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E-Bikeshop Owners Club Ride at WindHill Bike Park, March 2018

E-Bikeshop Owners Club Ride: WindHill March 2018

By Martin Brown |

On Sunday 25th March, the E-Bikeshop Owners Club met at WindHill. Located near Longleat to check out the new trail park on electric mountain bikes. We all met in the main car park which was surprisingly almost already full early on a Sunday morning. A short stint across to the trail centre led us straight to the top of the hill. WindHill is a dedicated B1kePark so every run starts at the top of the hill on a roll in. It's a really neat setup with a seating area and small cafe style bar underneath the wooden roll in structure. We started on the Blue runs which then led onto the Red's, loads of flowy berms take you down the hill, with lots of tabletop jumps in between. We did a few runs and then climbed straight back to the top on the eBikes. It was great riding past those pushing and then coming back up again before they'd even made it back to the top! Following a coffee and natter, we headed for some new Red runs we'd not yet done. Then session'ed some of the mid-sized jumps halfway down the run. One of our guys - Dan decided he'd tackle some of the bigger doubles, we all watched in anticipation as he made it over them! The great thing about this bike park is that most runs on the Blue and Red are completely rollable where the jumps are, so it's good for a mix of abilities.

All in all a great day out with some new and past faces, the weather was again on our side with not a drop of rain all day! The trails were fast enough to ride whilst not being dusty, perfect! Just a note of reference for anyone deciding to travel to WindHill Bike park near Longleat: Don't follow the sat nav postcode provided as it takes you into the Longleat Safari trail a few miles down the road at Longleat Zoo! Best to come off the roundabout where the main entrance is situated, then drive past the Longleat Zoo main entrance and the WindHill Bike Park car park is a little further up on the right. The next ride is up and live now on the Owners Club page. So take a look and click ‚ÄėJoin‚Äô to confirm attendance. We will, of course, publish all the photos of this ride on the ebikeshop club page in the next few days, don‚Äôt forget to tag yourself in them.

The E-Bikeshop Owners Club is a closed group of riders, if you have purchased an eBike from us and want to get involved, please find all the details here: E-Bikeshop owners Club.

Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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