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How eBikes Can Benefit

Why would you want an electric bike? Electric bikes are many things to many people. Some want to extend a commute or arrive less hot and bothered, and others are after a helping hand on the hills, when transporting children, or to keep up with fitter riding companions. Whilst some just like the fun factor. Electric bikes really do have a lot to offer:

Eco Friendly

Heathly Lifestyle

Faster Commuting

Save Costs

I’ve seen articles which suggest it is for those people that aren’t very fit for one reason or another, but I don’t really agree with that assessment. An e-bike is a really efficient means of personal transport for anyone, much better in the city than a car, or even a motorbike - David
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Gocycle Review

The most recent take up in the eBike world has been the introduction of electric mountain biking. To sum it up it's pretty much the most amount of fun you can have on an MTB! It initially started with people intrigued with the sport. Often dismissed until actually tried in reality, it's great! We now see more and more younger mountain bike enthusiasts moving over to eMTBs, to progress their skills, cover more distance and ride longer, faster & harder than ever before!

Since I bought my electric mountain bike I have now lost a total of 52lbs in weight, I am the same weight now as when I left the Merchant Navy, I am fitter, stronger and even better looking if that’s possible, well that what my wife tells me. All this and I am saving money and the planet, it really doesn’t get any better - - Bernie
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Gocycle Review

Think of it this way:
Forget the hills, arriving sweaty, the parts you had to get off and walk up & the stressful bits. Now think of all the best bits, the fun, the smiles, the fitness and enjoyment you get out of cycling. Imagine just riding with all the best bits. See now why so many people are taking to eBikes? Try one you'll see what we mean!

Electric bike running costs can be compared to those of a car. A lot of people are finding commuting on an electric bike a much more economical way to travel. Some also prefer the eBike experience to that of a car. Overall there are next to no standing charges per year for an eBike.

Standing Charges Per Year

Average Size Petrol Car Average Electric Bike
Road Tax £175.00 £0.00
Insurance £806.00 £0.00
MOT £55.00 £0.00

TOTALS £1036.00 £0.00

As for running costs, well there are so many factors to include it’s a little difficult to average. As many cars and eBikes have such a wide range of running costs between them. One of the biggest factors is going to be fuel prices as these change all the time.

Typically an average petrol car will cost 14.19pence per mile just on petrol. Whereas an average eBike can travel a mile in roughly 0.13 of a penny. There are other factors to include in the running costs like Tyres, Service Charges, Replacement Parts, Parking tickets, Depreciation etc. Read our full running costs article here »

How eBikes Work

So how does an electric bike work? In simple terms, you ride it just the same as a normal bike, but it takes the edge off riding. It particularly comes into it's realm when cycling up hills. Click on the components below to learn a little more about each.

All of these components combine to create the complete eBike system. Our bikes have 4 different levels of assistance modes ranging from 50% up to 300% assist. Outside of the electrical features you can pedal a eBike just the same as a regular bike.

eBike Maintenance

You should have your eBike serviced just the same as any regular bike. Just because it is electric assisted doesn't mean it requires more frequent servicing. In most instances an annual service is enough, however customers using their bikes more frequently or in more extreme environments may require more frequent servicing.

Often you can feel when your bike needs a look over. Any proficient bike shop can offer cycle servicing, they can fine tune the brakes, gears and check the components to make sure everything is running at maximum efficiency.

Generally cleaning the bike and oiling the chain frequently will help enhance the lifespan of the components. The electric system (motor, battery and display) is sealed & doesn't require routine maintenance. On certain models we can also offer updates to software with tweaks and improvements further down the line. Read our full eBike maintenance article here »

Electric Bike Systems

At e-bikeshop we specialise in crank drive electric bikes. Built for efficiency, range and an overall natural, enjoyable ride. It's important to know, within the range we have 2 systems - Bosch & Yamaha. Let's just understand a little on each:

Bosch System

The Bosch system is offered in a couple of styles, Active & Performance line. The system depends on the type of application the bike will be used for.

The Performance line is more used across eMTB's for a sportier ride. Whilst the Active line is generally used in town and touring bikes, built for efficiency and a smooth ride.

Other options from Bosch include different capacity battery packs & display options.

Bosch Nyon Electric Bike System

Yamaha Electric Bike System

Yamaha System

The Yamaha eBike system is easier to explain. One system is used across multiple applications. The Yamaha controls are simple to operate and the motor feels sporty to ride.

The system is exclusively available on Haibike and Yamaha electric bikes and comes in at an affordable price point.

Options on Yamaha eBikes include single and double ring gear setup's on the front on selected bikes.

We would suggest to not define which eBike to go for by system type, rather look at the different styles of bikes on offer and which is most suitable to your application. Both systems work in similar ways, don't always use it as a solid deciding point.

Differences Between Hub And Crank Drive eBikes

There are two main types of motor on the market: Hub drive & crank drive, and they work in different ways.

Hub drive is a motor unit mounted in the front / back wheel. As the user pedals, it senses it's moving and sends power from the battery to the motor. This in turn will push the user from the back wheel or pull you along from the front wheel.

Crank drive is where the motor is mounted directly in the frame and drives on the chain itself, at the same place that you apply your energy - on the pedals. It measures 3 sensors a 1000 times per second and applies power accordingly. This system is much more efficient as the user is effectively always in the perfect gear alongside the motor unit when pedalling forward and generally requires a smaller battery to operate. As the motor is mounted centrally on the bike it won’t cause the front or back end of the bike to become heavier. Another advantage is that it can perform better in slippery conditions, as there is less chance of wheel spin as the power is applied. There is less ‘surging’ and the torque is applied more evenly through the range.

You can learn more about further differences between Bosch & Yamaha crank drive systems in our comparison article here »

Types Of eBikes

Choosing the right style of eBike to support your style of riding is important. The eBike market has grown massively over the past few years and with it a multitude of different styles, designs and purposes. Fortunately our range offers a bike for everyone. To make it easier, we split it up into 3 main categories initially, with different styles further on within each:

Full Suspension MTB

What's a full suspension bike? In layman's terms it offers suspension both at the front and back of the bike.

Full suspension bikes offer the most versatility for your true off-roader. With different styles, wheel sizes and travel options available there is something to suit everyone.

Modern day suspension bikes are also more efficient than ever. So we can offer lighter travel bikes for your more casual rider, with the added benefit of comfort at the back end where required, but with options to lock out on the hard pack surfaces.

Hardtail & Cross

A hardtail bike does what it says in the name, it offers suspension at the front, but is rigid (hard) at the rear (tail).

Hardtails are great for your lighter terrain rider. They also come up a little more affordable, suspension at the front to tackle rougher ground with ease and added comfort.

Hardtails are also a popular choice for commuters who want a practical bike in the week, but be able to tackle a little more off road fun at the weekend. The Cross style eBikes offers a lightweight, clutter free trekking bike with slightly more grippy tyres.

Road, Town & Trekking

Although one category, we categorise these together because they are mainly built for tarmac riding.

A couple of the eBikes we offer are for road / urban riding and specifically suited as faster bikes for tarmac riding.

However a trekking bike (hybrid) is also capable of light off road, bridle paths or alike due to its front suspension and mixed terrain tyres. A trekking bike is essentially an equipped hybrid bike, so you get useful essentials like mudguards, pannier rack etc already fitted to the bike.

Town bikes, do just that, they are effective for everyday riding in and around town and light bridle paths etc.

It's important to think about your actual needs & what you will effectively be using your eBike for. Now you should have a rough idea of where you fit within these, you can learn more about the different options within each category further on.

Where to set your budget?

Your budget could be a big factor in your hunt for an eBike. With prices in the thousands, you should be prepared to pay a little more for an eBike than a normal pedal cycle.

Electric bikes can cost anything up to £10,000+ but realistically the bulk of crank drive eBikes start at about £1800 and range up to around £6000. The extra technology in the motor and battery forces additional premiums over the cost of a normal bicycle.

The positive is that as technology progresses and base prices lower, you will find you can pick up a reliable machine for a fairly modest sum. As with anything in this world you pay for what you get, and for eBikes this means paying more for quality, range and reliability. Of course don’t pay more for something you don’t need; it’s easy to get carried away with your search.

Be prepared for your budget to fluctuate slightly, if one particular eBike is slightly more than your budget but realistically is going to serve a better job at doing what you want it to do then don’t rule it out. Sacrificing usability and function because of a budget could end up costing further down the line in repairs and replacement. Look around and compare eBikes at different price points before deciding on a final budget. Don’t rule anything out. Be flexible. Remember you get what you pay for!

Explore The eBike Range

Now for the fun bit! Let's explore some electric bikes. Below are the main categories, you can learn more on each page.

You can also use the further refinements to the left on category pages (above if viewing on mobile / tablet devices). You can set things like budget, wheel size, motor type, suspension travel. This will help you further narrow down to specific bikes.

Full Suspension MTB

Full Suspension Electric Bikes

Included Styles: DH, Enduro, All Mountain, Trail & Cross Country

Hardtail & Cross

Hardtail and Cross Country Electric Bikes

Included Styles: Fat Bike, Hardtail, Cross & Kids

Road, Town & Trekking

Road, Town & Trekking Electric Bikes

Included Styles: Road, Town, Trekking, Touring, Portable (Gocycle)

On each bike you can find detailed descriptions, specifications, videos, reviews & more. Have a look at a few before deciding which will be best for you. If you get stuck, please feel free to get in touch where we will be happy to assist. Enjoy!

Need Help Selecting A Bike?

Need help working out what is best? Tell us a little about you, so we can narrow down a few bikes that will suit you: