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What's the difference between the Gocycle GX and Gocycle GXi?
What's the difference between the Gocycle GX & GXi electric bikes? Tue, Dec 10, 19
Apart from the Gocycle names being one letter apart, do you want to learn what the differences are between the Gocycle GX and the Gocycle GXi electric bikes? Keep reading... Read More
Is the Lapierre eZesty the lightest electric mountain bike?
Lapierre eZesty 2020 eMTB: World's lightest Electric Mountain Bike? Fri, Nov 22, 19
We often get asked what is the lightest electric mountain bike you can buy? Most eMTB are 24kg+ however the Lapierre eZesty weights in at just 18kg! Read More
Haibike FLYON Complete Guide 2020 Electric Bikes
The Complete Guide: Haibike FLYON 2020 Electric Bikes Thu, Oct 31, 19
This is everything you need to know about the new Haibike FLYON 2020 electric bikes. We offer the complete Haibike FLYON eBike guide, keep reading to learn more. Read More
Scott Genius eRide 2020 Electric Mountain Bikes
First Look: Scott Genius eRide 2020 Electric Bikes Tue, Oct 29, 19
Earlier this year we visited Scott in Switzerland to preview the new 2020 Genius eRide electric bikes. Powered by the mighty Bosch Gen 4 system. Read More
Orbea Electric Mountain Bikes 2020
First Look: Orbea WILD FS Electric Mountain Bikes 2020 Wed, Oct 16, 19
Orbea invited us out to Spain to check out the brand new range of 2020 Orbea Wild FS electric mountain bikes. Now featuring carbon frames and the new Bosch eBike... Read More
Cube Stereo Hybrid Electric Bikes 2020
First Look: Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 & 160 2020 Electric Bikes Fri, Oct 04, 19
We take a first look at the new 2020 Cube Stereo Hybrid electric mountain bikes with the latest Bosch CX Gen 4 Motor and brand new carbon frames. Read More