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Buyers Guide Step 3:
Electric Bike Systems

At e-bikeshop we specialise in crank drive electric bikes.
Built for efficiency, range and an overall natural, enjoyable ride. It's important to know, within the range we have two main system styles. Let's just understand a little on each:

Crank Drive Motors

We offer different crank motor options from famous names like Bosch, Yamaha, & Shimano.

Crank drive is where the motor is mounted directly in the frame and drives on the chain itself, at the same place that you apply your energy - on the pedals. It measures 3 sensors a 1000 times per second and applies power accordingly.

This system is much more efficient as the user is effectively always in the perfect gear alongside the motor unit when pedalling forward and generally requires a smaller battery to operate.

Crank drives can perform better in slippery conditions, as there is less chance of wheel spin as the power is applied. There is less ‘surging’ and the torque is applied more evenly through the range.

Crank Drive Electric Bike Motor

Hub Drive Motors

We feature the EbikeMotion X35 motor drive system on many of our Road, Cyclocross and even a Commuter bike too.

Hub drive is a motor unit mounted in the front or back wheel. As the user pedals, it senses it’s moving and sends power from the battery to the motor. This in turn will push the user from the back wheel or pull you along from the front wheel.

Typically hub motors are better suited to faster rolling bikes like electric road bikes for example as they are super light-weight and roll completely free off the power.

They tend to add that little boost without taking over the ride, for this reason, they use less power and generally feature smaller (lighter weight) batteries.

Hub Drive Electric Bike Motor
Electric Bike Motor Differences Explained

Differences between hub and crank drive

We would suggest to not define which eBike to go for by system type, rather look at the different styles of bikes on offer and which is most suitable to your riding application and needs.

Both systems work in similar ways, don't always use it as a solid deciding point.

Crank drive bikes often put out more power and they can offer more torque too. So you'll tend to find them on high powered electric mountain bikes or solid hybrid machines.

As hub motors feature lighter systems they tend to work well on eRoad bikes where you need more of a gentle boost over going up the trials in Turbo!

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