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Haibike eBike Electric Bike Review FatSix

User Review: Haibike Fat Six Electric Mountain Bike

By Martin Brown |

It's always great to hear feedback on the electric bikes and service we offer. This eBike review just came in from a customer who's taken delivery of a Haibike Fat Six electric bike.


Where did it start?

After a great deal of research, I chose to purchase online from e-bikeshop.co.uk of Farnham, Surrey and was impressed by their service and the prompt and helpful answers to my questions prior to purchasing from Alfred, their sales/support guy. This was important as I had very specific requirements.


Rider requirements?

I am 66 years old, a lifelong cyclist, took up mountain biking with a passion at the age of 40 and had to give up my classic Gary Fisher hardtail altogether about 6 years ago due to the effects of age and injuries. To be brief, I have extensive nerve, ligament and tendon damage to my left arm, leg and lower back, limited neck movement and arthritic comedy hands.
Given that I have been 6 years out of the saddle and am not properly cycling fit, I have been delighted with the results so far

I live on the coast in the northwest Highlands of Scotland. From the village, everywhere is uphill and I needed a bike which offered me a chance to get out again in comfort and of course - style. I can report that the Haibike FatSix met those requirements beautifully.


How is the bike?

It's effectively wiped around 20 years off the decrepitude slate for me. It has also attracted some curious stares, which I put down to the bike rather than the fact that, according to a friend, it is apparently being ridden by an elderly wizard in a deerstalker. Selle Royal Drifter SaddleOrdered on Monday, it arrived on the Wednesday morning, charged and ready to go. I had asked Alfred to fit a Selle Royale Drifter saddle, which he did free of charge, enclosing the original saddle ‚Äď which was appreciated. I had to take 50mm off the seat post to get it properly set up and within 30 minutes I was off. It took a little while to realize that the front forks were seriously under pressure but luckily a shock pump was to hand and with a bit more tinkering here and there, I got it set up perfectly.


How is the riding?

I have now completed several test rides on roads and estate tracks, including a relentless 1.5 km uphill section of road, most of which I managed on the Eco+ and Eco settings, with Standard and High levels of assistance being needed at around 1 and 1.2 km respectively. Every ride on the Haibike provides a workout and allows me to test my limits without the pain and discomfort which comes with being old and knackered. Haibike Electric Fat Bike Rider Review Even without power, the Haibike FatSix is easy to pedal and handles very well. The 11-gear spread covers every eventuality, the beefed-up derailleur is very positive and precise and the remote front fork lockout is an absolute boon. The disc brakes provide excellent, smooth stopping power which, given the weight of the rig ( and me at 95 kg. ) is just as well. I currently estimate around 30 off-road miles to a charge at my present level of required assistance.


Conclusion on the Haibike Fat Six?

Given that I have been 6 years out of the saddle and am not properly cycling fit, I have been delighted with the results so far. The Haibike FatSix suits me and my eccentric sense of style down to the ground and whilst I appreciate that fat bikes are not everyone’s cup of tea, I would thoroughly recommend the whole electric bike thing to anyone, particularly those with similar problems to mine, who would like to get back out on a bike again. Thanks to Alan Booth for this review. Click to learn more about our Haibike Electric Bikes.
Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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