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2017 Lapierre Overvolt Carbon eBikes

First Look: Lapierre 2017 Carbon Electric Mountain Bikes

By Martin Brown |

We take a look at the new Lapierre Overvolt Carbon Electric Mountain Bikes for 2017. This new design from Lapierre houses the Bosch electric bike battery centrally over the eBike motor. We have been dealing with Lapierre for many years now, the brand is popular amongst the regular bike crowd, but now a huge jump in eBikes has set the R&D dept to work on a mega new design!

Last year Lapierre produced some excellent eBikes, with great integration, good spec and adopting the popular OST+ linkage of their regular Zesty and Spicy range of bikes. For 2017 Lapierre go one step further to create the ultimate electric mountain bike, developed in-house by Lapierre's very own Nico Voulliouz (10 x World Champion!) the new 2017 Lapierre eBike range has some awesome new features:

Gravity Logic Project

Firstly you'll notice the centrally mounted Bosch battery, the GLP (Gravity Logic Project) set out to centralise the mass in the eBike frame which offers greater manoeuvrability and ride handling.

Lapierre Gravity Logic Project 2017 Lapierre are the only eBike brand to take a new look at how eMTB integration takes place and concentrate on the actual ride characteristics. Over time the GLP developed this system and the new Overvolt was born. Fully integrating the 2016 Bosch electric bike system, the Bosch Performance CX motor is self-contained in the frame and the larger 500Wh battery is located centrally, evening out the weight of the bike.

Carbon eBike Frames

Next, you'll notice the new ultra light-weight eBike frames, full carbon top to bottom! Lapierre has developed the UD (Uni-Directional) carbon chassis, so the overall weight is heavily reduced (pun intended!) but the frame also offers increased stiffness in certain places.

Lapierre UniDirectional Carbon Fibre Frames 2017 Not to mention that it looks ace and also a masterpiece of engineering with no welds, smooth lines and sleek looks, perfect for any electric bike. Also, the carbon chassis allows a shorter chain stay, in fact, 5mm shorter compared to Aluminium frames. It's a win-win all round...

Dual Wheel System

The DWS (Dual Wheel System) is another huge development and rather unique for Lapierre and eBikes. For the first time ever the user can switch between the wider and broader 27.5+ to standard 27.5" wheels on the same electric mountain bike!

Lapierre Dual Wheel System 2017 This clever system offers a hanger that can be flipped to allow either size wheel in the DWS. Depending on the terrain, conditions or rider preference they can choose either size wheel, neat huh? The new 2017 Carbon Overvolt electric mountain bikes offer 140R / 150Fmm travel perfect for all mountain, trail and enduro use. The range consists of 3 (+1 LTD edition 70th Anniversary bike) models as follows:

Lapierre Overvolt 700 Carbon 2017

The AM 700 is the base model in the new Carbon eBike range, offering Pike's at the front, Monarch at the rear, Guide brakes, 11spd Sram NX gearing and a 27.5" Mavic wheelset.

Lapierre Carbon Overvolt AM 700 2017

Price: ¬£5599 | Read the full specification here ‚Äď Lapierre Overvolt AM 700 2017

Lapierre Overvolt 800 Carbon 2017

The AM 800 is the mid-spec carbon electric mountain bike, offering RockShox Pike RC forks, Deluxe RT shock, Guide R+ brakes, 11spd Shimano XT gearing & a 27.5" Shimano wheelset.

Lapierre Carbon Overvolt AM 800 2017

Price: ¬£5799 | Read the full specification here ‚Äď Lapierre Overvolt AM 800 2017

Lapierre Overvolt 900+ Carbon 2017

The AM 900+ is the top of the range model, offering Pike RC forks, Deluxe RT shock, Guide R+ brakes, a wider 27.5+ wheelset as standard & a new Sram EX1 8spd eBike specific drivetrain.

Lapierre Carbon Overvolt AM 900 2017

Price: ¬£6399 | Read the full specification here ‚Äď Lapierre Overvolt AM 900+ 2017

What do we think?

We actually had the privilege of riding a new Overvolt a couple months ago at EuroBike. The new GLP system was noticeable and the even weight distribution made for a great ride. The overall weight of the bike felt nimble and easier to handle. In all a nice fluent and nippy ride.

The new Overvolts are easier to throw around and tackle the trail well. We really like the Dual Wheel System, the fact that you can switch out the wheel is a great idea and for anyone on the fence between standard 27.5" wheels and PLUS, this system offers a great advantage, where you can have either.

We expect the 900+ model to be most popular in 2017 as it comes specified as standard with the PLUS wheels and tyres. It also features the EX1 system, specifically developed by Sram for eBikes with wider ratios across a narrower cassette to work in harmony with the extra power and torque offered by the Bosch CX Performance eBike system. There's also a Limited Edition 70th Anniversary carbon model @ £7199, we don't have stock of this, but if you're after one, please get in contact and we may be able to special request one for you.

When can you get one?

We actually have stock of the AM 700 right now, albeit limited on these special models! With the AM 800 and the 900+ to roll in the next couple of weeks. Exciting times!

New 2017 Lapierre Electric Mountain BikesLapierre has already seen a huge demand following the initial release of the bikes. With the design, in particular, winning a prestigious Gold award at the 2016 EuroBike Design Awards. The Jury Statement:-

The ingenious frame design places the battery low down in the centre of the bike, thus using the weight to good effect: a well thought-out and inspired solution.
You can view the complete specs and models on our website here ‚Äď Lapierre 2017 eBikes.
Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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