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Step 4:
eBike Battery Care

Look after your battery

The battery is the heart of any eBike. There are certain steps you can take to ensure your electric bike battery serves you well.

If you've just had your E-Bike delivered from us, we normally charge the battery between 50-75% before it leaves as we know you’ll be itching to ride it the minute you receive it. If possible, it’s best to charge it fully before the first ride. This helps condition the battery and gives it a start point from which to gauge the rest of its operation.

Electric Bike Battery Charging Guide

After Every Ride

After each ride, there are some steps you can take to ensure your eBike battery is ready and in perfect condition for your next outing. We recommend to charge your battery, but don't leave it on charge for consecutive days.

Remove For Cleaning: Always remove the battery prior to cleaning your electric bike, this ensures safe practice.

Charge The Battery Up: Fully charge the battery after every ride, even after only short distances, this ensures it's always topped up.

Make Sure It's Clipped Back In:
Always make sure your battery is fully clipped and locked into the frame to ensure it can never drop out.

Electric Bike Battery Charging Guide

Charging & Storage

If you are not planning to use your eBike for a while, then follow these tips to make sure it's ready when you come back to it. This is only if you're planning on storing your bike for several months or more.

The battery is charged in the same way as charging your mobile phone, just plug it in. Depending on capacity it will recharge fully in approx. 3 hours.

The battery can be re-charged on or off the bike (on some models) and gives ranges estimated in our calculator here.

Remove Battery From Bike:
It's best to not leave the battery in your electric bike, this is for both security & keeping the battery in good condition.

Store At 60% Capacity: Rather than store fully charged or depleted, it's best to store your battery at approx 60% for longer periods.

Store At Room Temperature: Store the battery at room temperature in a place free from moisture, this will put far less stress on the cells.

We hope you're now set and ready to ride!

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