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So how does an electric bike work? In simple terms, you ride it just the same as a normal bike, but it takes the edge off riding. It particularly comes into it's realm when cycling up hills.

How does an Electric Bike Work?

The display gives you vital information whilst riding. This can include battery capacity, range, speed, odometer, trip distance and assistance modes. Advanced controls such as Bosch Nyon can also give you extra features like satellite navigation & fitness tracking.

Electric Bike Display

The battery is charged in the same way as charging your mobile phone, just plug it in. Depending on capacity it will recharge fully in approx 3 hours. The battery can be re-charged on or off the bike and gives ranges estimated in our calculator here.

Electric Bike Battery

As you pedal the motor measures 3 sensors and applies assistance exactly as required. The output changes as you go uphill / downhill accordingly. The motor will only work as hard as you tell it to, you are in control, pedal harder and it will assist you more.

Electric Bike Motor
Electric Bike Cleaning Maintenance

Do eBikes require maintenance?

You should have your eBike serviced just the same as any regular bike. Just because it is electric assisted doesn’t mean it requires more frequent servicing.

In most instances an annual service is enough, however customers using their bikes more frequently or in more extreme environments may require more frequent servicing. Often you can feel when your bike needs a look over. Any proficient bike shop can offer cycle servicing, they can fine tune the brakes, gears and check the components to make sure everything is running at maximum efficiency.

Cleaning the bike and oiling the chain frequently will help enhance the lifespan of the components. The electric system (motor, battery and display) is sealed & doesn’t require routine maintenance. On certain models we can also offer updates to software with tweaks & improvements further down the line. Read more in our tips guide here +

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