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New Bosch eBike System Electric Bike Systems for 2023

New Products for Bosch eBike Systems in 2023 Unveiled

By Martin Brown |

Every year Bosch eBike Systems continue to innovate in the electric bike world and for 2023 is no different. We're excited to tell you all about the new innovations from Bosch eBike systems in 2023, keep reading to learn more.

Following the Bosch eBike announcements for 2022, we are pleased to say Bosch have further refined the range and even added some new components for 2023! Let's break them down to make it more digestible.  

New Bosch eBike Connect Module & Alarm 2023

We all know how bike theft security is important. Well, Bosch have been listening to us and come up with some brand new Bosch electric bike security features for 2023.

New eBike Connect App & Alarm Component 2023

eBike Connect Module
The Bosch eBike connect module offers unparalleled, built in security for your eBike in combination with a physical lock. 

eBike Alarm System
Incorporating an audible and visual alarm, activation is automatic and immediate whenever the bike senses movement while the system is armed. 

Worry-free eBike Parking
Once parked and locked, you can view the location of your bike using the Bosch eBike Flow app. 

eBike Lock with the new Smart System
One-time activation of the Bosch eBike Lock function using your eBike Flow app is all that's needed to enable the full suite of security functions for your Bosch driven eBike.

New Bosch eBike Controller & Mini Remote 2023

Whilst it's great to have eBike rider controls at easy reach, more and more bikers are preferring the integrated look. Bosch has come up with a brand new controller and mini remote to conquer this.
New Bosch eBike Smart Controller & Mini Remote

New Bosch System Controller
Forming part of the new Bosch Smart Smart system product family, the new System controller serves as an interface between the on-bike Bosch system, and the Bosch eBike Flow App. 

New Bosch eBike Mini Remote
Functions of the new Bosch eBike Mini Remote are reduced to just the required essentials. Each riding mode is given a unique colour to quickly feed back the selected mode, and the status of the battery is given as coloured LED bars. At full charge, each light is blue. As each bar of charge is used, the LED will turn white. 

New Riding Modes
As part of a host of updates, the Bosch Smart system gains a new "Auto" mode. This new mode works in a similar way to eMTB mode, quickly adjusting the amount of assistance provided based on rider input. eMTB mode remains, providing a more intuitive feel designed to accurately mimic the riders own inputs with a matched output for a more natural, precise feel. 

New Bosch eBike Intuvia 100 Display 2023

The original Bosch Intuvia display has been at the heart of the Bosch eBike system since the start. Today, for 2023 Bosch brings out the new Intuvia 100 wireless display.

New Bosch Intuvia 100 eBike Display

Bosch Intuvia 100 Display
The new Bosch 100 Intuvia display is designed to be so intuitive it barely even needs instructions to use! 

Wireless Connection
The Bosch Intuvia 100 display system is the first of its kind from Bosch to operate solely using Bluetooth. Simply clip onto the handlebars and the unit pairs seamlessly with the control system. 

Important Ride Data
The Intuvia 100 screen is clean, clear and an easy to read screen in all light conditions and the most important information about your bike and ride are available at an immediate glace, with minimal distraction. 

New Bosch eBike ABS Brakes 2023

Cycle safety is paramount and particularly on city bikes where there's plenty of other road users too. For 2023 Bosch refined their anti-lock braking system for Bosch eBikes.

New Anti-Lock Braking System for Bosch eBikes 2023

Anti-lock Braking Function
ABS is still a very rare function to see on eBikes, but Bosch have been at the forefront of development - pulling from their experience in the Automotive market. 

Front Wheel ABS
Sensors monitor front wheel speed and automatically regulate brake pressure for safe, efficient braking. 

Anti Rear Wheel Lift Control
In the event that a rider accidentally over-brakes the front wheel, the Bosch eBike ABS system can modulate front braking pressure to ensure the rear wheel remains in contact with the riding surface for maximum stability and control. 

Braking Statistics
Full braking statistics and information about individuals braking behaviour are available to display on bikes fitted with the Bosch Kiox 300 display. When retrieving statistics, users are able to see when the brakes were applied, the braking time and the distance covered while braking. 

New Bosch eBike Battery Line Up for 2023

With more new battery options from Bosch brings new innovations and frame integrations from bicycle manufacturers. For 2023 Bosch plugs the gap and expands their complete eBike battery line-up.

New 2023 Bosch eBike Battery PacksBosch eBike Battery Packs
Bosch still provide a battery for every conceivable type of bike their systems can be fitted to. For many years they've continued to produce their 300Wh, 400Wh, and 500Wh PowerPack batteries however for 2022, Bosch are producing two new options, specifically aimed at the Cargo market and for manufacturers who's bike frames don't allow for an internally mounted option in the form of the brand new Bosch PowerPack 745Wh and 545Wh options.

Bosch eBike Battery Power Tubes
As well as their older form factor PowerPack systems, Bosch will also continue to manufacturer the 400Wh, 500Wh and 625Wh PowerTube models in both vertical and horizontal orientation, as well as their "new for 2022" 750Wh PowerTube battery for the new Bosch Smart System equipped bikes.

New Bosch eBike Drive Units for 2023

All of the three motor types below now all feature the Bosch Smart System for 2023. Therefore they'll be compatible with all the Smart System features and upgrade opportunities, previously only available to the Performance Line CX.

New Bosch eBike Systems Motor Types for 2023

Bosch Performance Line
The new Bosch Performance line motor features an increase of torque now up to 75Nm. This along with the new 'Auto Mode' that is similar to the eMTB mode previously seen on the Performance CX motor, the Auto Mode' adapts the motor assistance provided based on rider conditions like riding into a steep incline or even riding into a head wind.

Bosch Performance Line Speed
The new Bosch Performance Line Speed offers up to 85Nm and the difference here is that it's tailored to some countries where S-Pedelecs are safe and legal to ride on the road. The Performance Line Speed offers additional assistance up to 45 kp/h over the standard 25 kp/h seen on the other motor types.

Bosch Cargo Line
The new Bosch Cargo line motor is specifically designed around cargo bikes where additional riders and/or luggage demand a different torque curve and a more refined motor to carry extra weight around. The Cargo Line offers up to 400% support and now also features a specific cargo assistance mode.

Watch The Latest Seminar From Bosch

Bosch is launching the new 2023 Bosch eBike system today on YouTube with a live seminar. Watch below:

What do we think?

It's great to see Bosch innovating year-on-year. They continue to be market leaders in the electric bike world and we at E-Bikeshop have been ambassadors for the Bosch eBike system since it first launched many moons ago.

E-Bikeshop.co.uk - UK Bosch eBike Dealer

For us Bosch is a clear leader, not just for innovations, but also for after-sales support and backup. They have the resources to offer the complete all-in-one-package to the modern day electric bike user.

Whilst we are here, let's take a look at some common questions that'll crop up:

When will the Bosch eBike Module & Alarm be available? 
Bosch have said that this is due to launch in Autumn 2022. We expect dealers will have stock towards the end of the year, where you'll be able to visit your dealer and opt for fitting of the new Bosch eBike Module.

Is there an ongoing cost to use the new eBike alarm?
Bosch have said that that they are including a 12-month trial period within the price for those purchasing the optional upgrade. Thereafter the eBike alarm function will cost £4.99 per month or £39.99 if purchased annually.

Can I fit the new Smart Remote to my existing Bosch eBike?
The new Bosch Smart Remote is designed to be fitted at manufacturer level into the top tube of the electric bike. This means this is not possible to retro-fit to existing models as the bicycle has to be manufactured to include the smart remote.

Is the new Bosch Intuvia 100 display compatible with my current eBike?
The new Bosch Invtuvia 100 dispaly is compatible with existing bikes that already feature the Bosch Smart System. Please check your existing system, the smart system has featured on some specific eBike models and started featuring on 2022 model year electric bikes onwards.

Can I change the motor in my current eBike to one of the new Smart System motors?
This is not possible. Motor integration is designed by bicycle frame manufacturers and thus features different mount points and integration options. All Bosch motors are only available on an exchange basis, it's not possible to add or replace a Bosch motor with a different or later type.


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