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Bosch & Yamaha eBike Controls Comparison
How To: Change the Clock on Bosch & Yamaha eBikes Wed, Apr 01, 15
OK, so it's that time of year again, where we get frequent calls on how to change the clock on your Bosch / Yamaha eBikes. All explained in the manuals,... Read More
Thule Car Towbar Rack Guide
Thule Towball Cycle Racks Explained - Which is best for electric bikes? Thu, Jul 17, 14
We get asked many questions about which Thule towball (tow bar) mounted car bike rack is best. We decided to do a brief review of the Thule range and explain... Read More
Bosch Powerpack 400 2014 Battery
How to look after and extend the life of your Bosch eBike Battery Sun, Dec 22, 13
The 300Wh & 400Wh PowerPacks used on Bosch powered eBikes are amongst the most advanced batteries currently on the electric bike market. They offer a superior range, reliability & longevity... Read More
Rock Shox Reverb
RockShox Reverb Dropper Seat Post for eBikes Thu, Nov 14, 13
The all-new Reverb gives you infinite seat-height adjustment and control of your return speed in a hydraulically actuated remote package. Read More
electric bike bosch de restriction cut off 15mph
How to de-restrict a Bosch electric bike Wed, Oct 30, 13
Bosch electric bikes sold throughout Europe are capable of speeds of 30mph+. But due to current legislation they are restricted to 15mph (25kph). Are you fed up with the power... Read More
How much does it cost to run and electric bike?
What are the running costs of owning an electric bike? Wed, Oct 23, 13
OK so how much does it cost to own, run & maintain an electric bike? Here is a short guide I have written to help you determine the running costs... Read More