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Haibike 2013 / 2014 Customer Review

Customer Review of the Haibike xDuro FS AM

By Martin Brown |

Past Experience / Why choose the Haibike FS AM? First off when you see this bike in the flesh - well I was truly impressed with the engineering. It’s a class act. Look at any of the components and you are immediately taken by the sheer quality of it. The brakes are stunning. The wheels are a work of art. Everything looks like it was supposed to go with the thing next to it. But you really only appreciate this when it’s actually there in front of you. So the moment I got it I could tell I was dealing with something a bit special (and you could say at these prices I should bloody well hope so!).

Now to the riding ‚Äď Well I am sorry but I am no off-road freak - this bike is being used as a city run-around - I am sure it does the off-road thing very well - all the components seem more than adequate for such things - but I am mainly using it to zoom around Wimbledon - to the bank and back - to the shops and back - that sort of thing. What can I say? It's great! Its just bloody great. The way the power comes on progressively as you put more pressure on the pedals matches almost perfectly. There seems to be no lag between applying the pressure and the power coming in - and no after-power once you lift off applying the pressure - its simply like an extension of your own desire to go faster. Perfect. The handling is great too - admittedly I am talking about the handling as one zooms around London buses and past the Lycra boys and their 27 speed whatever‚Äôs that they ride these days (especially pleasing as you go up the hill to the Village) - really really fun.

The read-out is a work of art too - and it comes off of course so there's no chance it will get pinched. Plus it comes with this very fancy saddle tube whereby you can raise and lower the saddle when you stop at lights and then go again - at first it seemed a bit OTT but in fact practically it's something I have used a lot. It really works. So that’s it. Of course it is a mad price - and I think you're paying for engineering that many of us won't use - but what the heck - somebody has to spend some money to keep the economy going - so it might as well be you. Right? Many thanks to our customer for this review. To view the full specification or to purchase this bike - Haibike xDuro FS AMT Electric Bike

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