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2017 Scott E-Spark Electric Bike Range

First Look: Scott E-Spark 2017 Shimano Steps Electric Bikes

By Martin Brown |

We take a first look at the new Scott range of Shimano Steps E-Spark 2017 eBikes. Built on a whole new chassis and equipped with the very latest electric bike components.

What's new?

Scott worked closely with Shimano to completely and radically re-design the E-Spark range for 2017. The new Shimano Steps E8000 system, to summarise the Shimano system benefits: + Higher assist torque in low cadences for improved support when climbing steep sections + Faster cut off when the rider stops pedalling, ensuring better control in technical sections + Smoother power-assist that allows for more natural riding + Increased assist at specific cadences

New Shimano Steps eSystem for Scott E-Spark BikesThe new Shimano eMTB 2017 system has been designed specifically for electric mountain bikes, you can learn more about the system in our complete article here: Shimano Steps eMTB Scott has cleverly integrated the bigger 500Wh battery into the 2017 E-Spark downtube.

New Range

Scott focussed on the E-Spark range of electric mountain bikes and refined it to just 3 key models for 2017 depending on what level of specification the rider prefers. All built on trail friendly 130mm of travel to make the all round mountain bike. Scott also gave all the new E-Spark 2017 eBikes the new 27.5+ setup. PLUS. What's this all about? The new revelation hitting the cycling industry by storm is the 27.5+ tyres for ultimate traction and grip, without compromising on rolling resistance. All the plus's are there!

Scott E-Spark 720 Plus

The entry-level model in the new E-Spark range for 2017. A great way into the new Shimano Steps system and sharing the same frame as it's bigger brothers. A good mix of Fox & Shimano!

Scott E-Spark 720 Plus 2017 Shimano

Price: ¬£3999 | Read the full specification here ‚Äď Scott E-Spark 720 Plus 2017

Scott E-Spark 710 Plus

The E-Spark 710 is the mid-range model with a great spec including full Shimano XT drivetrain & brakes. Fox 34 Elite's up front, custom tuned shock on the rear & a decent finishing kit.

Scott E-Spark 710 Plus 2017 Shimano

Price: ¬£4999 | Read the full specification here ‚Äď Scott E-Spark 710 Plus 2017

Scott E-Spark 700 Plus TUNED

The top spec model in the new 2017 E-Spark range. The 700 Plus TUNED offers a riders dream of components whilst fully integrating Shimano Di2 gear system with the Shimano Steps system.

Scott E-Spark 700 Plus TUNED 2017 Shimano

Price: ¬£6099 | Read the full specification here ‚Äď Scott E-Spark 700 Plus TUNED 2017

What do we think?

We think a big bonus of the Shimano eMTB Steps system is the fully integrated Di2 system, so we expect the limited edition E-Spark 700 Plus to be very popular!

The other 2 models offer a good spec grade depending on what you are after, the E-Spark 720 is a nice price point without breaking the bank and is great for your eMTB beginner. Scott have already told us that the demand has been huge for these 3 bikes, the 700 TUNED in particular.

We love the way Scott have integrated the Battery into the E-Spark downtube, it makes for a nice overall look and of course bring the centre of gravity low too, so the bike handles well.

When can you get one?

The new Scott E-Spark bikes will be available in Spring 2017. You can already pre-order your eBike model on our website here - Scott 2017 eBikes. Expect some models to sell out before arrival.


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