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Yamaha Electric Bike Tuning Kit

How to derestrict a Yamaha eBike - Yamaha Speed Tuning Dongles come to e-bikeshop!

By Martin Brown |

We are proud to announce that e-bikeshop.co.uk have a working tuning dongle kit to derestrict the 15mph cut off speed on all Yamaha powered electric bikes.

Yamaha Electric Bike 250w MotorFor the past few years we have been extremely successful with our exclusive Bosch tuning kits that derestrict the electric bike so that you can reach assisted speeds of over 15mph.We can now use similar technology on our new Yamaha eBikes arriving shortly. These kits work in a similar way but plumb in differently. Not something you have to worry about as we do the hard work for you for free!

How does it work?

Basically the Yamaha speed tuning dongles trick the system into thinking its going half as fast as it actually is. This allows you the rider to pedal past the 15mph barrier and reach speeds up to 30mph assisted. Although a simple format, the technology behind it is a little more complicated! But you need not worry.

How do you use it?

All you have to do is plug it in when you want the bike derestricted. We plumb the wiring kit into the Yamaha bike before it leaves the workshop.

Can you revert it back to normal?

Yes of course, just unplug it. The cable kit remains but the bike reverts back to normal. When you want it to go faster just plug it back in.

Where can I use the Speed Tuning Kit?

Obviously the UK law states that eBikes should only be assisted to 15mph. Therefore the speed tuning kit is strictly for off road (private land) use only.

Are there any side effects to using the kit?

Yes the speed is halved on the display, therefore you have to double it for a true reading. For example if the display reads 12mph, you are actually going 24mph.. Simple! When you unplug the dongle it reverts back to standard.

Why would I want to go faster than 15mph?

Really the question is why not?.. But in all seriousness, it can be frustrating hitting the 15mph barrier, particularly off road when you are really going for it and the assistance backs off. Also a lot of people can average faster than 15mph, therefore the majority of their ride the rider is just riding a slightly heavier bike around with no assistance. The Tuning kit is the answer to sit at a comfortable speed assisted.

Can I retrofit this to my Yamaha eBike?

No, the tuning kit is exclusively available to our own customers. Just add the Yamaha electric bike of your preference together with the tuning kit to the basket, your bike will be set up with the tuning kit installed prior to leaving our workshops. If you decide not to get one at first, this is a not a problem, as long as you have your original bike sales receipt from us we can fit one for you at a later date, maybe free service time?

Can I order the Yamaha Tuning Kit on its own?

Yes you can, however, it will not be dispatched. It has to be fitted by our workshop technicians exclusively on our own eBikes. Remember you can unplug it, so to save a journey you could have it fitted from new, but unplug it for your first few rides. Then plug it in when you are comfortable with how the eBike performs. The Yamaha Tuning Dongles can be found here.Or why not take a look at our full range of Yamaha powered eBikes here.
Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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