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Bosch Electric Bike eBike 2019 eMTB Updates

NEW 2019 Bosch Electric Bike System eMTB Updates

By Martin Brown |

Every year Bosch eBike Systems evolves its product line up. For 2019 Bosch offer new features for its eMTB community based on rider feedback. Let's look at the new features. The great thing about the Bosch eBike system is that it's fully updateable. This means the system is totally futureproofed, where current users can have dealer updates to their existing electric bikes.

Bosch eBike UpHill Flow Trail 2019 Let's face it, the Bosch Performance Line CX is pretty much one of the best systems on the market for its punchy power, smooth torque curve and new features like the eMTB mode. In fact, Bosch actually won the Design & Innovation Awards 2018 for their new 'Uphill Flow Trail' where they used expert trial builder Diddie Schneider to offer a new trail which actually flows uphill specifically designed for eMTBs & these features. 

So what can Bosch possibly expand on? Well, based on rider feedback they have made certain improvements to the system itself. We'll delve into a little more details about these:

New 2019 Bosch eBike Features Include

New Update For Short eMTB Crank Arms

Most riders run regular length cranks (170-175mm) but on an eMTB you tend to tackle harder climbs and the electric mountain bike allows you to navigate up rocks/obstacles etc.

Bosch eBike 2019 Update For Short eBike Crank ArmsWith full-length cranks, pedal strikes become more apparent. This means many riders have been fitting short Bosch eBike crank arms (165-150mm) which allows more ground clearance for more adventurous riding. The trouble with just swapping the cranks is that it alters the feedback the drive system gets. Which in turn alters the output of the motor assistance feel, torque curve and in particular the characteristics when in eMTB mode. For 2019 Bosch introduces software updates via a Bosch eBike dealer, who can program each bike to suit the preferred crank length. This adapts the progression curve in eMTB mode and also offers increased support in Tour mode, offering maximum power up-hill.

New Bosch Kiox LCD Display

The new 2019 Bosch Kiox display is neat and compact with a super crisp resolution LCD display screen. It mounts in the centre of the handlebars, unlike the Intuvia or Nyon (which mount on the handlebars themselves) the Bosch Kiox display has it's own mount which bolts to the top of the stem top cap bolt.

Bosch Kiox LCD Display With Heart Rate For Bosch Electric Bikes 2019 The Bosch Kiox display offers all the rider credentials in a neat and easy to read user interface. Riders can see important factors like speed, distance and battery range on the screen. The newly designed 2019 control buttons, which sit to the left of the bars allow scrolling of this screen. Other data includes ride summaries, fitness levels and heart rate monitoring (by connecting a Bluetooth BLE heart rate monitor). The control buttons have been redesigned in 2019 for easier use and navigation of the display. The buttons are slightly bigger and easier to use with gloves on for example. They also feel really positive/satisfying to operate.

Bosch Kiox LCD Display For Bosch Electric Bikes 2019 Bosch Kiox is a small and robust unit, which magnetically clips onto the display. It's a very strong magnet and requires a tug to remove it from the display bracket. When clipping back on it quickly glides back into place quite satisfyingly The newly designed screen uses Gorilla Glass on the front which is scratch resistant.

New Bosch Fast Battery Charger

Bosch already has a Standard Charger and a Compact Charger. For 2019 Bosch eBike introduce a Fast Charger. This new charger is slightly larger and about 200g heavier than the Standard charger but offers a 6Ah charge rate.

Bosch eBike 2019 Fast ChargerThis brings the charge time down by around 50% compared to the compact charger. Typically a Bosch 500Wh battery will take 7.5hrs to charge on the Compact Charger, 4.5hrs on the Standard Charger and 3hrs on the new fast charger. The new 2019 Bosch Fast Charger is currently the fastest charger on the market of any system provider. Ideal for those more frequently charging their Bosch eBike batteries.

Compact Charger

Standard Charger

Fast Charger

Max Charge Current




Size Approx

160 x 75 x 45 mm

190 x 86 x 54 mm

200 x 90 x 60 mm

Weight Approx




500Wh Charge Time




The new Bosch Fast Charger is compatible with all Bosch eBike systems to date. You can also use it on the original Classic+ line by using this adaptor.

New Faster Walk Assist Operation

Yes, eBikes are made for the climbs, but every now and again you want to use the walk-assist when beside the bike for navigating obstacles or manoeuvring the bike up steep slopes. Bosch recently updated the walk-assist button, as it was smaller and more difficult to hold underneath or above the controls. Now you simply press the 'Walk' button and then hold the '+' button within 5 seconds to activate it. It's easier to do with gloves on and more natural to hold this way. We do know that they are extending this 5 second activation time by a few seconds soon to make it easier and for users to navigate the two buttons in tandem.

Bosch eBike 2019 Update For Faster Walk Assist ButtonThe current walk assist is good, but some riders have said it lacks grunt. New for 2019 Bosch offer a software update to fix all of this. Now with the improved use of the gradient sensor, the walk-assist can adapt to changes terrain in both steepness and obstacles. The walk assist, automatically adapts to the slope it's on offering the rider full support where it's needed most. The new more powerful walk assistance enables sharp increases in walking speed to be mastered more easily with your eMTB. A new application ensures optimum power transmission - even on electric mountain bikes with short cranks.

What's Next?

It's an exciting time for Bosch as they continue to dominate the market & react to rider feedback. No doubt they'll be a few more updates coming very soon. We also know that up until now the eMTB mode comes as standard as part of the latest bike firmware update. This is not optional, but in July the dealer diagnostics will give the option to turn it on/off.

New 2019 Bosch eBike Electric Bike System It's important to note, as mentioned above, all of these Bosch eBike updates will come as standard on 2019 Bosch electric bikes, but is also completely update-able onto previous model years using the Bosch Performance CX motor.

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