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Electric Mountain Bike Skills Article

Bosch eBike Riding eMTB Techniques / Skills

By Martin Brown |

Now you've got your electric mountain bike, it's time to learn some of those skills & techniques for use out on the trail. Even if you are already confident in trail riding on your eMTB then take a read, as you may be able to refine some of those techniques further. Some of you may have seen the new Up Hill Flow 2 video from Bosch. We have broken this down into easy snippets of simple numbered manoeuvres. Sorry for the German speaking, but the translated subtitles have been added and the pictures speak for themselves.

Bosch eBike Technique 1: Selecting Assistance Modes

When riding a Bosch eBike off road, it's imperative to select the correct assistance mode. You can use the electric bike assistance to your advantage. Get used to scrolling different levels of assistance on your eBike dependent on the terrain you are riding.

Bosch eBike Technique 2: Center of Gravity

When riding eMTB's off road, you can use the low center of gravity to your advantage. Providing a good balance, especially when riding downhill. It also helps when braking because you have more weight, therefore better traction on the back wheel.

Bosch eBike Technique 3: Cornering Boost

Using your Bosch eBike in cornering can give you great benefits, you can ride in slower and more controlled and then boost out of the corner. This achieves a really flowing ride when riding and keeps your momentum up across the trails.

Bosch eBike Technique 4: Pedal Management

Keeping your eBike pedals level is paramount when coasting, this allows more control and a higher ground clearance. Depending on if you are left or right footed you should have this at the front. This will give your body more control and balance.

Bosch eBike Technique 5: Navigating Sharp Turns

Making sharp turns, particularly when travelling uphill can be tricky. It's important to use your body weight and the power of the eBike to hold momentum correctly. It's important to be in the correct gear and enter the corner with the opposite pedal at the back so that when you exit it is ready at the front to power out.

Bosch eBike Technique 6: Gear Selection

Bearing in mind the Bosch eBike system responds to cadence, correct gear selection is essential to get the most out of your electric bike. Particularly useful when climbing as the eBike benefits from being in a higher gear, and seated in the saddle, this gives you more momentum and allows good traction of the rear wheel.

Bosch eBike Technique 7: Starting Up Hill

One of the massive benefits of an electric mountain bike is that it is no trouble stopping and starting on a steep slope. To do this, the best way is to select a good assistance mode and start in a high gear. This will quickly propel your momentum forward so you can find your balance. Don't select a too high assistance mode as you may find the bike wheelies on a steep hill.

Bosch eBike Technique 8: Tapping Obstacles

Use the electric assistance to your advantage when approaching obstacles. As you approach, tap on the pedals to give yourself a boost just before you hit, this will balance your weight and allow the eBike to be propelled up and over. Suspension will also help here as it compresses and springs back. Once mastered you can use these together to ride over obstacles easier.

Bosch eBike Technique 9: Trail Boost

By using your eMTB to it's full potential, you can 'Boost' the trails, turns and obstacles. Select a high assistance mode and light gear. Then nudge the pedals where required to boost your way round tight trails and keep a good flow.

Bosch eBike Technique 10: Turning eBike when stationary

When stationary, sometimes it is required to turn around and go back the other way. On the eBike you can hold the rear brake, stomp on the pedal, at the same time release the brake. Let your arms move with the bike as it hops around. Make sure you have a clear area, with enough space and make sure to keep your legs out of the way. A pedal to the shin sucks!

Bosch eBike Technique 11: Uphill Wheelie

A wheelie on a eBike is easier than you may thing. You have the added advantage of power and torque. Select a high assistance mode and light gear. Then propel the pedals, whilst lifting slightly on the bars. It's easier to sit down as you can balance your weight and have more control. This one really takes some practice! Make sure to hover your finger over the rear brake lever so you can control yourself if you go up too high. Practice makes perfect, find the balance point, start on soft ground!

Bosch eBike Technique 12: Wheel Prancing

As you power up the hill on the eMTB, you get good traction on the rear end and the front end will become light. Prancing is where you can almost allow the front wheel to go where it wants as it prances over the terrain. Keep your body pointing in the right direction, but this will allow for a smoother more flowy ride.

Bosch eBike Technique 13: Trail Etiquette

Last but not least, certainly most importantly, we need to appreciate the trails are accessed by everyone and learn to respect others out on the hills. Leaving plenty of space and being courteous to others is key to a safe outdoor environment for everyone to enjoy, be it dog walkers, other cyclists, horse riders and of course the ramblers.

Now its your turn..

Now you have navigated through the videos, it's time to take some of these skills to the trail. Remember practice makes perfect, give yourself some time to learn and refine the moves above. Make sure you have good space around you and remember others may be using the trials too, so find a quiet place to try these out and be courteous to others. Don't forget you can also spend some time with a professional rider to hone in on these skills. Sometimes it's good to have someone there to watch what you are doing 3rd hand and suggest ways to improve. There are now a number of electric bike coaching professional ready to offer their services. In the UK, Alex @ eMTB coaching specialises in this area. We have first hand experience with him and must say the feedback is great. Enjoy the videos above? Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates. Not got an eMTB yet? View the full range on our shop here - Electric Mountain Bikes. Bookmark the page so you can refer back to them when out on your bike and take your electric mountain biking to the next level! Lets Go!..
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