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Orbea Vibe H30

2021 Orbea Vibe H30 and Orbea Vibe H30 EQ

By Ben Mowbray |

The brand new 2021 Orbea Vibe H30 and H30 EQ are the latest electric bikes for the commuter, city and weekend rider from one of our most stylish and forward thinking manufacturers. Effortlessly blending style with safety, minimalism with performance, the new Vibe H30 and Vibe H30 EQ are one of our most exciting and eagerly anticipated 2021 models - available in 4 colours.

2021 Orbea Vibe H30 - A new "Enough Energy" concept for urban lifestyles.

Continuing the legacy of the Gain F25 and F30 from 2020, these new flat bar road bikes from Orbea are a brand new concept designed as a sophisticated accessory to complement your own sense of style without overshadowing it.

An incredibly nimble, stylish and reliable personal transport tool that can be easily manoeuvred in tight spaces in town, homes or offices - the new Vibe H30 and H30 EQ is the lightweight city eBike designed for riders looking for style, range and freedom in a new, revolutionary, fully integrated and low-fuss platform.

With 40Nm of torque, enough battery capacity for your daily city commute plus some added exploring, the Vibe H30 and H30 EQ offer a new way to ride - minimalist, sleek and integrated but without the bulky traditional eBike components - a "sensation that is less 'e' and more 'bike'".

Orbea Urban Geometry

With feedback from the many thousands of riders who bought the previous generation flat bar road bikes from Orbea, the new Orbea Urban Geometry platform anticipates both how and when riders will use their eBikes in urban and ultra-urban environments. A more upright riding position for better vision and comfort keeps you feeling more secure, extending your enjoyment of the bike to uses you might never have considered. The bike is perfectly balanced, with responsive and predictable steering that doesn't feel too fast, but retains a highly reactive feel.

Orbea Vibe H30 2021 Green

Orbea Lightness

Weighing up to 10kg less than traditional city styled eBikes, the Vibe H30 and H30 EQ are both playful in their handling on the road but easily manoeuvrable in the tight spaces of urban homes and office spaces. Designed to complement the inner city "grab and go" lifestyle, they offer riders new and old a totally new, minimalist riding experience. With a single button press, the bike comes to life underneath you and is immediately ready for any commute, explore or leisure ride.

2021 Orbea Vibe H30

Integration with ICR Plus

A completely redesigned frame, setting it apart from its predecessor, all remaining external cables have been further integrated to provide a completely sleek frame aesthetic and is optimised for both conventional and electric shifting systems. Its brand new proprietary headset spacers allow smooth airflow with easy adjustment.

ICR Plus on Vibe H30

Integrated Lighting

When Orbea say "fully integrated lighting", they really mean it. Many eBikes now feature built in lights, but no manufacturer has achieved it with the same style we've come to expect from this niche Spanish brand on the Vibe H30 and H30 EQ. Built directly into the base of the stem and drawing a tiny amount of power from the eBike battery, this newly designed lighting technology further draws on Orbea's concept to effortlessly integrate both safety and style. As well as the brand new daytime running light design the Vibe H30 EQ also comes with a larger, bar mounted "full beam" lamp.

Integrated Lighting on Orbea Vibe 2021

Orbea "EQ" Models

EQ or "Equipped" models from Orbea use exactly the same frame and equipment as the standard models, but with the addition of manufacturer supplied accessories. EQ models come with a set of integrated mud guards, a sturdy pannier rack, side stand and a full beam headlight in addition to the stem mounted LED daytime running lamp. Perfect for winter riding, commuting with a laptop and paperwork or just a quick trip to the shops. The Orbea OC Bag is available as an optional accessory and as well as latching on and off the rack in a single movement, and can also be turned into a backpack for convenience!

2021 Orbea Vibe H30 EQ

Ebikemotion X35 Plus

As with the "Gain" range, the Ebikemotion X35 Plus is the very heart of the "Enough Energy" concept the Vibe models are built on.

The rear hub motor is the basis of a highly sophisticated drive system and provides a smooth and dependable amount of assistance in a way that's designed to amplify your own power is an incredibly discrete way. It really doesn't look like an eBike at all and provides almost completely drag free pedalling.

Orbea's Torque Simulation Algorithm directly mirrors the rider input to provide maximum power when you need it, but preserves range when you're spinning freely.

Batteries are often the most noticeable component of an eBike but are also a bit of an eyesore and detract from the aesthetics of the frame. Being an incredibly light bike with a highly efficient drive system, Orbea have eliminated the need for a bulky, high output battery and have integrated it directly into the downtube, allowing for a more sleek, stylish finish.

Ebikemotion X35 Plus drive system on Orbea Vibe 2021 Models

Range Extender

The Vibe H30 and H30 EQ are designed for long days in the saddle, but some days just demand more from you. The optional Range Extender offers more bike. More miles. More hills. This completely unique and patented extension of the built in battery offers an additional 208Wh on top of the internal 248Wh battery, bringing total capacity to 450Wh - a whopping 70% boost in range.

Compatible with all Gain F, M, and D models as well as the full 2021 Orbea Vibe model line-up, we hold limited stock of this Orbea OEM product for our own eBike customers and you can find them here.

Orbea Vibe Range Extender

Seen enough? Order your new 2021 Orbea Vibe H30 or Vibe H30 EQ now!

Ben Mowbray at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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