered MyO frames left, but time is running to supply a specification for them. We must supply 45 days notice of their specification prior to their expected production and shipping date. 

Here is our list of 2023 Orbea MyO frame blanks, available for immediate specification and their current build date (they would be expected to land with us 1 week later). Each date represents one available bike, unless specified;

2023 Orbea Rise M10 MyO

Small Frame
30th August 2023 (Order before 19th July)
18th September 2023 (Order before 7th August)

Medium Frame
29th August 2023 (Order before 18th July)
18th September 2023 (Order before 7th August)

Large Frame
25th September 2023 (Order before 14th August)
9th October 2023 (Order before 28th August)
16th October 2023 (x2) (Order before 4th September)
23rd October 2023 (Order before 11th September)

You can find the regular 2023 Orbea Rise M10 here

2023 Orbea Rise M-Team MyO

Small Frame
11th September 2023 (Order before 31st July)

Medium Frame
18th September 2023 (Order before 7th August)

Large Frame
18th September 2023 (Order before 7th August)

You can find the regular 2023 Orbea Rise M-Team here

2023 Orbea Rise M-Ltd MyO

Large Frame
25th September (x2) (Order before 14th August)

Extra Large Frame
25th September (x2) (Order before 14th August)

You can find the regular 2023 Orbea Rise M-LTD here

2023 Orbea Wild M10 MyO

Large Frame
2nd October 2023 (Order before 21st August)

Extra Large Frame
2nd October 2023 (Order before 21st August)

You can find the regular 2023 Orbea Wild M10 here

2023 Orbea Wild M-Team MyO

Large Frame
23rd October 2023 (Order before 11th September)
13th November 2023 (Order before 2nd October)

Extra Large Frame
25th October 2023 (Order before 13th September)

You can find the regular 2023 Orbea Wild M-Team here

Orbea Wild M-Team MyO 2023


Ready to order your new 2023 Orbea MyO bike? 

We don't actively advertise these "blank frames" on our website, but there's a couple of ways you can get your name on one for this year;

Orbea's own website
Head over to the Orbea MyO platform and pick your model from the frames we have available above. Complete your specification and at the end, select E-Bikeshop as your chosen dealer. Your specification will be sent to us and we'll be in touch to finalise the details and arrange payment. 

Get in touch with us directly
Contacting us direct is a great way to get a 2023 Orbea MyO bike if you're not within a reasonable travel distance. Remember, you don't need to be in the UK to get a MyO bike from E-Bikeshop. We ship to 154 countries and can send your bike onwards (EX VAT if outside of the UK). We already have established routes for most of Europe, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong and other East Asian countries. The only place we can't currently get a bike to is Brunei. Sorry - their rules not ours!

Visit us 
Book an appointment to come and see us at our showroom in Surrey where we normally have around 50 Orbea bikes on display at any one time and we'll be more than happy to walk you through the whole process, including advice on any component changes to suit your preferred riding. 

Ben Mowbray at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
About Ben Mowbray

Previously an automotive engineer with a specialism in electronics and electrical fault diagnosis, Ben maintains a keen interest in renewable and sustainable energy for transport and a love for forward-thinking "next-gen" tech combined with a passion for Sales and Customer Service. Ben joined e-Bikeshop as Sales Manager in 2020 from the lithium battery industry.