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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions relating to electric bikes. You can view individual bike questions in the FAQ tab of each eBike.

We try very hard to give as much information as possible about our electric bikes, but its hard to fit in every single question onto the website. Therefore if something is not answered below, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via Email or Telephone: 01252 279 279.

Most common general electric bike questions 

Most common sales questions on our website


Where can I ride an electric bike?
Treat an electric bike just the same as a normal bike. You can ride an electric assisted bike anywhere you can ride your regular bike. Be it on the road commuting to work or at your local trail center, electric bikes & regular bikes are governed the same.

Do I need a license to ride an electric bike on the road?
No not at all, again treat it the same as a regular bike. You will only ever need a license if you exceed the specified specification of EU law. All of e-bikeshop's electric bikes can be used anywhere without the need for a license.

Does the electric bike recharge whilst I am pedaling?
No it does not. Some manufacturers do advertise that the bikes regenerate whilst braking or going down hill. To be honest this is mainly marketing talk, we looked into this a while back, you generally have to add resistance to generate extra energy, you also have to add weight to the bike for the regenerative components. The gains are minimal and not worth the extra cost / weight / resistance.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?
All our electric bikes use lithium ion battery packs. These packs recharge very quickly compared to others on the market. In general a 400Wh pack will take about 3.5 hours to recharge 100% from flat. Interestingly the battery will actually charge approx 80% in about 1.5 hours, but the last 20% is set on a slower charge rate.

How should I look after my battery?
Generally speaking as long as you don't leave your battery for long periods of time completely empty and you top the battery up after each ride, this is all you need to do. However we do have more extensive article covering this on our blog pages. You can read how to look after your battery here

Should I completely drain the battery before charging?
On some cheaper bikes with different style cells, this is necessary. However all of our electric bikes feature high tech batteries, so this is not required. It is in fact, best to always top up our batteries, even if you have only travelled 10 miles, just top it up. 

Where are your electric bikes made?
At e-bikeshop we have a strict policy, we only sell European bikes. All of our bikes are hand assembled within Europe. You can see where each individual bike is made on the FAQ tab of each bike.

I have seen cheaper electric bikes, what's the difference?
Its the same old saying - You pay for what you get. At e-bikeshop we have chosen to not deal with cheaper, more 'rattly' models. In fact, we only deal with quality machines that are built to perform the task in hand. Buy cheap, buy twice is our policy. 

What's the difference between Bosch & Yamaha systems?
Both systems work in similar ways, they both are 250w crank drive's and both use Lithium-Ion battery packs. You can read more in depth articles on our blog pages. For example we have a whole article covering this topic that can be found here

Will your bikes move without pedalling, or have a throttle?
None of our bikes are fitted with a throttle. If this is what you are after, we suggest to look at a cheaper Chinese model eBike or alternatively a moped. All of our electric bikes feature crank drive motors, a throttle cannot be added on to any of our bikes. You may wish to try a crank drive bike as you'd be surprised how easy you can move in a high assistance mode with very little effort.

It's worth noting that EU law means most 'self propelled' bikes are classed as motor vehicles and thus need licensing, taxing and insuring to use on public roads.

How fast will electric bikes go?
All electric bikes are governed by law to an assisted speed of 15mph. You, can of course, pedal the bike faster, however you will be using your own pedal power as the assistance will drop off at 15mph. 

Which electric bike is best for me?
We offer a variety of electric bikes for different uses, our wide range ensures there is always a perfect model for each individual riders needs. You may already have some idea of what bike will suit you best. On each bike page, we have listed 'Who is this bike suitable for?' where you can read a brief overview on its use. You can view the full range here

Alternatively you may wish to use our 5 Step eBike guide. This will teach you about the bikes and which style will suit you best. At the end it will narrow down our range based on the parameters you tell it.

Better still is to arrange an appointment where we can talk you through the range in person. You can contact us here.

Why should I ride electric bikes?
Electric bikes are many things to many people, some use them as a vital tool for commuting, saving fuel, cutting transport costs and time. Whilst some people enjoy recreational rides, where you can go out traveling all day without the aggravation of steep hills. On the other extreme we have hardcore mountain bikers using an electric bike to beat up lifts. Of course whatever you ride up you get to hurtle back down. Generally you can get a lot more use in a day and cover more ground on an electric bike.

Remember with an eBike you get to do everything you are doing already but - Longer, harder & faster. Why not read some of the reviews others have outlined how it has benefited their life on the reviews section of our blog here

How should I clean my electric bike?
Clean your eBike like you would clean your regular bike. Use a hose, sponge and preferably a decent cleaner like - Muc Off. If you can, then clean it after every ride to keep it in tip top condition. Also remember after cleaning to re apply lubrication to the chain with a decent dry lube. Please resist from using pressure washers on your bike. Not because of the electrics, but high pressure water can push factory grease from the internal bearings leaving them dry for the next ride.

You can read more about cleaning and maintaining your eBike on our specific blog article here

Does it matter if the electronics get wet?
Generally speaking the electronic items on all of our electric bikes are sealed units, from the motor to battery to head unit. They are all weatherproof and have been designed for all purpose use i.e mountain biking, where occasionally there are deep puddles. Your eBike is expected to be able to handle this without any issues. If possible, try not to completely submerge your eBike. If you fall into a lake for example, make sure the bike is recovered quickly, along with yourself. Allow the bike to dry off before turning back on and returning to the trail. 

Can I retrofit the Bosch or Yamaha system?
No, neither the Yamaha or Bosch systems can be retro fitted to other bikes. All of our bikes are specifically engineered out of the factory to allow the correct mountings / stress of running the electric motor. You can purchase spares if you already own one of our bikes. But you cannot purchase the integral part of each system (the drive unit) on its own. 

Can I put one of your eBikes on a car rack?
All of our eBikes fit onto cycle racks. Our electric bikes are particularly light compared to others. You need to check the cycle racks maximum weight capacity. Most of our eBikes are around the 20kg mark. Clip on car racks normally hold around 45kg's so is enough for 2 of our electric bikes. A better fitting tow ball rack is the best.

You can also have roof bar racks, although you will need to lift the bike up onto the top of the car. You can view our full range of car racks here. Or read our blog, where we have a specific article covering the best tow ball racks to use here. As the Official Thule stockist in the South, we actually have both tow bar / roof racks mounted onto tow balls / roof bars with eBikes on them on demonstration in our shop. 

What are the running costs of owning an electric bike?
The running costs of owning an electric bike are very low compared to other modes of transport. Generally good quality electric bikes use better components that last longer compared to cheap bikes. Its the same old saying again - You pay for what you get. We do have a good article on our blog explaining the running costs in more detail here.

What's the difference between 250w and 350w motors?
Bosch offer a 250w & 350w motor, both motors are the same although one is pre-programmed to hit a faster assisted speed. We explain these differences in more detail on a blog article here. Remember a 250w Bosch motor with a tuning kit will go faster than a 350w motor as standard. 

Can I try the bike before I buy?
Yes of course, you can visit, we can talk you through your riding style and requirements and offer expert advice as to which model to select. We will be able to advise particular eBikes and talk them through in more detail. We also give you the opportunity to ride a crank drive bike so you can get a feel for them prior to purchase. 

At e-bikeshop we work by appointment only so we can talk to each customer on an individual basis to give the best advice possible. If you like the bike, you have the option to take it away there and then with any accessories fitted and a full fitting session on the bike itself. We may ask you to go for a short ride on the bike to make sure you are happy with the set up and also able to answer any operational questions you may have. 

Can I order online and collect the bike in store?
Yes, not a problem, you can order the bike from the comfort of your own home. Just add everything to the basket and purchase in the normal way. Once the order has been placed, send us an email to arrange an appointment that suits you to visit us and collect the bike. We always allow enough time so we can further answer any questions you may have and to talk through the operation of the bike. We will refund any delivery charges incurred during the check out process.

I live outside of the UK, how do I purchase?
No problem, we ship all of our products worldwide. International delivery prices are calculated during the checkout process. Most of our deliveries are via DHL Express Worldwide air freight however for some locations we offer an alternative cheaper Road Economy option. If this is available to your area it will be presented during the checkout process.  You can also obtain international delivery prices prior to the checkout by selecting the 'Estimate Shipping & Taxes' option in the shopping cart. Please note that we do not include any local taxes, import duties or other charges which may be levied in your own country and these remain your responsibility.

Customers are sometimes confused about delivery prices. This is because for large boxed items, such as bikes, the courier companies charge by 'volumetric weight' rather than the actual weight of the product. Our bikes, when packed, have a 'volumetric' weight of 80-160 kg.

Whilst we attempt to accurately show all delivery prices, due to the number of complexities involved with shipping internationally we reserve the right to revise shipping costs. If this occurs we will contact you prior to shipping. We require 'Bank Transfer' as the payment method for all international shipments. 

Can you remove UK VAT for export outside of the EU?
We can remove UK VAT / Tax for certain countries outside of the EU (or to business outside of the UK with a valid EU VIES VAT number). We can invoice you for export excluding VAT with a door-to-door shipping rate, please enquire via email here.

How long will my eBike take to arrive?
We send all our eBike's out on a 24h courier service for mainland England, Wales & the Central Belt of Scotland. So as long as your order is in before 11am, it should arrive with you by 5:30pm the following day. For Higlands, Islands and international orders please see our Delivery Information page. We can offer a priority service but this is at additional cost, please enquire for prices. 

Please remember that we rely on 3rd party couriers so delivery dates / times are outside of our control & therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Will the electric bike arrive assembled?
Your bike will arrive 99% assembled (with any accessories you have added to the order, fitted to the eBike) and will be delivered in one of our specially designed boxes. Someone needs to be available to sign for the parcel. The box is rather large, our courier will help you carry it in, but they may not enter the property and carry up stairs for example. 

To fit the eBikes into our special boxes we have to turn the handlebars 90 degrees and remove the pedals. This are simple to re-fit once you have unpacked your bike. If you require assistance please email us and we will be happy to help. 

Where should I get my electric bike serviced?
At e-bikeshop all of our electric bikes use standard components, so any cycle shop in the world is able to service the bike. We prefer for you to come and take advantage of our fast turnaround & quality servicing, however this is not always possible for our customers further afield. In this instance you can book it into your local cycle shop for annual servicing.

The electrical components of the eBike are sealed and require no further servicing once the bike has been initially built by our team. Our article on the blog for electric bike servicing covers this in more detail. 

How often should I have my electric bike serviced?
You should have your eBike serviced just the same as your regular bike. Just because it is electric assisted doesn't mean it requires more frequent servicing. In most instances an annual service is enough, however customers using their bikes more frequently or in more extreme environments may require more frequent servicing. Generally you can feel when your bike needs a look over. We have written a lovely article on our blog - The Electric Bike Service & Maintenance Guide

Where can I buy spare parts for my electric bike?
Remember all of the components are regular cycle components, so you can pick up spares e.g inner tubes, tyres brake pads etc from any good cycle shop. The electrical components are a little more niche. This is why we offer the complete range of parts and spares available directly from our shop in the 'Parts & Spares' Section here exclusively for our customers.

I don't live local to you, what happens in the event of a problem?
In the unlikely event of a problem, you can contact us via email where we will be happy to assist getting any niggles resolved. Most cycle shops can work on the regular components and carry spares if required. These parts can also be ordered from us on a next day basis, again we can assist with fitting over the phone. On all of our Bosch eBikes we have an option of sending you a diagnostic kit. Providing you have access to a computer or laptop, we can diagnose, clear and reset errors from the comfort of your own living room. This is very rare to have to do this, but we have this method in place should it be required. 

What warranty do you offer on your bikes?
All of our electric bikes come with the best warranty possible. We offer 5 years on the frame, 1 year on all of the components & 2 years on the whole electrical system. All of our warranty work is carried out in house. This means we resolve this for you as opposed to passing you on to a third party. We offer the quickest turnaround in the country, our aim is to offer a complete happy eBiking experience, so it's in our interest to get any minor issues resolved quickly for you. Please see our warranty page for further details.

As long as you are the original owner, we will of course happily support you outside of any warranty period. We are just an email or call away. Warranty doesn't cover bulbs, brake pads / blocks, bearings, tyres, tubes, chains, sprockets, hangers, cables and other items generally regarded as consumables. Please also be aware that second hand bikes aren't covered by warranties which rest with the original purchaser.

How do I know what size eBike to purchase?
Electric bikes come in many shapes and sizes. As do us humans, it is important we select the correct size bike. We offer most of our bikes in varied sizes to suit different builds. Please refrain from using online size guides as these often only relate to a particular style of bike, often these can lead to you acquiring the wrong size bike.

All of our bikes feature a Geometry chart. You can find this in the 'Downloads' tab on each bike page (Next to F.A.Q). If you are confused on cycle sizing, please give us a call where we will be able to ask the model of eBike you are looking for to gain the correct size. 

Where can I find reviews published on your electric bikes?
Our customers often leave reviews on each bike. You can find these by scrolling down to the 'Reviews' tab on each bike page. You can also read more reviews on the About Us page. Often our customers are so happy with their bikes they offer to write up a lovely article which we publish on our buzzing blog pages. You can find the Reviews section of our blog here.

How can I compare electric bikes on your website?
In the 'Electric Bikes' section of our website, you can compare up to 4 different bikes by clicking on the 'Two Arrow' symbol next to each models picture. Once you have selected all the models you wish to compare, scroll back to the top of the page and click on 'Product Comparison'. This will bring up all the selected models side by side for easy cross reference between specs, weights, pictures and prices etc. 

I have purchased an eBike from another retailer or second hand, I have a problem, can you assist?
At e-bikeshop we are committed to looking after our ever growing customer base. For this reason, we really learn about the products that we sell so we can offer the best back up, support and knowledge, not just at the point of sale, but also further down the line. Our aim is to look after you long term. We attend training sessions, write about, ride and work on our products each and every day, so we really know what we are talking about.

Unfortunately we cannot also offer this level of after sales support to customers that have purchased from other 'less knowledgeable' dealers or elsewhere. We understand that you may not realise this until a problem arises and the dealer leaves you in the dark but you have to consider when purchasing a bike, what sort of service and support you are going to get further down the line. On a daily basis we have other dealer's customers contact us because they have found out that the retailer they bought their bike from is not able or sometimes simply not interested in helping out. Unfortunately if we were to help all of these people it would impact on and compromise the level of support that we give to our own e-bikeshop customers. 

For us it's really not worth the risk, so we operate a strict policy that we can only support our own bikes supplied to our own customers. Please also be aware that second hand bikes aren't covered by warranties which rest with the original purchaser.