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Bosch 2021 Nyon Retrofit Kit

Bosch E-Bike Parts

Bosch 2021 Nyon Retrofit Kit


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This is the complete 2021 Bosch Nyon Kit. You can replace any existing Bosch Intuvia display and control buttons on the Bosch Active or Performance Line eBike system.

The Nyon paves the way for a fully connected eBiking experience. The eBike Connect App connects the Nyon with your smartphone to exchange route data and activities. The colour display supports you as a smart guide when exploring previously unknown places and acts as a personal trainer by providing fitness data. You can operate the all-in-one on-board computer intuitively and easily via the touchscreen, and control it by means of the separate control unit while riding. Equally at home on extended rides or short routine trips: The robust and easy-to-read display ensures that you are well equipped for every situation and all weathers. The new Nyon on-board computer - a smarter, more intuitive and more connected generation. This is what Connected Biking feels like.

  • Simple and intuitive design and activation
  • Rugged, completely waterproof display
  • Touch screen, can also be used while wearing compatible gloves
  • Active when the bike is stationary, while in motion the functions on the screen are reduced for safety reasons
  • Brightness and smart backlighting, automatically adapt to external light, ensuring optimal readability in any driving situation (the user can also choose to have a completely clear or completely dark display)
  • Two installation positions for an ideal viewing angle
  • Possibility of fixing both on the stem and centrally on the handlebar
  • The new Nyon is capable of making driving even more comfortable and fun. EBikers can in fact decide in advance the future routes and follow them while pedalling on their ebike
  • Possibility of calculating the cyclist's power and heart rate (if using the heart rate monitor), showing the consumption of calories and other information on the screen
  • By comparing the pedalling speed and parameters with average performance values, this computer cycle allows you to have different data in real time and to automatically download them both on the App and on the Bosch online portal
  • By accessing the eBike Connect online portal, you choose the next ride (some of the Outdooractive platform are available and can also be imported from the komoot App) and upload it to Nyon. Once in the saddle you only have to follow the navigator of the cycle computer, which can be controlled directly via the touchscreen
  • Compatible with all Bosch motors from 2014

The kit includes:

  • The 3.2" Nyon BUI350 display
  • Display holder with 1,500mm cable
  • Control unit
  • Rubber spacers (for handlebar diameters 31.8 mm, 25.4 mm, 22.2 mm)

This will not retrofit onto the Classic+ System. It will only work with the Active, Performance & Performance CX systems.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ian Calderbank
Custom modes rock

bought this for my Emtb. I already had KIOX fitted, so this was a straight swap on the head unit cables - exactly the same cable is used - no need for motor drop or cable change.

My reason for purchase was the custom modes and these have not disappointed. I am working to improve my fitness so wanted to set support levels that are lower than ECO. the lowest that can be set is 10% support and any level up from there to 340% (which is equivalent to turbo). There are 5 points on a graph, going from 0% to 340% and 0km/h to 25km/h, which you can freely move more/less support (up/down) lower/higher speed (left/right), to get pretty much any support curve you want.
The support levels are customised within the APP, not on the nyon itself, then the mode is selected on the nyon in the same way as the normal modes. you then set the nyon, in a menu, so you are choosing between EITHER 4 custom modes or normal modes (the usual 4). if you want to swap custom to normal or vice versa, you stop riding and select the desired menus, takes a minute or two.
When riding with custom support levels between 10% and 30% I have been getting a human:motor ratio of between 80:20 and 75:25, whereas in ECO mode it was always 50:50. Thus, working my legs harder. Also side effect (obviously really) is a massive increase in available range, have seen it showing over 100km with the 625wh battery, not that I have actually ridden that far!
one interesting point is that riding with the support set really low, say 10%, if you are on an easy section and your own power output is less than about 150w (hard to get a fully accurate figure, but you can have it on screen and try to watch it if the section is easy enough) then the motor gives no support at all. I can only assume that this means the motor has a minimum output of about 15w. this can actually work really well - if you're cruising an easy flat section, no motor is used, optimising range , then when you hit a hill or technical section and put in more power, you get support. It might be a human torque dependency going on as well but I haven't figured that out yet. the nyon does give you a reading for human torque (the kiox didn't have a data field for this).

only minor niggle is the mount requires clamping to the bar both sides of the stem. It is however wide enough to be somewhat off centre, I've managed to mount one other device , a k-edge go pro mount that I use for centre-mounting a light, in the gap between the nyon's clamps and the stem by putting it slightly off centre. I also have to fit in a k-edge garmin mount, and a both-sides-clamped bar extender for a touring bag, so figuring out a bar configuration that worked with the Nyon, took me a couple of hours of re-mounting and un-mounting everything. It'd be nice if there was a stem, stem-cap or top-tube mounting option. However, the flat mounting plate that actually holds the nyon comes off the clamp, and is available as a spare, so it may be possible to figure something out DIY. The mount can be reversed (which I have done) which moves it a couple of inches further back, so that it doesn't overhang the front of the bars too much (a concern on an MTB in case you go over the front in a crash). I wouldn't want to have it on the fully forward position unless on a road bike.

The nav is the other gain over the kiox, I have briefly checked that it picks up my komoot routes and is able to offer guidance to start one of them , but I haven't ridden one yet.

Jorge Da Cunha
Nyon Upgrade

Upgraded from Nyon v.1and the kit is excellent a must upgrade for the Nyon system

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